KJV PRO21 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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21:1 The king's [H4428] heart [H3820] [is] in the hand [H3027] of the LORD [H3068] , [as] the rivers [H6388] of water [H4325] : he turneth [H5186] it whithersoever he will [H2654] .

21:2 Every way [H1870] of a man [H376] [is] right [H3477] in his own eyes [H5869] : but the LORD [H3068] pondereth [H8505] the hearts [H3826] .

21:3 To do [H6213] justice [H6666] and judgment [H4941] [is] more acceptable [H977] to the LORD [H3068] than sacrifice [H2077] .

21:4 An high [H7312] look [H5869] , and a proud [H7342] heart [H3820] , [and] the plowing [H5215] of the wicked [H7563] , [is] sin [H2403] .(An: Heb. Haughtiness of eyes)(the plowing: or, the light)

21:5 The thoughts [H4284] of the diligent [H2742] [tend] only to plenteousness [H4195] ; but of every one [that is] hasty [H213] only to want [H4270] .

21:6 The getting [H6467] of treasures [H214] by a lying [H8267] tongue [H3956] [is] a vanity [H1892] tossed to and fro of [H5086] them that seek [H1245] death [H4194] .

21:7 The robbery [H7701] of the wicked [H7563] shall destroy [H1641] them; because they refuse [H3985] to do [H6213] judgment [H4941] .(destroy: Heb. saw them, or, dwell with them)

21:8 The way [H1870] of man [H376] [is] froward [H2019] and strange [H2054] : but [as for] the pure [H2134] , his work [H6467] [is] right [H3477] .

21:9 [It is] better [H2896] to dwell [H3427] in a corner [H6438] of the housetop [H1406] , than with a brawling [H4079] [H4066] woman [H802] in a wide [H2267] house [H1004] .(a brawling: Heb. a woman of contentions)(a wide: Heb. an house of society)

21:10 The soul [H5315] of the wicked [H7563] desireth [H183] evil [H7451] : his neighbour [H7453] findeth no favour [H2603] in his eyes [H5869] .(findeth: Heb. is not favoured)

21:11 When the scorner [H3887] is punished [H6064] , the simple [H6612] is made wise [H2449] : and when the wise [H2450] is instructed [H7919] , he receiveth [H3947] knowledge [H1847] .

21:12 The righteous [H6662] [man] wisely considereth [H7919] the house [H1004] of the wicked [H7563] : [but God] overthroweth [H5557] the wicked [H7563] for [their] wickedness [H7451] .

21:13 Whoso stoppeth [H331] his ears [H241] at the cry [H2201] of the poor [H1800] , he also shall cry [H7121] himself, but shall not be heard [H6030] .

21:14 A gift [H4976] in secret [H5643] pacifieth [H3711] anger [H639] : and a reward [H7810] in the bosom [H2436] strong [H5794] wrath [H2534] .

21:15 [It is] joy [H8057] to the just [H6662] to do [H6213] judgment [H4941] : but destruction [H4288] [shall be] to the workers [H6466] of iniquity [H205] .

21:16 The man [H120] that wandereth [H8582] out of the way [H1870] of understanding [H7919] shall remain [H5117] in the congregation [H6951] of the dead [H7496] .

21:17 He that loveth [H157] pleasure [H8057] [shall be] a poor [H4270] man [H376] : he that loveth [H157] wine [H3196] and oil [H8081] shall not be rich [H6238] .(pleasure: or, sport)

21:18 The wicked [H7563] [shall be] a ransom [H3724] for the righteous [H6662] , and the transgressor [H898] for the upright [H3477] .

21:19 [It is] better [H2896] to dwell [H3427] in the wilderness [H776] [H4057] , than with a contentious [H4079] [H4066] and an angry [H3708] woman [H802] .(in: Heb. in the land of the desert)

21:20 [There is] treasure [H214] to be desired [H2530] and oil [H8081] in the dwelling [H5116] of the wise [H2450] ; but a foolish [H3684] man [H120] spendeth it up [H1104] .

21:21 He that followeth [H7291] after righteousness [H6666] and mercy [H2617] findeth [H4672] life [H2416] , righteousness [H6666] , and honour [H3519] .

21:22 A wise [H2450] [man] scaleth [H5927] the city [H5892] of the mighty [H1368] , and casteth down [H3381] the strength [H5797] of the confidence [H4009] thereof.

21:23 Whoso keepeth [H8104] his mouth [H6310] and his tongue [H3956] keepeth [H8104] his soul [H5315] from troubles [H6869] .

21:24 Proud [H2086] [and] haughty [H3093] scorner [H3887] [is] his name [H8034] , who dealeth [H6213] in proud [H2087] wrath [H5678] .(in proud: Heb. in the wrath of pride)

21:25 The desire [H8378] of the slothful [H6102] killeth [H4191] him; for his hands [H3027] refuse [H3985] to labour [H6213] .

21:26 He coveteth [H183] greedily [H8378] all the day [H3117] long: but the righteous [H6662] giveth [H5414] and spareth [H2820] not.

21:27 The sacrifice [H2077] of the wicked [H7563] [is] abomination [H8441] : how much more, [when] he bringeth [H935] it with a wicked mind [H2154] ?(with: Heb. in wickedness?)

21:28 A false [H3577] witness [H5707] shall perish [H6] : but the man [H376] that heareth [H8085] speaketh [H1696] constantly [H5331] .(A: Heb. A witness of lies)

21:29 A wicked [H7563] man [H376] hardeneth [H5810] his face [H6440] : but [as for] the upright [H3477] , he directeth [H995] [H3559] his way [H1870] .(directeth: or, considereth)

21:30 [There is] no wisdom [H2451] nor understanding [H8394] nor counsel [H6098] against the LORD [H3068] .

21:31 The horse [H5483] [is] prepared [H3559] against the day [H3117] of battle [H4421] : but safety [H8668] [is] of the LORD [H3068] .(safety: or, victory)