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22:1 And the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] set forward [H5265] , and pitched [H2583] in the plains [H6160] of Moab [H4124] on this side [H5676] Jordan [H3383] [by] Jericho [H3405] .

22:2 And Balak [H1111] the son [H1121] of Zippor [H6834] saw [H7200] all that Israel [H3478] had done [H6213] to the Amorites [H567] .

22:3 And Moab [H4124] was sore [H3966] afraid [H1481] of [H6440] the people [H5971] , because they [were] many [H7227] : and Moab [H4124] was distressed [H6973] because of [H6440] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .

22:4 And Moab [H4124] said [H559] unto the elders [H2205] of Midian [H4080] , Now shall this company [H6951] lick up [H3897] all [that are] round about [H5439] us, as the ox [H7794] licketh up [H3897] the grass [H3418] of the field [H7704] . And Balak [H1111] the son [H1121] of Zippor [H6834] [was] king [H4428] of the Moabites [H4124] at that time [H6256] .

22:5 He sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] therefore unto Balaam [H1109] the son [H1121] of Beor [H1160] to Pethor [H6604] , which [is] by the river [H5104] of the land [H776] of the children [H1121] of his people [H5971] , to call [H7121] him, saying [H559] , Behold, there is a people [H5971] come out [H3318] from Egypt [H4714] : behold, they cover [H3680] the face [H5869] of the earth [H776] , and they abide [H3427] over against [H4136] me:(face: Heb. eye)

22:6 Come [H3212] now therefore, I pray thee, curse [H779] me this people [H5971] ; for they [are] too mighty [H6099] for me: peradventure I shall prevail [H3201] , [that] we may smite [H5221] them, and [that] I may drive them out [H1644] of the land [H776] : for I wot [H3045] that he whom thou blessest [H1288] [is] blessed [H1288] , and he whom thou cursest [H779] is cursed [H779] .

22:7 And the elders [H2205] of Moab [H4124] and the elders [H2205] of Midian [H4080] departed [H3212] with the rewards of divination [H7081] in their hand [H3027] ; and they came [H935] unto Balaam [H1109] , and spake [H1696] unto him the words [H1697] of Balak [H1111] .

22:8 And he said [H559] unto them, Lodge [H3885] here this night [H3915] , and I will bring [H7725] you word [H1697] again [H7725] , as the LORD [H3068] shall speak [H1696] unto me: and the princes [H8269] of Moab [H4124] abode [H3427] with Balaam [H1109] .

22:9 And God [H430] came [H935] unto Balaam [H1109] , and said [H559] , What men [H582] [are] these with thee?

22:10 And Balaam [H1109] said [H559] unto God [H430] , Balak [H1111] the son [H1121] of Zippor [H6834] , king [H4428] of Moab [H4124] , hath sent [H7971] unto me, [saying],

22:11 Behold, [there is] a people [H5971] come out [H3318] of Egypt [H4714] , which covereth [H3680] the face [H5869] of the earth [H776] : come [H3212] now, curse [H6895] me them; peradventure I shall be able [H3201] to overcome [H3898] them, and drive them out [H1644] .(I shall: Heb. I shall prevail in fighting against him)

22:12 And God [H430] said [H559] unto Balaam [H1109] , Thou shalt not go [H3212] with them; thou shalt not curse [H779] the people [H5971] : for they [are] blessed [H1288] .

22:13 And Balaam [H1109] rose up [H6965] in the morning [H1242] , and said [H559] unto the princes [H8269] of Balak [H1111] , Get [H3212] you into your land [H776] : for the LORD [H3068] refuseth [H3985] to give me leave [H5414] to go [H1980] with you.

22:14 And the princes [H8269] of Moab [H4124] rose up [H6965] , and they went [H935] unto Balak [H1111] , and said [H559] , Balaam [H1109] refuseth [H3985] to come [H1980] with us.

22:15 And Balak [H1111] sent [H7971] yet again [H3254] princes [H8269] , more [H7227] , and more honourable [H3513] than they.

22:16 And they came [H935] to Balaam [H1109] , and said [H559] to him, Thus saith [H559] Balak [H1111] the son [H1121] of Zippor [H6834] , Let nothing, I pray thee, hinder [H4513] thee from coming [H1980] unto me:(Let: Heb. Be not thou hindered from, etc)

22:17 For I will promote [H3513] thee unto very [H3966] great [H3513] honour [H3513] , and I will do [H6213] whatsoever thou sayest [H559] unto me: come [H3212] therefore, I pray thee, curse [H6895] me this people [H5971] .

22:18 And Balaam [H1109] answered [H6030] and said [H559] unto the servants [H5650] of Balak [H1111] , If Balak [H1111] would give [H5414] me his house [H1004] full [H4393] of silver [H3701] and gold [H2091] , I cannot [H3201] go beyond [H5674] the word [H6310] of the LORD [H3068] my God [H430] , to do [H6213] less [H6996] or more [H1419] .

22:19 Now therefore, I pray you, tarry [H3427] ye also here this night [H3915] , that I may know [H3045] what the LORD [H3068] will say [H1696] unto me more [H3254] .

22:20 And God [H430] came [H935] unto Balaam [H1109] at night [H3915] , and said [H559] unto him, If the men [H582] come [H935] to call [H7121] thee, rise up [H6965] , [and] go [H3212] with them; but yet [H389] the word [H1697] which I shall say [H1696] unto thee, that shalt thou do [H6213] .

22:21 And Balaam [H1109] rose up [H6965] in the morning [H1242] , and saddled [H2280] his ass [H860] , and went [H3212] with the princes [H8269] of Moab [H4124] .

22:22 And God's [H430] anger [H639] was kindled [H2734] because he went [H1980] : and the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] stood [H3320] in the way [H1870] for an adversary [H7854] against him. Now he was riding [H7392] upon his ass [H860] , and his two [H8147] servants [H5288] [were] with him.

22:23 And the ass [H860] saw [H7200] the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] standing [H5324] in the way [H1870] , and his sword [H2719] drawn [H8025] in his hand [H3027] : and the ass [H860] turned aside [H5186] out of the way [H1870] , and went [H3212] into the field [H7704] : and Balaam [H1109] smote [H5221] the ass [H860] , to turn [H5186] her into the way [H1870] .

22:24 But the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] stood [H5975] in a path [H4934] of the vineyards [H3754] , a wall [H1447] [being] on this side, and a wall [H1447] on that side.

22:25 And when the ass [H860] saw [H7200] the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] , she thrust [H3905] herself unto the wall [H7023] , and crushed [H3905] Balaam's [H1109] foot [H7272] against the wall [H7023] : and he smote [H5221] her again [H3254] .

22:26 And the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] went [H5674] further [H3254] , and stood [H5975] in a narrow [H6862] place [H4725] , where [was] no way [H1870] to turn [H5186] either to the right hand [H3225] or to the left [H8040] .

22:27 And when the ass [H860] saw [H7200] the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] , she fell down [H7257] under Balaam [H1109] : and Balaam's [H1109] anger [H639] was kindled [H2734] , and he smote [H5221] the ass [H860] with a staff [H4731] .

22:28 And the LORD [H3068] opened [H6605] the mouth [H6310] of the ass [H860] , and she said [H559] unto Balaam [H1109] , What have I done [H6213] unto thee, that thou hast smitten [H5221] me these three [H7969] times [H7272] ?

22:29 And Balaam [H1109] said [H559] unto the ass [H860] , Because thou hast mocked [H5953] me: I would [H3863] there were [H3426] a sword [H2719] in mine hand [H3027] , for now would I kill [H2026] thee.

22:30 And the ass [H860] said [H559] unto Balaam [H1109] , [Am] not I thine ass [H860] , upon which thou hast ridden [H7392] ever since [I was] thine unto this day [H3117] ? was I ever [H5532] wont [H5532] to do so [H6213] unto thee? And he said [H559] , Nay.(upon: Heb. who hast ridden upon me)(ever since: or, ever since thou wast, etc)

22:31 Then the LORD [H3068] opened [H1540] the eyes [H5869] of Balaam [H1109] , and he saw [H7200] the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] standing [H5324] in the way [H1870] , and his sword [H2719] drawn [H8025] in his hand [H3027] : and he bowed down [H6915] his head, and fell flat [H7812] on his face [H639] .(fell: or, bowed himself)

22:32 And the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto him, Wherefore hast thou smitten [H5221] thine ass [H860] these three [H7969] times [H7272] ? behold, I went out [H3318] to withstand [H7854] thee, because [thy] way [H1870] is perverse [H3399] before me:(to: Heb. to be an adversary unto thee)

22:33 And the ass [H860] saw [H7200] me, and turned [H5186] from me [H6440] these three [H7969] times [H7272] : unless [H194] she had turned [H5186] from me [H6440] , surely now also I had slain [H2026] thee, and saved her alive [H2421] .

22:34 And Balaam [H1109] said [H559] unto the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] , I have sinned [H2398] ; for I knew [H3045] not that thou stoodest [H5324] in the way [H1870] against [H7125] me: now therefore, if it displease thee [H7489] [H5869] , I will get me back again [H7725] .(displease: Heb. be evil in thine eyes)

22:35 And the angel [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Balaam [H1109] , Go [H3212] with the men [H582] : but only [H657] the word [H1697] that I shall speak [H1696] unto thee, that thou shalt speak [H1696] . So Balaam [H1109] went [H3212] with the princes [H8269] of Balak [H1111] .

22:36 And when Balak [H1111] heard [H8085] that Balaam [H1109] was come [H935] , he went out [H3318] to meet [H7125] him unto a city [H5892] of Moab [H4124] , which [is] in the border [H1366] of Arnon [H769] , which [is] in the utmost [H7097] coast [H1366] .

22:37 And Balak [H1111] said [H559] unto Balaam [H1109] , Did I not earnestly [H7971] send [H7971] unto thee to call [H7121] thee? wherefore camest [H1980] thou not unto me? am I not able [H3201] indeed [H552] to promote thee to honour [H3513] ?

22:38 And Balaam [H1109] said [H559] unto Balak [H1111] , Lo, I am come [H935] unto thee: have I now any power [H3201] at all [H3201] to say [H1696] any thing [H3972] ? the word [H1697] that God [H430] putteth [H7760] in my mouth [H6310] , that shall I speak [H1696] .

22:39 And Balaam [H1109] went [H3212] with Balak [H1111] , and they came [H935] unto Kirjathhuzoth [H2351] [H7155] .(Kirjathhuzoth: or, a city of streets)

22:40 And Balak [H1111] offered [H2076] oxen [H1241] and sheep [H6629] , and sent [H7971] to Balaam [H1109] , and to the princes [H8269] that [were] with him.

22:41 And it came to pass on the morrow [H1242] , that Balak [H1111] took [H3947] Balaam [H1109] , and brought him up [H5927] into the high places [H1116] of Baal [H1120] , that thence he might see [H7200] the utmost [H7097] [part] of the people [H5971] .