KJV PSA146 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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146:1 Praise [H1984] ye the LORD [H3050] . Praise [H1984] the LORD [H3068] , O my soul [H5315] .(Praise ye: Heb. Hallelujah)

146:2 While I live [H2416] will I praise [H1984] the LORD [H3068] : I will sing praises [H2167] unto my God [H430] while I have any being.

146:3 Put not your trust [H982] in princes [H5081] , [nor] in the son [H1121] of man [H120] , in whom [there is] no help [H8668] .(help: or, salvation)

146:4 His breath [H7307] goeth forth [H3318] , he returneth [H7725] to his earth [H127] ; in that very day [H3117] his thoughts [H6250] perish [H6] .

146:5 Happy [H835] [is he] that [hath] the God [H410] of Jacob [H3290] for his help [H5828] , whose hope [H7664] [is] in the LORD [H3068] his God [H430] :

146:6 Which made [H6213] heaven [H8064] , and earth [H776] , the sea [H3220] , and all that therein [is]: which keepeth [H8104] truth [H571] for ever [H5769] :

146:7 Which executeth [H6213] judgment [H4941] for the oppressed [H6231] : which giveth [H5414] food [H3899] to the hungry [H7457] . The LORD [H3068] looseth [H5425] the prisoners [H631] :

146:8 The LORD [H3068] openeth [H6491] [the eyes of] the blind [H5787] : the LORD [H3068] raiseth [H2210] them that are bowed down [H3721] : the LORD [H3068] loveth [H157] the righteous [H6662] :

146:9 The LORD [H3068] preserveth [H8104] the strangers [H1616] ; he relieveth [H5749] the fatherless [H3490] and widow [H490] : but the way [H1870] of the wicked [H7563] he turneth upside down [H5791] .

146:10 The LORD [H3068] shall reign [H4427] for ever [H5769] , [even] thy God [H430] , O Zion [H6726] , unto all [H1755] generations [H1755] . Praise [H1984] ye the LORD [H3050] .