KJV PSA106 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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106:1 Praise [H1984] ye the LORD [H3050] . O give thanks [H3034] unto the LORD [H3068] ; for [he is] good [H2896] : for his mercy [H2617] [endureth] for ever [H5769] .(Praise: Heb. Hallelujah)

106:2 Who can utter [H4448] the mighty acts [H1369] of the LORD [H3068] ? [who] can shew forth [H8085] all his praise [H8416] ?

106:3 Blessed [H835] [are] they that keep [H8104] judgment [H4941] , [and] he that doeth [H6213] righteousness [H6666] at all times [H6256] .

106:4 Remember [H2142] me, O LORD [H3068] , with the favour [H7522] [that thou bearest unto] thy people [H5971] : O visit [H6485] me with thy salvation [H3444] ;

106:5 That I may see [H7200] the good [H2896] of thy chosen [H972] , that I may rejoice [H8055] in the gladness [H8057] of thy nation [H1471] , that I may glory [H1984] with thine inheritance [H5159] .

106:6 We have sinned [H2398] with our fathers [H1] , we have committed iniquity [H5753] , we have done wickedly [H7561] .

106:7 Our fathers [H1] understood [H7919] not thy wonders [H6381] in Egypt [H4714] ; they remembered [H2142] not the multitude [H7230] of thy mercies [H2617] ; but provoked [H4784] [him] at the sea [H3220] , [even] at the Red [H5488] sea [H3220] .

106:8 Nevertheless he saved [H3467] them for his name's [H8034] sake, that he might make his mighty power [H1369] to be known [H3045] .

106:9 He rebuked [H1605] the Red [H5488] sea [H3220] also, and it was dried up [H2717] : so he led [H3212] them through the depths [H8415] , as through the wilderness [H4057] .

106:10 And he saved [H3467] them from the hand [H3027] of him that hated [H8130] [them], and redeemed [H1350] them from the hand [H3027] of the enemy [H341] .

106:11 And the waters [H4325] covered [H3680] their enemies [H6862] : there was not one [H259] of them left [H3498] .

106:12 Then believed [H539] they his words [H1697] ; they sang [H7891] his praise [H8416] .

106:13 They soon [H4116] forgat [H7911] his works [H4639] ; they waited [H2442] not for his counsel [H6098] :(They soon: Heb. They made haste, they forgat)

106:14 But lusted [H183] exceedingly [H8378] in the wilderness [H4057] , and tempted [H5254] God [H410] in the desert [H3452] .(lusted: Heb. lusted a lust)

106:15 And he gave [H5414] them their request [H7596] ; but sent [H7971] leanness [H7332] into their soul [H5315] .

106:16 They envied [H7065] Moses [H4872] also in the camp [H4264] , [and] Aaron [H175] the saint [H6918] of the LORD [H3068] .

106:17 The earth [H776] opened [H6605] and swallowed up [H1104] Dathan [H1885] , and covered [H3680] the company [H5712] of Abiram [H48] .

106:18 And a fire [H784] was kindled [H1197] in their company [H5712] ; the flame [H3852] burned up [H3857] the wicked [H7563] .

106:19 They made [H6213] a calf [H5695] in Horeb [H2722] , and worshipped [H7812] the molten image [H4541] .

106:20 Thus they changed [H4171] their glory [H3519] into the similitude [H8403] of an ox [H7794] that eateth [H398] grass [H6212] .

106:21 They forgat [H7911] God [H410] their saviour [H3467] , which had done [H6213] great things [H1419] in Egypt [H4714] ;

106:22 Wondrous works [H6381] in the land [H776] of Ham [H2526] , [and] terrible things [H3372] by the Red [H5488] sea [H3220] .

106:23 Therefore he said [H559] that he would destroy [H8045] them, had not [H3884] Moses [H4872] his chosen [H972] stood [H5975] before [H6440] him in the breach [H6556] , to turn away [H7725] his wrath [H2534] , lest he should destroy [H7843] [them].

106:24 Yea, they despised [H3988] the pleasant [H2532] land [H776] , they believed [H539] not his word [H1697] :(the pleasant: Heb. a land of desire)

106:25 But murmured [H7279] in their tents [H168] , [and] hearkened [H8085] not unto the voice [H6963] of the LORD [H3068] .

106:26 Therefore he lifted up [H5375] his hand [H3027] against them, to overthrow [H5307] them in the wilderness [H4057] :(to overthrow: Heb. to make them fall)

106:27 To overthrow [H5307] their seed [H2233] also among the nations [H1471] , and to scatter [H2219] them in the lands [H776] .(to overthrow: Heb. to make them fall)

106:28 They joined [H6775] themselves also unto Baalpeor [H1187] , and ate [H398] the sacrifices [H2077] of the dead [H4191] .

106:29 Thus they provoked [him] to anger [H3707] with their inventions [H4611] : and the plague [H4046] brake in [H6555] upon them.

106:30 Then stood up [H5975] Phinehas [H6372] , and executed judgment [H6419] : and [so] the plague [H4046] was stayed [H6113] .

106:31 And that was counted [H2803] unto him for righteousness [H6666] unto all [H1755] generations [H1755] for [H5704] evermore [H5769] .

106:32 They angered [H7107] [him] also at the waters [H4325] of strife [H4808] [H4809] , so that it went ill [H3415] with Moses [H4872] for their sakes:

106:33 Because they provoked [H4784] his spirit [H7307] , so that he spake unadvisedly [H981] with his lips [H8193] .

106:34 They did not destroy [H8045] the nations [H5971] , concerning whom the LORD [H3068] commanded [H559] them:

106:35 But were mingled [H6148] among the heathen [H1471] , and learned [H3925] their works [H4639] .

106:36 And they served [H5647] their idols [H6091] : which were a snare [H4170] unto them.

106:37 Yea, they sacrificed [H2076] their sons [H1121] and their daughters [H1323] unto devils [H7700] ,

106:38 And shed [H8210] innocent [H5355] blood [heb1818] , [even] the blood [H1818] of their sons [H1121] and of their daughters [H1323] , whom they sacrificed [H2076] unto the idols [H6091] of Canaan [H3667] : and the land [H776] was polluted [H2610] with blood [H1818] .

106:39 Thus were they defiled [H2930] with their own works [H4639] , and went a whoring [H2181] with their own inventions [H4611] .

106:40 Therefore was the wrath [H639] of the LORD [H3068] kindled [H2734] against his people [H5971] , insomuch that he abhorred [H8581] his own inheritance [H5159] .

106:41 And he gave [H5414] them into the hand [H3027] of the heathen [H1471] ; and they that hated [H8130] them ruled [H4910] over them.

106:42 Their enemies [H341] also oppressed [H3905] them, and they were brought into subjection [H3665] under their hand [H3027] .

106:43 Many [H7227] times [H6471] did he deliver [H5337] them; but they provoked [H4784] [him] with their counsel [H6098] , and were brought low [H4355] for their iniquity [H5771] .(brought: or, impoverished, or, weakened)

106:44 Nevertheless he regarded [H7200] their affliction [H6862] , when he heard [H8085] their cry [H7440] :

106:45 And he remembered [H2142] for them his covenant [H1285] , and repented [H5162] according to the multitude [H7230] of his mercies [H2617] .

106:46 He made [H5414] them also to be pitied [H7356] of [H6440] all those that carried them captives [H7617] .

106:47 Save [H3467] us, O LORD [H3068] our God [H430] , and gather [H6908] us from among the heathen [H1471] , to give thanks [H3034] unto thy holy [H6944] name [H8034] , [and] to triumph [H7623] in thy praise [H8416] .

106:48 Blessed [H1288] [be] the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] from everlasting [H5769] to everlasting [H5769] : and let all the people [H5971] say [H559] , Amen [H543] . Praise [H1984] ye the LORD [H3050] .(Praise: Heb. Hallelujah)