KJV PSA115 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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115:1 Not unto us, O LORD [H3068] , not unto us, but unto thy name [H8034] give [H5414] glory [H3519] , for thy mercy [H2617] , [and] for thy truth's [H571] sake.

115:2 Wherefore should the heathen [H1471] say [H559] , Where [is] now their God [H430] ?

115:3 But our God [H430] [is] in the heavens [H8064] : he hath done [H6213] whatsoever he hath pleased [H2654] .

115:4 Their idols [H6091] [are] silver [H3701] and gold [H2091] , the work [H4639] of men's [H120] hands [H3027] .

115:5 They have mouths [H6310] , but they speak [H1696] not: eyes [H5869] have they, but they see [H7200] not:

115:6 They have ears [H241] , but they hear [H8085] not: noses [H639] have they, but they smell [H7306] not:

115:7 They have hands [H3027] , but they handle [H4184] not: feet [H7272] have they, but they walk [H1980] not: neither speak [H1897] they through their throat [H1627] .

115:8 They that make [H6213] them are like unto them; [so is] every one that trusteth [H982] in them.

115:9 O Israel [H3478] , trust [H982] thou in the LORD [H3068] : he [is] their help [H5828] and their shield [H4043] .

115:10 O house [H1004] of Aaron [H175] , trust [H982] in the LORD [H3068] : he [is] their help [H5828] and their shield [H4043] .

115:11 Ye that fear [H3373] the LORD [H3068] , trust [H982] in the LORD [H3068] : he [is] their help [H5828] and their shield [H4043] .

115:12 The LORD [H3068] hath been mindful [H2142] of us: he will bless [H1288] [us]; he will bless [H1288] the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] ; he will bless [H1288] the house [H1004] of Aaron [H175] .

115:13 He will bless [H1288] them that fear [H3373] the LORD [H3068] , [both] small [H6996] and great [H1419] .(and: Heb. with)

115:14 The LORD [H3068] shall increase [H3254] you more and more, you and your children [H1121] .

115:15 Ye [are] blessed [H1288] of the LORD [H3068] which made [H6213] heaven [H8064] and earth [H776] .

115:16 The heaven [H8064] , [even] the heavens [H8064] , [are] the LORD'S [H3068] : but the earth [H776] hath he given [H5414] to the children [H1121] of men [H120] .

115:17 The dead [H4191] praise [H1984] not the LORD [H3050] , neither any that go down [H3381] into silence [H1745] .

115:18 But we will bless [H1288] the LORD [H3050] from this time forth and for [H5704] evermore [H5769] . Praise [H1984] the LORD [H3050] .