KJV PSA120 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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120:1 A Song [H7892] of degrees [H4609] . In my distress [H6869] I cried [H7121] unto the LORD [H3068] , and he heard [H6030] me.

120:2 Deliver [H5337] my soul [H5315] , O LORD [H3068] , from lying [H8267] lips [H8193] , [and] from a deceitful [H7423] tongue [H3956] .

120:3 What shall be given [H5414] unto thee? or what shall be done [H3254] unto thee, thou false [H7423] tongue [H3956] ?(What shall be given: or, What shall the deceitful tongue give unto thee? or, what shall is profit thee?)(done: Heb. added)

120:4 Sharp [H8150] arrows [H2671] of the mighty [H1368] , with coals [H1513] of juniper [H7574] .(Sharp: or, It is as the sharp arrows of the mighty man, with coals of juniper)

120:5 Woe [H190] is me, that I sojourn [H1481] in Mesech [H4902] , [that] I dwell [H7931] in the tents [H168] of Kedar [H6938] !

120:6 My soul [H5315] hath long [H7227] dwelt [H7931] with him that hateth [H8130] peace [H7965] .

120:7 I [am for] peace [H7965] : but when I speak [H1696] , they [are] for war [H4421] .(for peace: or, a man of peace)