KJV NAH3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 Woe [H1945] to the bloody [H1818] city [H5892] ! it [is] all full [H4392] of lies [H3585] [and] robbery [H6563] ; the prey [H2964] departeth [H4185] not;(bloody: Heb. city of bloods)

3:2 The noise [H6963] of a whip [H7752] , and the noise [H6963] of the rattling [H7494] of the wheels [H212] , and of the pransing [H1725] horses [H5483] , and of the jumping [H7540] chariots [H4818] .

3:3 The horseman [H6571] lifteth up [H5927] both the bright [H3851] sword [H2719] and the glittering [H1300] spear [H2595] : and [there is] a multitude [H7230] of slain [H2491] , and a great [H3514] number of carcases [H6297] ; and [there is] none end [H7097] of [their] corpses [H1472] ; they stumble [H3782] [H3782] upon their corpses [H1472] :(the bright: Heb. the flame of the sword, and the lightning of the spear)

3:4 Because of the multitude [H7230] of the whoredoms [H2183] of the wellfavoured [H2896] [H2580] harlot [H2181] , the mistress [H1172] of witchcrafts [H3785] , that selleth [H4376] nations [H1471] through her whoredoms [H2183] , and families [H4940] through her witchcrafts [H3785] .

3:5 Behold, I [am] against thee, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] ; and I will discover [H1540] thy skirts [H7757] upon thy face [H6440] , and I will shew [H7200] the nations [H1471] thy nakedness [H4626] , and the kingdoms [H4467] thy shame [H7036] .

3:6 And I will cast [H7993] abominable filth [H8251] upon thee, and make thee vile [H5034] , and will set [H7760] thee as a gazingstock [H7210] .

3:7 And it shall come to pass, [that] all they that look [H7200] upon thee shall flee [H5074] from thee, and say [H559] , Nineveh [H5210] is laid waste [H7703] : who will bemoan [H5110] her? whence [H370] shall I seek [H1245] comforters [H5162] for thee?

3:8 Art thou better [H3190] than populous [H527] [H528] No [H4996] , that was situate [H3427] among the rivers [H2975] , [that had] the waters [H4325] round about [H5439] it, whose rampart [H2426] [was] the sea [H3220] , [and] her wall [H2346] [was] from the sea [H3220] ?(populous: or, nourishing, etc: Heb. No Amon)

3:9 Ethiopia [H3568] and Egypt [H4714] [were] her strength [H6109] , and [it was] infinite [H369] [H7097] ; Put [H6316] and Lubim [H3864] were thy helpers [H5833] .(thy helpers: Heb. in thy help)

3:10 Yet [was] she carried away [H1473] , she went [H1980] into captivity [H7628] : her young children [H5768] also were dashed in pieces [H7376] at the top [H7218] of all the streets [H2351] : and they cast [H3032] lots [H1486] for her honourable men [H3513] , and all her great men [H1419] were bound [H7576] in chains [H2131] .

3:11 Thou also shalt be drunken [H7937] : thou shalt be hid [H5956] , thou also shalt seek [H1245] strength [H4581] because of the enemy [H341] .

3:12 All thy strong holds [H4013] [shall be like] fig trees [H8384] with the firstripe figs [H1061] : if they be shaken [H5128] , they shall even fall [H5307] into the mouth [H6310] of the eater [H398] .

3:13 Behold, thy people [H5971] in the midst [H7130] of thee [are] women [H802] : the gates [H8179] of thy land [H776] shall be set wide [H6605] open [H6605] unto thine enemies [H341] : the fire [H784] shall devour [H398] thy bars [H1280] .

3:14 Draw [H7579] thee waters [H4325] for the siege [H4692] , fortify [H2388] thy strong holds [H4013] : go [H935] into clay [H2916] , and tread [H7429] the morter [H2563] , make strong [H2388] the brickkiln [H4404] .

3:15 There shall the fire [H784] devour [H398] thee; the sword [H2719] shall cut thee off [H3772] , it shall eat thee up [H398] like the cankerworm [H3218] : make thyself many [H3513] as the cankerworm [H3218] , make thyself many [H3513] as the locusts [H697] .

3:16 Thou hast multiplied [H7235] thy merchants [H7402] above the stars [H3556] of heaven [H8064] : the cankerworm [H3218] spoileth [H6584] , and flieth away [H5774] .(spoileth: or, spreadeth himself)

3:17 Thy crowned [H4502] [are] as the locusts [H697] , and thy captains [H2951] as the great grasshoppers [H1462] , which camp [H2583] in the hedges [H1448] in the cold [H7135] day [H3117] , [but] when the sun [H8121] ariseth [H2224] they flee away [H5074] , and their place [H4725] is not known [H3045] where [H335] they [are].

3:18 Thy shepherds [H7462] slumber [H5123] , O king [H4428] of Assyria [H804] : thy nobles [H117] shall dwell [H7931] [in the dust]: thy people [H5971] is scattered [H6335] upon the mountains [H2022] , and no man gathereth [H6908] [them].(nobles: or, valiant ones)

3:19 [There is] no healing [H3545] of thy bruise [H7667] ; thy wound [H4347] is grievous [H2470] : all that hear [H8085] the bruit [H8088] of thee shall clap [H8628] the hands [H3709] over thee: for upon whom hath not thy wickedness [H7451] passed [H5674] continually [H8548] ?(healing: Heb. wrinkling)