KJV PSA135 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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135:1 Praise [H1984] ye the LORD [H3050] . Praise [H1984] ye the name [H8034] of the LORD [H3068] ; praise [H1984] [him], O ye servants [H5650] of the LORD [H3068] .

135:2 Ye that stand [H5975] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , in the courts [H2691] of the house [H1004] of our God [H430] ,

135:3 Praise [H1984] the LORD [H3050] ; for the LORD [H3068] [is] good [H2896] : sing praises [H2167] unto his name [H8034] ; for [it is] pleasant [H5273] .

135:4 For the LORD [H3050] hath chosen [H977] Jacob [H3290] unto himself, [and] Israel [H3478] for his peculiar treasure [H5459] .

135:5 For I know [H3045] that the LORD [H3068] [is] great [H1419] , and [that] our Lord [H113] [is] above all gods [H430] .

135:6 Whatsoever the LORD [H3068] pleased [H2654] , [that] did [H6213] he in heaven [H8064] , and in earth [H776] , in the seas [H3220] , and all deep places [H8415] .

135:7 He causeth the vapours [H5387] to ascend [H5927] from the ends [H7097] of the earth [H776] ; he maketh [H6213] lightnings [H1300] for the rain [H4306] ; he bringeth [H3318] the wind [H7307] out of his treasuries [H214] .

135:8 Who smote [H5221] the firstborn [H1060] of Egypt [H4714] , both of man [H120] and beast [H929] .(both: Heb. from man unto beast)

135:9 [Who] sent [H7971] tokens [H226] and wonders [H4159] into the midst [H8432] of thee, O Egypt [H4714] , upon Pharaoh [H6547] , and upon all his servants [H5650] .

135:10 Who smote [H5221] great [H7227] nations [H1471] , and slew [H2026] mighty [H6099] kings [H4428] ;

135:11 Sihon [H5511] king [H4428] of the Amorites [H567] , and Og [H5747] king [H4428] of Bashan [H1316] , and all the kingdoms [H4467] of Canaan [H3667] :

135:12 And gave [H5414] their land [H776] [for] an heritage [H5159] , an heritage [H5159] unto Israel [H3478] his people [H5971] .

135:13 Thy name [H8034] , O LORD [H3068] , [endureth] for ever [H5769] ; [and] thy memorial [H2143] , O LORD [H3068] , throughout all [H1755] generations [H1755] .(throughout: Heb. to generation and generation)

135:14 For the LORD [H3068] will judge [H1777] his people [H5971] , and he will repent [H5162] himself concerning his servants [H5650] .

135:15 The idols [H6091] of the heathen [H1471] [are] silver [H3701] and gold [H2091] , the work [H4639] of men's [H120] hands [H3027] .

135:16 They have mouths [H6310] , but they speak [H1696] not; eyes [H5869] have they, but they see [H7200] not;

135:17 They have ears [H241] , but they hear [H238] not; neither is there [H3426] [any] breath [H7307] in their mouths [H6310] .

135:18 They that make [H6213] them are like unto them: [so is] every one that trusteth [H982] in them.

135:19 Bless [H1288] the LORD [H3068] , O house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] : bless [H1288] the LORD [H3068] , O house [H1004] of Aaron [H175] :

135:20 Bless [H1288] the LORD [H3068] , O house [H1004] of Levi [H3878] : ye that fear [H3373] the LORD [H3068] , bless [H1288] the LORD [H3068] .

135:21 Blessed [H1288] be the LORD [H3068] out of Zion [H6726] , which dwelleth [H7931] at Jerusalem [H3389] . Praise [H1984] ye the LORD [H3050] .