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7:1 Now it came to pass, when the wall [H2346] was built [H1129] , and I had set up [H5975] the doors [H1817] , and the porters [H7778] and the singers [H7891] and the Levites [H3881] were appointed [H6485] ,

7:2 That I gave my brother [H251] Hanani [H2607] , and Hananiah [H2608] the ruler [H8269] of the palace [H1002] , charge [H6680] over Jerusalem [H3389] : for he [was] a faithful [H571] man [H376] , and feared [H3372] God [H430] above many [H7227] .

7:3 And I said [H559] unto them, Let not the gates [H8179] of Jerusalem [H3389] be opened [H6605] until the sun [H8121] be hot [H2527] ; and while they stand by [H5975] , let them shut [H1479] the doors [H1817] , and bar [H270] [them]: and appoint [H5975] watches [H4931] of the inhabitants [H3427] of Jerusalem [H3389] , every one [H376] in his watch [H4929] , and every one [H376] [to be] over against his house [H1004] .

7:4 Now the city [H5892] [was] large [H7342] [H3027] and great [H1419] : but the people [H5971] [were] few [H4592] therein [H8432] , and the houses [H1004] [were] not builded [H1129] .(large: Heb. broad in spaces)

7:5 And my God [H430] put [H5414] into mine heart [H3820] to gather together [H6908] the nobles [H2715] , and the rulers [H5461] , and the people [H5971] , that they might be reckoned by genealogy [H3187] . And I found [H4672] a register [H5612] of the genealogy [H3188] of them which came up [H5927] at the first [H7223] , and found [H4672] written [H3789] therein,

7:6 These [are] the children [H1121] of the province [H4082] , that went up [H5927] out of the captivity [H7628] , of those that had been carried away [H1473] , whom Nebuchadnezzar [H5019] the king [H4428] of Babylon [H894] had carried away [H1540] , and came again [H7725] to Jerusalem [H3389] and to Judah [H3063] , every one [H376] unto his city [H5892] ;

7:7 Who came [H935] with Zerubbabel [H2216] , Jeshua [H3442] , Nehemiah [H5166] , Azariah [H5838] , Raamiah [H7485] , Nahamani [H5167] , Mordecai [H4782] , Bilshan [H1114] , Mispereth [H4559] , Bigvai [H902] , Nehum [H5149] , Baanah [H1196] . The number [H4557] , [I say], of the men [H582] of the people [H5971] of Israel [H3478] [was this];(Azariah: or, Seraiah)

7:8 The children [H1121] of Parosh [H6551] , two [H8147] thousand [H505] an hundred [H3967] seventy [H7657] and two [H8147] .

7:9 The children [H1121] of Shephatiah [H8203] , three [H7969] hundred [H3967] seventy [H7657] and two [H8147] .

7:10 The children [H1121] of Arah [H733] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] fifty [H2572] and two [H8147] .

7:11 The children [H1121] of Pahathmoab [H6355] , of the children [H1121] of Jeshua [H3442] and Joab [H3097] , two thousand [H505] and eight [H8083] hundred [H3967] [and] eighteen [H8083] [H6240] .

7:12 The children [H1121] of Elam [H5867] , a thousand [H505] two hundred [H3967] fifty [H2572] and four [H702] .

7:13 The children [H1121] of Zattu [H2240] , eight [H8083] hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and five [H2568] .

7:14 The children [H1121] of Zaccai [H2140] , seven [H7651] hundred [H3967] and threescore [H8346] .

7:15 The children [H1121] of Binnui [H1131] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and eight [H8083] .(Binnui: or, Bani)

7:16 The children [H1121] of Bebai [H893] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and eight [H8083] .

7:17 The children [H1121] of Azgad [H5803] , two [H8147] thousand [H505] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and two [H8147] .

7:18 The children [H1121] of Adonikam [H140] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] threescore [H8346] and seven [H7651] .

7:19 The children [H1121] of Bigvai [H902] , two thousand [H505] threescore [H8346] and seven [H7651] .

7:20 The children [H1121] of Adin [H5720] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] fifty [H2572] and five [H2568] .

7:21 The children [H1121] of Ater [H333] of Hezekiah [H2396] , ninety [H8673] and eight [H8083] .

7:22 The children [H1121] of Hashum [H2828] , three [H7969] hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and eight [H8083] .

7:23 The children [H1121] of Bezai [H1209] , three [H7969] hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and four [H702] .

7:24 The children [H1121] of Hariph [H2756] , an hundred [H3967] and twelve [H8147] [H6240] .(Hariph: or, Jora)

7:25 The children [H1121] of Gibeon [H1391] , ninety [H8673] and five [H2568] .(Gibeon: or, Gibbar)

7:26 The men [H582] of Bethlehem [H1035] and Netophah [H5199] , an hundred [H3967] fourscore [H8084] and eight [H8083] .

7:27 The men [H582] of Anathoth [H6068] , an hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and eight [H8083] .

7:28 The men [H582] of Bethazmaveth [H1041] , forty [H705] and two [H8147] .(Bethazmaveth: or, Azmaveth)

7:29 The men [H582] of Kirjathjearim [H7157] , Chephirah [H3716] , and Beeroth [H881] , seven [H7651] hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and three [H7969] .(Kirjathjearim: or, Kirjatharim)

7:30 The men [H582] of Ramah [H7414] and Geba [H1387] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and one [H259] .

7:31 The men [H582] of Michmas [H4363] , an hundred [H3967] and twenty [H6242] and two [H8147] .

7:32 The men [H582] of Bethel [H1008] and Ai [H5857] , an hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and three [H7969] .

7:33 The men [H582] of the other [H312] Nebo [H5015] , fifty [H2572] and two [H8147] .

7:34 The children [H1121] of the other [H312] Elam [H5867] , a thousand [H505] two hundred [H3967] fifty [H2572] and four [H702] .

7:35 The children [H1121] of Harim [H2766] , three [H7969] hundred [H3967] and twenty [H6242] .

7:36 The children [H1121] of Jericho [H3405] , three [H7969] hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and five [H2568] .

7:37 The children [H1121] of Lod [H3850] , Hadid [H2307] , and Ono [H207] , seven [H7651] hundred [H3967] twenty [H6242] and one [H259] .

7:38 The children [H1121] of Senaah [H5570] , three [H7969] thousand [H505] nine [H8672] hundred [H3967] and thirty [H7970] .

7:39 The priests [H3548] : the children [H1121] of Jedaiah [H3048] , of the house [H1004] of Jeshua [H3442] , nine [H8672] hundred [H3967] seventy [H7657] and three [H7969] .

7:40 The children [H1121] of Immer [H564] , a thousand [H505] fifty [H2572] and two [H8147] .

7:41 The children [H1121] of Pashur [H6583] , a thousand [H505] two hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and seven [H7651] .

7:42 The children [H1121] of Harim [H2766] , a thousand [H505] and seventeen [H7651] [H6240] .

7:43 The Levites [H3881] : the children [H1121] of Jeshua [H3442] , of Kadmiel [H6934] , [and] of the children [H1121] of Hodevah [H1937] , seventy [H7657] and four [H702] .(Hodevah: or, Hodaviah or Judah)

7:44 The singers [H7891] : the children [H1121] of Asaph [H623] , an hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and eight [H8083] .

7:45 The porters [H7778] : the children [H1121] of Shallum [H7967] , the children [H1121] of Ater [H333] , the children [H1121] of Talmon [H2929] , the children [H1121] of Akkub [H6126] , the children [H1121] of Hatita [H2410] , the children [H1121] of Shobai [H7630] , an hundred [H3967] thirty [H7970] and eight [H8083] .

7:46 The Nethinims [H5411] : the children [H1121] of Ziha [H6727] , the children [H1121] of Hashupha [H2817] , the children [H1121] of Tabbaoth [H2884] ,

7:47 The children [H1121] of Keros [H7026] , the children [H1121] of Sia [H5517] , the children [H1121] of Padon [H6303] ,

7:48 The children [H1121] of Lebana [H3838] , the children [H1121] of Hagaba [H2286] , the children [H1121] of Shalmai [H8014] ,

7:49 The children [H1121] of Hanan [H2605] , the children [H1121] of Giddel [H1435] , the children [H1121] of Gahar [H1515] ,

7:50 The children [H1121] of Reaiah [H7211] , the children [H1121] of Rezin [H7526] , the children [H1121] of Nekoda [H5353] ,

7:51 The children [H1121] of Gazzam [H1502] , the children [H1121] of Uzza [H5798] , the children [H1121] of Phaseah [H6454] ,

7:52 The children [H1121] of Besai [H1153] , the children [H1121] of Meunim [H4586] , the children [H1121] of Nephishesim [H5300] [H5304] ,

7:53 The children [H1121] of Bakbuk [H1227] , the children [H1121] of Hakupha [H2709] , the children [H1121] of Harhur [H2744] ,

7:54 The children [H1121] of Bazlith [H1213] , the children [H1121] of Mehida [H4240] , the children [H1121] of Harsha [H2797] ,

7:55 The children [H1121] of Barkos [H1302] , the children [H1121] of Sisera [H5516] , the children [H1121] of Tamah [H8547] ,

7:56 The children [H1121] of Neziah [H5335] , the children [H1121] of Hatipha [H2412] .

7:57 The children [H1121] of Solomon's [H8010] servants [H5650] : the children [H1121] of Sotai [H5479] , the children [H1121] of Sophereth [H5618] , the children [H1121] of Perida [H6514] ,

7:58 The children [H1121] of Jaala [H3279] , the children [H1121] of Darkon [H1874] , the children [H1121] of Giddel [H1435] ,

7:59 The children [H1121] of Shephatiah [H8203] , the children [H1121] of Hattil [H2411] , the children [H1121] of Pochereth of Zebaim [H6380] , the children [H1121] of Amon [H526] .(Amon: or, Ami)

7:60 All the Nethinims [H5411] , and the children [H1121] of Solomon's [H8010] servants [H5650] , [were] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] ninety [H8673] and two [H8147] .

7:61 And these [were] they which went up [H5927] [also] from Telmelah [H8528] , Telharesha [H8521] , Cherub [H3743] , Addon [H114] , and Immer [H564] : but they could [H3201] not shew [H5046] their father's [H1] house [H1004] , nor their seed [H2233] , whether they [were] of Israel [H3478] .(seed: or, pedigree)

7:62 The children [H1121] of Delaiah [H1806] , the children [H1121] of Tobiah [H2900] , the children [H1121] of Nekoda [H5353] , six [H8337] hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and two [H8147] .

7:63 And of the priests [H3548] : the children [H1121] of Habaiah [H2252] , the children [H1121] of Koz [H6976] , the children [H1121] of Barzillai [H1271] , which took [H3947] [one] of the daughters [H1323] of Barzillai [H1271] the Gileadite [H1569] to wife [H802] , and was called [H7121] after their name [H8034] .

7:64 These sought [H1245] their register [H3791] [among] those that were reckoned by genealogy [H3187] , but it was not found [H4672] : therefore were they, as polluted [H1351] , put from the priesthood [H3550] .

7:65 And the Tirshatha [H8660] said [H559] unto them, that they should not eat [H398] of the most [H6944] holy things [H6944] , till there stood [H5975] [up] a priest [H3548] with Urim [H224] and Thummim [H8550] .(the Tirshatha: or, the governor)

7:66 The whole congregation [H6951] together [H259] [was] forty [H702] [H7239] and two thousand [H505] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] and threescore [H8346] ,

7:67 Beside their manservants [H5650] and their maidservants [H519] , of whom [there were] seven [H7651] thousand [H505] three [H7969] hundred [H3967] thirty [H7970] and seven [H7651] : and they had two hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and five [H2568] singing men [H7891] and singing women [H7891] .

7:68 Their horses [H5483] , seven [H7651] hundred [H3967] thirty [H7970] and six [H8337] : their mules [H6505] , two hundred [H3967] forty [H705] and five [H2568] :

7:69 [Their] camels [H1581] , four [H702] hundred [H3967] thirty [H7970] and five [H2568] : six [H8337] thousand [H505] seven [H7651] hundred [H3967] and twenty [H6242] asses [H2543] .

7:70 And some of [H7117] the chief [H7218] of the fathers [H1] gave [H5414] unto the work [H4399] . The Tirshatha [H8660] gave [H5414] to the treasure [H214] a thousand [H505] drams [H1871] of gold [H2091] , fifty [H2572] basons [H4219] , five [H2568] hundred [H3967] and thirty [H7970] priests' [H3548] garments [H3801] .(some: Heb. part.)

7:71 And [some] of the chief [H7218] of the fathers [H1] gave [H5414] to the treasure [H214] of the work [H4399] twenty [H8147] thousand [H7239] drams [H1871] of gold [H2091] , and two thousand [H505] and two hundred [H3967] pound [H4488] of silver [H3701] .

7:72 And [that] which the rest [H7611] of the people [H5971] gave [H5414] [was] twenty [H8147] thousand [H7239] drams [H1871] of gold [H2091] , and two thousand [H505] pound [H4488] of silver [H3701] , and threescore [H8346] and seven [H7651] priests' [H3548] garments [H3801] .

7:73 So the priests [H3548] , and the Levites [H3881] , and the porters [H7778] , and the singers [H7891] , and [some] of the people [H5971] , and the Nethinims [H5411] , and all Israel [H3478] , dwelt [H3427] in their cities [H5892] ; and when the seventh [H7637] month [H2320] came [H5060] , the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] [were] in their cities [H5892] .