KJV PRO16 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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16:1 The preparations [H4633] of the heart [H3820] in man [H120] , and the answer [H4617] of the tongue [H3956] , [is] from the LORD [H3068] .(preparations: or, disposings)

16:2 All the ways [H1870] of a man [H376] [are] clean [H2134] in his own eyes [H5869] ; but the LORD [H3068] weigheth [H8505] the spirits [H7307] .

16:3 Commit [H1556] thy works [H4639] unto the LORD [H3068] , and thy thoughts [H4284] shall be established [H3559] .(Commit: Heb. Roll)

16:4 The LORD [H3068] hath made [H6466] all [things] for himself [H4617] : yea, even the wicked [H7563] for the day [H3117] of evil [H7451] .

16:5 Every one [that is] proud [H1362] in heart [H3820] [is] an abomination [H8441] to the LORD [H3068] : [though] hand [H3027] [join] in hand [H3027] , he shall not be unpunished [H5352] .(unpunished: Heb. held innocent)

16:6 By mercy [H2617] and truth [H571] iniquity [H5771] is purged [H3722] : and by the fear [H3374] of the LORD [H3068] [men] depart [H5493] from evil [H7451] .

16:7 When a man's [H376] ways [H1870] please [H7521] the LORD [H3068] , he maketh even his enemies [H341] to be at peace [H7999] with him.

16:8 Better [H2896] [is] a little [H4592] with righteousness [H6666] than great [H7230] revenues [H8393] without right [H4941] .

16:9 A man's [H120] heart [H3820] deviseth [H2803] his way [H1870] : but the LORD [H3068] directeth [H3559] his steps [H6806] .

16:10 A divine sentence [H7081] [is] in the lips [H8193] of the king [H4428] : his mouth [H6310] transgresseth [H4603] not in judgment [H4941] .(A divine: Heb. Divination)

16:11 A just [H4941] weight [H6425] and balance [H3976] [are] the LORD'S [H3068] : all the weights [H68] of the bag [H3599] [are] his work [H4639] .(the weights: Heb. the stones)

16:12 [It is] an abomination [H8441] to kings [H4428] to commit [H6213] wickedness [H7562] : for the throne [H3678] is established [H3559] by righteousness [H6666] .

16:13 Righteous [H6664] lips [H8193] [are] the delight [H7522] of kings [H4428] ; and they love [H157] him that speaketh [H1696] right [H3477] .

16:14 The wrath [H2534] of a king [H4428] [is as] messengers [H4397] of death [H4194] : but a wise [H2450] man [H376] will pacify [H3722] it.

16:15 In the light [H216] of the king's [H4428] countenance [H6440] [is] life [H2416] ; and his favour [H7522] [is] as a cloud [H5645] of the latter rain [H4456] .

16:16 How much better [H2896] [is it] to get [H7069] wisdom [H2451] than gold [H2742] ! and to get [H7069] understanding [H998] rather to be chosen [H977] than silver [H3701] !

16:17 The highway [H4546] of the upright [H3477] [is] to depart [H5493] from evil [H7451] : he that keepeth [H5341] his way [H1870] preserveth [H8104] his soul [H5315] .

16:18 Pride [H1347] [goeth] before [H6440] destruction [H7667] , and an haughty [H1363] spirit [H7307] before [H6440] a fall [H3783] .

16:19 Better [H2896] [it is to be] of an humble [H8217] spirit [H7307] with the lowly [H6035] [H6041] , than to divide [H2505] the spoil [H7998] with the proud [H1343] .

16:20 He that handleth a matter [H1697] wisely [H7919] shall find [H4672] good [H2896] : and whoso trusteth [H982] in the LORD [H3068] , happy [H835] [is] he.(handleth: or, understandeth a matter)

16:21 The wise [H2450] in heart [H3820] shall be called [H7121] prudent [H995] : and the sweetness [H4986] of the lips [H8193] increaseth [H3254] learning [H3948] .

16:22 Understanding [H7922] [is] a wellspring [H4726] of life [H2416] unto him that hath [H1167] it: but the instruction [H4148] of fools [H191] [is] folly [H200] .

16:23 The heart [H3820] of the wise [H2450] teacheth [H7919] his mouth [H6310] , and addeth [H3254] learning [H3948] to his lips [H8193] .(teacheth: Heb. maketh wise)

16:24 Pleasant [H5278] words [H561] [are as] an honeycomb [H6688] [H1706] , sweet [H4966] to the soul [H5315] , and health [H4832] to the bones [H6106] .

16:25 There is [H3426] a way [H1870] that seemeth right [H3477] unto [H6440] a man [H376] , but the end [H319] thereof [are] the ways [H1870] of death [H4194] .

16:26 He [H5315] that laboureth [H6001] laboureth [H5998] for himself; for his mouth [H6310] craveth [H404] it of him.(He: Heb. The soul of him that)(craveth: Heb. boweth unto him)

16:27 An ungodly [H1100] man [H376] diggeth up [H3738] evil [H7451] : and in his lips [H8193] [there is] as a burning [H6867] fire [H784] .(An: Heb. A man of Belial)

16:28 A froward [H8419] man [H376] soweth [H7971] strife [H4066] : and a whisperer [H5372] separateth [H6504] chief friends [H441] .(soweth: Heb. sendeth forth)

16:29 A violent [H2555] man [H376] enticeth [H6601] his neighbour [H7453] , and leadeth [H3212] him into the way [H1870] [that is] not good [H2896] .

16:30 He shutteth [H6095] his eyes [H5869] to devise [H2803] froward things [H8419] : moving [H7169] his lips [H8193] he bringeth [H3615] evil [H7451] to pass [H3615] .

16:31 The hoary head [H7872] [is] a crown [H5850] of glory [H8597] , [if] it be found [H4672] in the way [H1870] of righteousness [H6666] .

16:32 [He that is] slow [H750] to anger [H639] [is] better [H2896] than the mighty [H1368] ; and he that ruleth [H4910] his spirit [H7307] than he that taketh [H3920] a city [H5892] .

16:33 The lot [H1486] is cast [H2904] into the lap [H2436] ; but the whole disposing [H4941] thereof [is] of the LORD [H3068] .