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18:1 At [G1722] the same [G1565] time [G5610] came [G4334] the disciples [G3101] unto Jesus [G2424] , saying [G3004] , Who [G5101] [G686] is [G2076] the greatest [G3187] in [G1722] the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] ?

18:2 And [G2532] Jesus [G2424] called [G4341] a little child [G3813] unto him [G4341] , and set [G2476] him [G846] in [G1722] the midst [G3319] of them [G846] ,

18:3 And [G2532] said [G2036] , Verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , Except [G3362] ye be converted [G4762] , and [G2532] become [G1096] as [G5613] little children [G3813] , ye shall [G1525] not [G3364] enter [G1525] into [G1519] the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] .

18:4 Whosoever [G3748] therefore [G3767] shall humble [G5013] himself [G1438] as [G5613] this [G5124] little child [G3813] , the same [G3778] is [G2076] greatest [G3187] in [G1722] the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] .

18:5 And [G2532] whoso [G3739] [G1437] shall receive [G1209] one [G1520] such [G5108] little child [G3813] in [G1909] my [G3450] name [G3686] receiveth [G1209] me [G1691] .

18:6 But [G1161] whoso [G3739] [G302] shall offend [G4624] one [G1520] of these [G5130] little ones [G3398] which [G3588] believe [G4100] in [G1519] me [G1691] , it were better [G4851] for him [G846] that [G2443] a millstone [G3458] [G3684] were hanged [G2910] about [G1909] his [G846] neck [G5137] , and [G2532] [that] he were drowned [G2670] in [G1722] the depth [G3989] of the sea [G2281] .

18:7 Woe [G3759] unto the world [G2889] because of [G575] offences [G4625] ! for [G1063] it must needs [G318] be [G2076] that offences [G4625] come [G2064] ; but [G4133] woe [G3759] to that man [G444] by [G1565] whom [G1223] [G3739] the offence [G4625] cometh [G2064] !

18:8 Wherefore [G1161] if [G1487] thy [G4675] hand [G5495] or [G2228] thy [G4675] foot [G4228] offend thee [G4624] , cut [G1581] them [G846] off [G1581] , and [G2532] cast [G906] [them] from [G575] thee [G4571] [G4675] : it is [G2076] better [G2570] for thee [G4671] to enter into [G1525] [G1519] life [G2222] halt [G5560] or [G2228] maimed [G2948] , rather than [G2228] having [G2192] two [G1417] hands [G5495] or [G2228] two [G1417] feet [G4228] to be cast [G906] into [G1519] everlasting [G166] fire [G4442] .

18:9 And [G2532] if [G1487] thine [G4675] eye [G3788] offend [G4624] thee [G4571] , pluck [G1807] it [G846] out [G1807] , and [G2532] cast [G906] [it] from [G575] thee [G4675] : it is [G2076] better [G2570] for thee [G4671] to enter [G1525] into [G1519] life [G2222] with one eye [G3442] , rather than [G2228] having [G2192] two [G1417] eyes [G3788] to be cast [G906] into [G1519] hell [G1067] fire [G4442] .

18:10 Take heed [G3708] that ye despise [G2706] not [G3361] one [G1520] of these [G5130] little ones [G3398] ; for [G1063] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , That [G3754] in [G1722] heaven [G3772] their [G846] angels [G32] do always [G1223] [G3956] behold [G991] the face [G4383] of my [G3450] Father [G3962] which [G3588] is in [G1722] heaven [G3772] .

18:11 For [G1063] the Son [G5207] of man [G444] is come [G2064] to save [G4982] that which [G3588] was lost [G622] .

18:12 How [G5101] think [G1380] ye [G5213] ? if [G1437] [G5100] a man [G444] have [G1096] an hundred [G1540] sheep [G4263] , and [G2532] one [G1520] of [G1537] them [G846] be gone astray [G4105] , doth he [G863] not [G3780] leave [G863] the ninety and nine [G1768] , and goeth [G4198] into [G1909] the mountains [G3735] , and seeketh [G2212] that which [G3588] is gone astray [G4105] ?

18:13 And [G2532] if so [G1437] be [G1096] that he find [G2147] it [G846] , verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] [G3754] , he rejoiceth [G5463] more [G3123] of [G1909] that [G846] [sheep], than [G2228] of [G1909] the ninety and nine [G1768] which [G3588] went [G4105] not [G3361] astray [G4105] .

18:14 Even so [G3779] it is [G2076] not [G3756] the will [G2307] of [G1715] your [G5216] Father [G3962] which [G3588] is in [G1722] heaven [G3772] , that [G2443] one [G1520] of these [G5130] little ones [G3398] should perish [G622] .

18:15 Moreover [G1161] if [G1437] thy [G4675] brother [G80] shall trespass [G264] against [G1519] thee [G4571] , go [G5217] and [G2532] tell [G1651] him [G846] his fault [G1651] between [G3342] thee [G4675] and [G2532] him [G846] alone [G3441] : if [G1437] he shall hear [G191] thee [G4675] , thou hast gained [G2770] thy [G4675] brother [G80] .

18:16 But [G1161] if [G3362] he will [G191] not [G3362] hear [G191] [thee, then] take [G3880] with [G3326] thee [G4675] one [G1520] or [G2228] two [G1417] more [G2089] , that [G2443] in [G1909] the mouth [G4750] of two [G1417] or [G2228] three [G5140] witnesses [G3144] every [G3956] word [G4487] may be established [G2476] .

18:17 And [G1161] if [G1437] he shall neglect to hear [G3878] them [G846] , tell [G2036] [it] unto the church [G1577] : but [G1161] [G2532] if [G1437] he neglect to hear [G3878] the church [G1577] , let him be [G2077] unto thee [G4671] as [G5618] an heathen man [G1482] and [G2532] a publican [G5057] .

18:18 Verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , Whatsoever [G3745] [G1437] ye shall bind [G1210] on [G1909] earth [G1093] shall be [G2071] bound [G1210] in [G1722] heaven [G3772] : and [G2532] whatsoever [G3745] [G1437] ye shall loose [G3089] on [G1909] earth [G1093] shall be [G2071] loosed [G3089] in [G1722] heaven [G3772] .

18:19 Again [G3825] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , That [G3754] if [G1437] two [G1417] of you [G5216] shall agree [G4856] on [G1909] earth [G1093] as touching [G4012] any [G3956] thing [G4229] that [G3739] [G1437] they shall ask [G154] , it shall be done [G1096] for them [G846] of [G3844] my [G3450] Father [G3962] which [G3588] is in [G1722] heaven [G3772] .

18:20 For [G1063] where [G3757] two [G1417] or [G2228] three [G5140] are [G1526] gathered together [G4863] in [G1519] my [G1699] name [G3686] , there [G1563] am I [G1510] in [G1722] the midst [G3319] of them [G846] .

18:21 Then [G5119] came [G4334] Peter [G4074] to him [G846] , and said [G2036] , Lord [G2962] , how oft [G4212] shall my [G3450] brother [G80] sin [G264] against [G1519] me [G1691] , and [G2532] I forgive [G863] him [G846] ? till [G2193] seven times [G2034] ?

18:22 Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , I say [G3004] not [G3756] unto thee [G4671] , Until [G2193] seven times [G2034] : but [G235] , Until [G2193] seventy times [G1441] seven [G2033] .

18:23 Therefore [G1223] [G5124] is the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] likened [G3666] unto a certain [G444] king [G935] , which [G3739] would [G2309] take [G4868] account [G3056] of [G3326] his [G846] servants [G1401] .

18:24 And [G1161] when he [G846] had begun [G756] to reckon [G4868] , one [G1520] was brought [G4374] unto him [G846] , which owed [G3781] him [G846] ten thousand [G3463] talents [G5007] .(talents: a talent is 750.ounces of silver, which after five shillings the ounce is 187.li. 10.s.)

18:25 But forasmuch as [G1161] he [G846] had [G2192] not [G3361] to pay [G591] , his [G846] lord [G2962] commanded [G2753] him [G846] to be sold [G4097] , and [G2532] his [G846] wife [G1135] , and [G2532] children [G5043] , and [G2532] all [G3956] that [G3745] he had [G2192] , and [G2532] payment to be made [G591] .

18:26 The servant [G1401] therefore [G3767] fell down [G4098] , and worshipped [G4352] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Lord [G2962] , have patience [G3114] with [G1909] me [G1698] , and [G2532] I will pay [G591] thee [G4671] all [G3956] .(worshipped him: or, besought him)

18:27 Then [G1161] the lord [G2962] of that [G1565] servant [G1401] was moved with compassion [G4697] , and loosed [G630] him [G846] , and [G2532] forgave [G863] him [G846] the debt [G1156] .

18:28 But [G1161] the same [G1565] servant [G1401] went out [G1831] , and found [G2147] one [G1520] of his [G846] fellowservants [G4889] , which [G3739] owed [G3784] him [G846] an hundred [G1540] pence [G1220] : and [G2532] he laid hands [G2902] on him [G846] , and took [him] by the throat [G4155] , saying [G3004] , Pay [G591] me [G3427] that [G3748] thou owest [G3784] .(pence: the Roman penny is the eighth part of an ounce, which after five shillings the ounce is seven pence halfpenny; about fourteen cents)

18:29 And [G3767] his [G846] fellowservant [G4889] fell down [G4098] at [G1519] his [G846] feet [G4228] , and besought [G3870] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Have patience [G3114] with [G1909] me [G1698] , and [G2532] I will pay [G591] thee [G4671] all [G3956] .

18:30 And [G1161] he would [G2309] not [G3756] : but [G235] went [G565] and cast [G906] him [G846] into [G1519] prison [G5438] , till [G2193] [G3739] he should pay [G591] the debt [G3784] .

18:31 So [G1161] when his [G846] fellowservants [G4889] saw [G1492] what was done [G1096] , they were very [G4970] sorry [G3076] , and [G2532] came [G2064] and told [G1285] unto their [G846] lord [G2962] all [G3956] that was done [G1096] .

18:32 Then [G5119] his [G846] lord [G2962] , after that he had called [G4341] him [G846] , said [G3004] unto him [G846] , O thou wicked [G4190] servant [G1401] , I forgave [G863] thee [G4671] all [G3956] that [G1565] debt [G3782] , because [G1893] thou desiredst [G3870] me [G3165] :

18:33 Shouldest [G1163] not [G3756] thou [G4571] also [G2532] have had compassion [G1653] on thy [G4675] fellowservant [G4889] , even [G2532] as [G5613] I [G1473] had pity [G1653] on thee [G4571] ?

18:34 And [G2532] his [G846] lord [G2962] was wroth [G3710] , and delivered [G3860] him [G846] to the tormentors [G930] , till [G2193] [G3739] he should pay [G591] all [G3956] that was due [G3784] unto him [G846] .

18:35 So [G3779] likewise shall my [G3450] heavenly [G2032] Father [G3962] do [G4160] also [G2532] unto you [G5213] , if [G3362] ye from [G575] your [G5216] hearts [G2588] forgive [G863] not [G3362] every one [G1538] his [G846] brother [G80] their [G846] trespasses [G3900] .