KJV PRO9 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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9:1 Wisdom [H2454] hath builded [H1129] her house [H1004] , she hath hewn out [H2672] her seven [H7651] pillars [H5982] :

9:2 She hath killed [H2873] her beasts [H2874] ; she hath mingled [H4537] her wine [H3196] ; she hath also furnished [H6186] her table [H7979] .(her beasts: Heb. her killing)

9:3 She hath sent forth [H7971] her maidens [H5291] : she crieth [H7121] upon [H1610] the highest places [H4791] of the city [H7176] ,

9:4 Whoso [is] simple [H6612] , let him turn in [H5493] hither: [as for] him that wanteth [H2638] understanding [H3820] , she saith [H559] to him,

9:5 Come [H3212] , eat [H3898] of my bread [H3899] , and drink [H8354] of the wine [H3196] [which] I have mingled [H4537] .

9:6 Forsake [H5800] the foolish [H6612] , and live [H2421] ; and go [H833] in the way [H1870] of understanding [H998] .

9:7 He that reproveth [H3256] a scorner [H3887] getteth [H3947] to himself shame [H7036] : and he that rebuketh [H3198] a wicked [H7563] [man getteth] himself a blot [H3971] .

9:8 Reprove [H3198] not a scorner [H3887] , lest he hate [H8130] thee: rebuke [H3198] a wise man [H2450] , and he will love [H157] thee.

9:9 Give [H5414] [instruction] to a wise [H2450] [man], and he will be yet wiser [H2449] : teach [H3045] a just [H6662] [man], and he will increase [H3254] in learning [H3948] .

9:10 The fear [H3374] of the LORD [H3068] [is] the beginning [H8462] of wisdom [H2451] : and the knowledge [H1847] of the holy [H6918] [is] understanding [H998] .

9:11 For by me thy days [H3117] shall be multiplied [H7235] , and the years [H8141] of thy life [H2416] shall be increased [H3254] .

9:12 If thou be wise [H2449] , thou shalt be wise [H2449] for thyself: but [if] thou scornest [H3887] , thou alone shalt bear [H5375] [it].

9:13 A foolish [H3687] woman [H802] [is] clamorous [H1993] : [she is] simple [H6615] , and [H1077] knoweth [H3045] nothing [H4100] .

9:14 For she sitteth [H3427] at the door [H6607] of her house [H1004] , on a seat [H3678] in the high places [H4791] of the city [H7176] ,

9:15 To call [H7121] passengers [H5674] [H1870] who go right [H3474] on their ways [H734] :

9:16 Whoso [is] simple [H6612] , let him turn in [H5493] hither: and [as for] him that wanteth [H2638] understanding [H3820] , she saith [H559] to him,

9:17 Stolen [H1589] waters [H4325] are sweet [H4985] , and bread [H3899] [eaten] in secret [H5643] is pleasant [H5276] .(eaten: Heb. of secrecies)

9:18 But he knoweth [H3045] not that the dead [H7496] [are] there; [and that] her guests [H7121] [are] in the depths [H6012] of hell [H7585] .