KJV NUM11 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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11:1 And [when] the people [H5971] complained [H596] , it displeased [H7451] [H241] the LORD [H3068] : and the LORD [H3068] heard [H8085] [it]; and his anger [H639] was kindled [H2734] ; and the fire [H784] of the LORD [H3068] burnt [H1197] among them, and consumed [H398] [them that were] in the uttermost parts [H7097] of the camp [H4264] .(complained: or, were as it were complainers)(it displeased: Heb. it was evil in the ears of)

11:2 And the people [H5971] cried [H6817] unto Moses [H4872] ; and when Moses [H4872] prayed [H6419] unto the LORD [H3068] , the fire [H784] was quenched [H8257] .(was: Heb. sunk)

11:3 And he called [H7121] the name [H8034] of the [H1931] place [H4725] Taberah [H8404] : because the fire [H784] of the LORD [H3068] burnt [H1197] among them.(Taberah: that is, A burning)

11:4 And the mixt multitude [H628] that [was] among [H7130] them fell a lusting [H183] [H8378] : and the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] also wept [H1058] again [H7725] , and said [H559] , Who shall give us flesh [H1320] to eat [H398] ?(fell: Heb. lusted a lust)(wept: Heb. returned and wept)

11:5 We remember [H2142] the fish [H1710] , which we did eat [H398] in Egypt [H4714] freely [H2600] ; the cucumbers [H7180] , and the melons [H20] , and the leeks [H2682] , and the onions [H1211] , and the garlick [H7762] :

11:6 But now our soul [H5315] [is] dried away [H3002] : [there is] nothing at all, beside [H1115] this manna [H4478] , [before] our eyes [H5869] .

11:7 And the manna [H4478] [was] as coriander [H1407] seed [H2233] , and the colour [H5869] thereof as the colour [H5869] of bdellium [H916] .(colour thereof: Heb. eye of it as the eye of)

11:8 [And] the people [H5971] went about [H7751] , and gathered [H3950] [it], and ground [H2912] [it] in mills [H7347] , or beat [H1743] [it] in a mortar [H4085] , and baked [H1310] [it] in pans [H6517] , and made [H6213] cakes [H5692] of it: and the taste [H2940] of it was as the taste [H2940] of fresh [H3955] oil [H8081] .

11:9 And when the dew [H2919] fell [H3381] upon the camp [H4264] in the night [H3915] , the manna [H4478] fell [H3381] upon it.

11:10 Then Moses [H4872] heard [H8085] the people [H5971] weep [H1058] throughout their families [H4940] , every man [H376] in the door [H6607] of his tent [H168] : and the anger [H639] of the LORD [H3068] was kindled [H2734] greatly [H3966] ; Moses [H4872] also was displeased [H7489] [H5869] .

11:11 And Moses [H4872] said [H559] unto the LORD [H3068] , Wherefore hast thou afflicted [H7489] thy servant [H5650] ? and wherefore have I not found [H4672] favour [H2580] in thy sight [H5869] , that thou layest [H7760] the burden [H4853] of all this people [H5971] upon me?

11:12 Have I conceived [H2029] all this people [H5971] ? have I begotten [H3205] them, that thou shouldest say [H559] unto me, Carry [H5375] them in thy bosom [H2436] , as a nursing father [H539] beareth [H5375] the sucking child [H3243] , unto the land [H127] which thou swarest [H7650] unto their fathers [H1] ?

11:13 Whence [H370] should I have flesh [H1320] to give [H5414] unto all this people [H5971] ? for they weep [H1058] unto me, saying [H559] , Give [H5414] us flesh [H1320] , that we may eat [H398] .

11:14 I am not able [H3201] to bear [H5375] all this people [H5971] alone [H905] , because [it is] too heavy [H3515] for me.

11:15 And if thou deal [H6213] thus with me, kill [H2026] me, I pray thee, out of hand [H2026] , if I have found [H4672] favour [H2580] in thy sight [H5869] ; and let me not see [H7200] my wretchedness [H7451] .

11:16 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Moses [H4872] , Gather [H622] unto me seventy [H7657] men [H376] of the elders [H2205] of Israel [H3478] , whom thou knowest [H3045] to be the elders [H2205] of the people [H5971] , and officers [H7860] over them; and bring [H3947] them unto the tabernacle [H168] of the congregation [H4150] , that they may stand [H3320] there with thee.

11:17 And I will come down [H3381] and talk [H1696] with thee there: and I will take [H680] of the spirit [H7307] which [is] upon thee, and will put [H7760] [it] upon them; and they shall bear [H5375] the burden [H4853] of the people [H5971] with thee, that thou bear [H5375] [it] not thyself alone.

11:18 And say [H559] thou unto the people [H5971] , Sanctify [H6942] yourselves against to morrow [H4279] , and ye shall eat [H398] flesh [H1320] : for ye have wept [H1058] in the ears [H241] of the LORD [H3068] , saying [H559] , Who shall give us flesh [H1320] to eat [H398] ? for [it was] well [H2895] with us in Egypt [H4714] : therefore the LORD [H3068] will give [H5414] you flesh [H1320] , and ye shall eat [H398] .

11:19 Ye shall not eat [H398] one [H259] day [H3117] , nor two days [H3117] , nor five [H2568] days [H3117] , neither ten [H6235] days [H3117] , nor twenty [H6242] days [H3117] ;

11:20 [But] even a whole month [H2320] [H3117] , until it come out [H3318] at your nostrils [H639] , and it be loathsome [H2214] unto you: because [H3282] that ye have despised [H3988] the LORD [H3068] which [is] among [H7130] you, and have wept [H1058] before [H6440] him, saying [H559] , Why came we forth [H3318] out of Egypt [H4714] ?(whole: Heb. month of days)

11:21 And Moses [H4872] said [H559] , The people [H5971] , among [H7130] whom I [am], [are] six [H8337] hundred [H3967] thousand [H505] footmen [H7273] ; and thou hast said [H559] , I will give [H5414] them flesh [H1320] , that they may eat [H398] a whole [H3117] month [H2320] .

11:22 Shall the flocks [H6629] and the herds [H1241] be slain [H7819] for them, to suffice [H4672] them? or shall all the fish [H1709] of the sea [H3220] be gathered together [H622] for them, to suffice [H4672] them?

11:23 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Moses [H4872] , Is the LORD'S [H3068] hand [H3027] waxed short [H7114] ? thou shalt see [H7200] now whether my word [H1697] shall come to pass [H7136] unto thee or not.

11:24 And Moses [H4872] went out [H3318] , and told [H1696] the people [H5971] the words [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] , and gathered [H622] the seventy [H7657] men [H376] of the elders [H2205] of the people [H5971] , and set [H5975] them round about [H5439] the tabernacle [H168] .

11:25 And the LORD [H3068] came down [H3381] in a cloud [H6051] , and spake [H1696] unto him, and took [H680] of the spirit [H7307] that [was] upon him, and gave [H5414] [it] unto the seventy [H7657] elders [H2205] [H376] : and it came to pass, [that], when the spirit [H7307] rested [H5117] upon them, they prophesied [H5012] , and did not cease [H3254] .

11:26 But there remained [H7604] two [H8147] [of the] men [H582] in the camp [H4264] , the name [H8034] of the one [H259] [was] Eldad [H419] , and the name [H8034] of the other [H8145] Medad [H4312] : and the spirit [H7307] rested [H5117] upon them; and they [were] of them that were written [H3789] , but went not out [H3318] unto the tabernacle [H168] : and they prophesied [H5012] in the camp [H4264] .

11:27 And there ran [H7323] a young man [H5288] , and told [H5046] Moses [H4872] , and said [H559] , Eldad [H419] and Medad [H4312] do prophesy [H5012] in the camp [H4264] .

11:28 And Joshua [H3091] the son [H1121] of Nun [H5126] , the servant [H8334] of Moses [H4872] , [one] of his young men [H979] , answered [H6030] and said [H559] , My lord [H113] Moses [H4872] , forbid [H3607] them.

11:29 And Moses [H4872] said [H559] unto him, Enviest [H7065] thou for my sake? would God that all the [H5414] LORD'S [H3068] people [H5971] were prophets [H5030] , [and] that the LORD [H3068] would put [H5414] his spirit [H7307] upon them!

11:30 And Moses [H4872] gat [H622] him into the camp [H4264] , he and the elders [H2205] of Israel [H3478] .

11:31 And there went forth [H5265] a wind [H7307] from the LORD [H3068] , and brought [H1468] quails [H7958] from the sea [H3220] , and let [them] fall [H5203] by the camp [H4264] , as it were a day's [H3117] journey [H1870] on this side [H3541] , and as it were a day's [H3117] journey [H1870] on the other side [H3541] , round about [H5439] the camp [H4264] , and as it were two cubits [H520] [high] upon the face [H6440] of the earth [H776] .(as it were a day's: Heb. as it were the way of a day)

11:32 And the people [H5971] stood up [H6965] all that day [H3117] , and all [that] night [H3915] , and all the next [H4283] day [H3117] , and they gathered [H622] the quails [H7958] : he that gathered least [H4591] gathered [H622] ten [H6235] homers [H2563] : and they spread [H7849] [them] all abroad [H7849] for themselves round about [H5439] the camp [H4264] .

11:33 And while the flesh [H1320] [was] yet [H2962] between their teeth [H8127] , ere it was chewed [H3772] , the wrath [H639] of the LORD [H3068] was kindled [H2734] against the people [H5971] , and the LORD [H3068] smote [H5221] the people [H5971] with a very [H3966] great [H7227] plague [H4347] .

11:34 And he called [H7121] the name [H8034] of that place [H4725] Kibrothhattaavah [H6914] : because there they buried [H6912] the people [H5971] that lusted [H183] .(Kibrothhattaavah: that is, The graves of lust)

11:35 [And] the people [H5971] journeyed [H5265] from Kibrothhattaavah [H6914] unto Hazeroth [H2698] ; and abode at Hazeroth [H2698] .(abode at: Heb. they were in)