KJV PRO2 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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2:1 My son [H1121] , if thou wilt receive [H3947] my words [H561] , and hide [H6845] my commandments [H4687] with thee;

2:2 So that thou incline [H7181] thine ear [H241] unto wisdom [H2451] , [and] apply [H5186] thine heart [H3820] to understanding [H8394] ;

2:3 Yea, if thou criest [H7121] after knowledge [H998] , [and] liftest up [H5414] thy voice [H6963] for understanding [H8394] ;(liftest: Heb. givest thy voice)

2:4 If thou seekest [H1245] her as silver [H3701] , and searchest [H2664] for her as [for] hid treasures [H4301] ;

2:5 Then shalt thou understand [H995] the fear [H3374] of the LORD [H3068] , and find [H4672] the knowledge [H1847] of God [H430] .

2:6 For the LORD [H3068] giveth [H5414] wisdom [H2451] : out of his mouth [H6310] [cometh] knowledge [H1847] and understanding [H8394] .

2:7 He layeth up [H6845] [H6845] sound wisdom [H8454] for the righteous [H3477] : [he is] a buckler [H4043] to them that walk [H1980] uprightly [H8537] .

2:8 He keepeth [H5341] the paths [H734] of judgment [H4941] , and preserveth [H8104] the way [H1870] of his saints [H2623] .

2:9 Then shalt thou understand [H995] righteousness [H6664] , and judgment [H4941] , and equity [H4339] ; [yea], every good [H2896] path [H4570] .

2:10 When wisdom [H2451] entereth [H935] into thine heart [H3820] , and knowledge [H1847] is pleasant [H5276] unto thy soul [H5315] ;

2:11 Discretion [H4209] shall preserve [H8104] thee, understanding [H8394] shall keep [H5341] thee:

2:12 To deliver [H5337] thee from the way [H1870] of the evil [H7451] [man], from the man [H376] that speaketh [H1696] froward things [H8419] ;

2:13 Who leave [H5800] the paths [H734] of uprightness [H3476] , to walk [H3212] in the ways [H1870] of darkness [H2822] ;

2:14 Who rejoice [H8056] to do [H6213] evil [H7451] , [and] delight [H1523] in the frowardness [H8419] of the wicked [H7451] ;

2:15 Whose ways [H734] [are] crooked [H6141] , and [they] froward [H3868] in their paths [H4570] :

2:16 To deliver [H5337] thee from the strange [H2114] woman [H802] , [even] from the stranger [H5237] [which] flattereth [H2505] with her words [H561] ;

2:17 Which forsaketh [H5800] the guide [H441] of her youth [H5271] , and forgetteth [H7911] the covenant [H1285] of her God [H430] .

2:18 For her house [H1004] inclineth [H7743] unto death [H4194] , and her paths [H4570] unto the dead [H7496] .

2:19 None that go [H935] unto her return again [H7725] , neither take they hold [H5381] of the paths [H734] of life [H2416] .

2:20 That thou mayest walk [H3212] in the way [H1870] of good [H2896] [men], and keep [H8104] the paths [H734] of the righteous [H6662] .

2:21 For the upright [H3477] shall dwell [H7931] in the land [H776] , and the perfect [H8549] shall remain [H3498] in it.

2:22 But the wicked [H7563] shall be cut off [H3772] from the earth [H776] , and the transgressors [H898] shall be rooted out [H5255] of it.(rooted: or, plucked up)