KJV PSA125 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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125:1 A Song [H7892] of degrees [H4609] . They that trust [H982] in the LORD [H3068] [shall be] as mount [H2022] Zion [H6726] , [which] cannot be removed [H4131] , [but] abideth [H3427] for ever [H5769] .

125:2 As the mountains [H2022] [are] round about [H5439] Jerusalem [H3389] , so the LORD [H3068] [is] round about [H5439] his people [H5971] from henceforth even for [H5704] ever [H5769] .

125:3 For the rod [H7626] of the wicked [H7562] shall not rest [H5117] upon the lot [H1486] of the righteous [H6662] ; lest [H4616] the righteous [H6662] put forth [H7971] their hands [H3027] unto iniquity [H5766] .(the wicked: Heb. wickedness)

125:4 Do good [H2895] , O LORD [H3068] , unto [those that be] good [H2896] , and [to them that are] upright [H3477] in their hearts [H3826] .

125:5 As for such as turn aside [H5186] unto their crooked ways [H6128] , the LORD [H3068] shall lead them forth [H3212] with the workers [H6466] of iniquity [H205] : [but] peace [H7965] [shall be] upon Israel [H3478] .