KJV MIC6 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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6:1 Hear [H8085] ye now what the LORD [H3068] saith [H559] ; Arise [H6965] , contend [H7378] thou before the mountains [H2022] , and let the hills [H1389] hear [H8085] thy voice [H6963] .(before: or, with)

6:2 Hear [H8085] ye, O mountains [H2022] , the LORD'S [H3068] controversy [H7379] , and ye strong [H386] foundations [H4146] of the earth [H776] : for the LORD [H3068] hath a controversy [H7379] with his people [H5971] , and he will plead [H3198] with Israel [H3478] .

6:3 O my people [H5971] , what have I done [H6213] unto thee? and wherein have I wearied [H3811] thee? testify [H6030] against me.

6:4 For I brought thee up [H5927] out of the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] , and redeemed [H6299] thee out of the house [H1004] of servants [H5650] ; and I sent [H7971] before [H6440] thee Moses [H4872] , Aaron [H175] , and Miriam [H4813] .

6:5 O my people [H5971] , remember [H2142] now what Balak [H1111] king [H4428] of Moab [H4124] consulted [H3289] , and what Balaam [H1109] the son [H1121] of Beor [H1160] answered [H6030] him from Shittim [H7851] unto Gilgal [H1537] ; that ye may know [H3045] the righteousness [H6666] of the LORD [H3068] .

6:6 Wherewith shall I come before [H6923] the LORD [H3068] , [and] bow [H3721] myself before the high [H4791] God [H430] ? shall I come before [H6923] him with burnt offerings [H5930] , with calves [H5695] of a year [H8141] old [H1121] ?(of a: Heb. sons of a year?)

6:7 Will the LORD [H3068] be pleased [H7521] with thousands [H505] of rams [H352] , [or] with ten thousands [H7233] of rivers [H5158] of oil [H8081] ? shall I give [H5414] my firstborn [H1060] [for] my transgression [H6588] , the fruit [H6529] of my body [H990] [for] the sin [H2403] of my soul [H5315] ?(body: Heb. belly)

6:8 He hath shewed [H5046] thee, O man [H120] , what [is] good [H2896] ; and what doth the LORD [H3068] require [H1875] of thee, but to do [H6213] justly [H4941] , and to love [H160] mercy [H2617] , and to walk [H3212] humbly [H6800] with thy God [H430] ?(walk: Heb. humble thyself to walk)

6:9 The LORD'S [H3068] voice [H6963] crieth [H7121] unto the city [H5892] , and [the man of] wisdom [H8454] shall see [H7200] thy name [H8034] : hear [H8085] ye the rod [H4294] , and who hath appointed [H3259] it.(the man: or, thy name shall see that which is)

6:10 Are there [H786] yet the treasures [H214] of wickedness [H7562] [H376] in the house [H1004] of the wicked [H7563] , and the scant [H7332] measure [H374] [that is] abominable [H2194] ?(Are: or, Is there yet unto every man an house of the, etc)(scant: Heb. measure of leanness)

6:11 Shall I count [them] pure [H2135] with the wicked [H7562] balances [H3976] , and with the bag [H3599] of deceitful [H4820] weights [H68] ?(count: or, be pure with, etc)

6:12 For the rich men [H6223] thereof are full [H4390] of violence [H2555] , and the inhabitants [H3427] thereof have spoken [H1696] lies [H8267] , and their tongue [H3956] [is] deceitful [H7423] in their mouth [H6310] .

6:13 Therefore also will I make [thee] sick [H2470] in smiting [H5221] thee, in making [thee] desolate [H8074] because of thy sins [H2403] .

6:14 Thou shalt eat [H398] , but not be satisfied [H7646] ; and thy casting down [H3445] [shall be] in the midst [H7130] of thee; and thou shalt take hold [H5253] , but shalt not deliver [H6403] ; and [that] which thou deliverest [H6403] will I give up [H5414] to the sword [H2719] .

6:15 Thou shalt sow [H2232] , but thou shalt not reap [H7114] ; thou shalt tread [H1869] the olives [H2132] , but thou shalt not anoint [H5480] thee with oil [H8081] ; and sweet wine [H8492] , but shalt not drink [H8354] wine [H3196] .

6:16 For the statutes [H2708] of Omri [H6018] are kept [H8104] , and all the works [H4639] of the house [H1004] of Ahab [H256] , and ye walk [H3212] in their counsels [H4156] ; that I should make [H5414] thee a desolation [H8047] , and the inhabitants [H3427] thereof an hissing [H8322] : therefore ye shall bear [H5375] the reproach [H2781] of my people [H5971] .(For the: or, For he doth much keep the, etc)(desolation: or, astonishment)