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13:1 [G1161] The same [G1722] [G1565] day [G2250] went [G1831] Jesus [G2424] out of [G575] the house [G3614] , and sat [G2521] by [G3844] the sea side [G2281] .

13:2 And [G2532] great [G4183] multitudes [G3793] were gathered together [G4863] unto [G4314] him [G846] , so that [G5620] he [G846] went [G1684] into [G1519] a ship [G4143] , and sat [G2521] ; and [G2532] the whole [G3956] multitude [G3793] stood [G2476] on [G1909] the shore [G123] .

13:3 And [G2532] he spake [G2980] many things [G4183] unto them [G846] in [G1722] parables [G3850] , saying [G3004] , Behold [G2400] , a sower [G4687] went forth [G1831] to sow [G4687] ;

13:4 And [G2532] when [G1722] he [G846] sowed [G4687] , some [G3739] [G3303] [seeds] fell [G4098] by [G3844] the way side [G3598] , and [G2532] the fowls [G4071] came [G2064] and [G2532] devoured [G2719] them [G846] up [G2719] :

13:5 Some [G1161] [G243] fell [G4098] upon [G1909] stony places [G4075] , where [G3699] they had [G2192] not [G3756] much [G4183] earth [G1093] : and [G2532] forthwith [G2112] they sprung up [G1816] , because [G1223] they had [G2192] no [G3361] deepness [G899] of earth [G1093] :

13:6 And [G1161] when the sun [G2246] was up [G393] , they were scorched [G2739] ; and [G2532] because [G1223] they had [G2192] no [G3361] root [G4491] , they withered away [G3583] .

13:7 And [G1161] some [G243] fell [G4098] among [G1909] thorns [G173] ; and [G2532] the thorns [G173] sprung up [G305] , and [G2532] choked [G638] them [G846] :

13:8 But [G1161] other [G243] fell [G4098] into [G1909] good [G2570] ground [G1093] , and [G2532] brought forth [G1325] fruit [G2590] , some [G3739] [G3303] an hundredfold [G1540] , [G1161] some [G3739] sixtyfold [G1835] , [G1161] some [G3739] thirtyfold [G5144] .

13:9 Who [G3588] hath [G2192] ears [G3775] to hear [G191] , let him hear [G191] .

13:10 And [G2532] the disciples [G3101] came [G4334] , and said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Why [G1302] speakest thou [G2980] unto them [G846] in [G1722] parables [G3850] ?

13:11 He answered [G611] and [G1161] said [G2036] unto them [G846] , Because [G3754] it is given [G1325] unto you [G5213] to know [G1097] the mysteries [G3466] of the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] , but [G1161] to them [G1565] it is [G1325] not [G3756] given [G1325] .

13:12 For [G1063] whosoever [G3748] hath [G2192] , to him [G846] shall be given [G1325] , and [G2532] he shall have more abundance [G4052] : but [G1161] whosoever [G3748] hath [G2192] not [G3756] , from [G575] him [G846] shall be taken away [G142] even [G2532] that [G3739] he hath [G2192] .

13:13 Therefore [G1223] [G5124] speak I [G2980] to them [G846] in [G1722] parables [G3850] : because [G3754] they seeing [G991] see [G991] not [G3756] ; and [G2532] hearing [G191] they hear [G191] not [G3756] , neither [G3761] do they understand [G4920] .

13:14 And [G2532] in [G1909] them [G846] is fulfilled [G378] the prophecy [G4394] of Esaias [G2268] , which [G3588] saith [G3004] , By hearing [G189] ye shall hear [G191] , and [G2532] shall [G4920] not [G3364] understand [G4920] ; and [G2532] seeing [G991] ye shall see [G991] , and [G2532] shall [G1492] not [G3364] perceive [G1492] :

13:15 For [G1063] this [G5127] people's [G2992] heart [G2588] is waxed gross [G3975] , and [G2532] [their] ears [G3775] are dull [G917] of hearing [G191] , and [G2532] their [G846] eyes [G3788] they have closed [G2576] ; lest at any time [G3379] they should see [G1492] with [their] eyes [G3788] , and [G2532] hear [G191] with [their] ears [G3775] , and [G2532] should understand [G4920] with [their] heart [G2588] , and [G2532] should be converted [G1994] , and [G2532] I should heal [G2390] them [G846] .

13:16 But [G1161] blessed [G3107] [are] your [G5216] eyes [G3788] , for [G3754] they see [G991] : and [G2532] your [G5216] ears [G3775] , for [G3754] they hear [G191] .

13:17 For [G1063] verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , That [G3754] many [G4183] prophets [G4396] and [G2532] righteous [G1342] [men] have desired [G1937] to see [G1492] [those things] which [G3739] ye see [G991] , and [G2532] have [G1492] not [G3756] seen [G1492] [them]; and [G2532] to hear [G191] [those things] which [G3739] ye hear [G191] , and [G2532] have [G191] not [G3756] heard [G191] [them].

13:18 Hear [G191] ye [G5210] therefore [G3767] the parable [G3850] of the sower [G4687] .

13:19 When any [G3956] one heareth [G191] the word [G3056] of the kingdom [G932] , and [G2532] understandeth [G4920] [it] not [G3361] , then cometh [G2064] the wicked [G4190] [one], and [G2532] catcheth away [G726] that which [G3588] was sown [G4687] in [G1722] his [G846] heart [G2588] . This [G3778] is [G2076] he which received seed [G4687] by [G3844] the way side [G3598] .

13:20 But [G1161] he that received the seed [G4687] into [G1909] stony places [G4075] , the same [G3778] is [G2076] he that heareth [G191] the word [G3056] , and [G2532] anon [G2117] with [G3326] joy [G5479] receiveth [G2983] it [G846] ;

13:21 Yet [G1161] hath he [G2192] not [G3756] root [G4491] in [G1722] himself [G1438] , but [G235] dureth [G2076] for a while [G4340] : for [G1161] when tribulation [G2347] or [G2228] persecution [G1375] ariseth [G1096] because [G1223] of the word [G3056] , by and by [G2117] he is offended [G4624] .(offended: he relapseth, or, falleth into sin)

13:22 He also [G1161] that received seed [G4687] among [G1519] the thorns [G173] is [G2076] he that [G3778] heareth [G191] the word [G3056] ; and [G2532] the care [G3308] of this [G5127] world [G165] , and [G2532] the deceitfulness [G539] of riches [G4149] , choke [G4846] the word [G3056] , and [G2532] he becometh [G1096] unfruitful [G175] .

13:23 But [G1161] he that received seed [G4687] into [G1909] the good [G2570] ground [G1093] is [G2076] he [G3778] that heareth [G191] the word [G3056] , and [G2532] understandeth [G4920] [it]; which [G3739] also [G1211] beareth fruit [G2592] , and [G2532] bringeth forth [G4160] , some [G3739] [G3303] an hundredfold [G1540] , [G1161] some [G3739] sixty [G1835] , [G1161] some [G3739] thirty [G5144] .

13:24 Another [G243] parable [G3850] put he forth [G3908] unto them [G846] , saying [G3004] , The kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] is likened [G3666] unto a man [G444] which sowed [G4687] [G4687] good [G2570] seed [G4690] in [G1722] his [G846] field [G68] :

13:25 But [G1161] while [G1722] men [G444] slept [G2518] , his [G846] enemy [G2190] came [G2064] and [G2532] sowed [G4687] tares [G2215] among [G303] [G3319] the wheat [G4621] , and [G2532] went his way [G565] .

13:26 But [G1161] when [G3753] the blade [G5528] was sprung up [G985] , and [G2532] brought forth [G4160] fruit [G2590] , then [G5119] appeared [G5316] the tares [G2215] also [G2532] .

13:27 So [G1161] the servants [G1401] of the householder [G3617] came [G4334] and said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Sir [G2962] , didst [G4687] not [G3780] thou sow [G4687] good [G2570] seed [G4690] in [G1722] thy [G4674] field [G68] ? from whence [G4159] then [G3767] hath it [G2192] tares [G2215] ?

13:28 [G1161] He said [G5346] unto them [G846] , An enemy [G2190] [G444] hath done [G4160] this [G5124] . [G1161] The servants [G1401] said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Wilt thou [G2309] then [G3767] that we go [G565] and gather [G4816] them [G846] up [G4816] ?

13:29 But [G1161] he said [G5346] , Nay [G3756] ; lest [G3379] while ye gather up [G4816] the tares [G2215] , ye root up [G1610] also the wheat [G4621] with [G260] them [G846] .

13:30 Let [G863] both [G297] grow together [G4885] until [G3360] the harvest [G2326] : and [G2532] in [G1722] the time [G2540] of harvest [G2326] I will say [G2046] to the reapers [G2327] , Gather ye together [G4816] first [G4412] the tares [G2215] , and [G2532] bind [G1210] them [G846] in [G1519] bundles [G1197] to [G4314] burn [G2618] them [G846] : but [G1161] gather [G4863] the wheat [G4621] into [G1519] my [G3450] barn [G596] .

13:31 Another [G243] parable [G3850] put he forth [G3908] unto them [G846] , saying [G3004] , The kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] is [G2076] like [G3664] to a grain [G2848] of mustard seed [G4615] , which [G3739] a man [G444] took [G2983] , and sowed [G4687] in [G1722] his [G846] field [G68] :

13:32 Which [G3739] indeed [G3303] is [G2076] the least [G3398] of all [G3956] seeds [G4690] : but [G1161] when [G3752] it is grown [G837] , it is [G2076] the greatest [G3187] among herbs [G3001] , and [G2532] becometh [G1096] a tree [G1186] , so that [G5620] the birds [G4071] of the air [G3772] come [G2064] and [G2532] lodge [G2681] in [G1722] the branches [G2798] thereof [G846] .

13:33 Another [G243] parable [G3850] spake he [G2980] unto them [G846] ; The kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] is [G2076] like [G3664] unto leaven [G2219] , which [G3739] a woman [G1135] took [G2983] , and hid [G1470] in [G1519] three [G5140] measures [G4568] of meal [G224] , till [G2193] the whole [G3650] was [G3739] leavened [G2220] .(measures: the word in the Greek is a measure containing about a peck and a half, wanting a little more than a pint)

13:34 All [G3956] these things [G5023] spake [G2980] Jesus [G2424] unto the multitude [G3793] in [G1722] parables [G3850] ; and [G2532] without [G5565] a parable [G3850] spake he [G2980] not [G3756] unto them [G846] :

13:35 That [G3704] it might be fulfilled [G4137] which [G3588] was spoken [G4483] by [G1223] the prophet [G4396] , saying [G3004] , I will open [G455] my [G3450] mouth [G4750] in [G1722] parables [G3850] ; I will utter [G2044] things which have been kept secret [G2928] from [G575] the foundation [G2602] of the world [G2889] .

13:36 Then [G5119] Jesus [G2424] sent [G863] the multitude [G3793] away [G863] , and went [G2064] into [G1519] the house [G3614] : and [G2532] his [G846] disciples [G3101] came [G4334] unto him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Declare [G5419] unto us [G2254] the parable [G3850] of the tares [G2215] of the field [G68] .

13:37 He answered [G611] and [G1161] said [G2036] unto them [G846] , He that soweth [G4687] the good [G2570] seed [G4690] is [G2076] the Son [G5207] of man [G444] ;

13:38 [G1161] The field [G68] is [G2076] the world [G2889] ; [G1161] the good [G2570] seed [G4690] are [G3778] [G1526] the children [G5207] of the kingdom [G932] ; but [G1161] the tares [G2215] are [G1526] the children [G5207] of the wicked [G4190] [one];

13:39 [G1161] The enemy [G2190] that sowed [G4687] them [G846] is [G2076] the devil [G1228] ; [G1161] the harvest [G2326] is [G2076] the end [G4930] of the world [G165] ; and [G1161] the reapers [G2327] are [G1526] the angels [G32] .

13:40 As [G5618] therefore [G3767] the tares [G2215] are gathered [G4816] and [G2532] burned [G2618] in the fire [G4442] ; so [G3779] shall it be [G2071] in [G1722] the end [G4930] of this [G5127] world [G165] .

13:41 The Son [G5207] of man [G444] shall send forth [G649] his [G846] angels [G32] , and [G2532] they shall gather [G4816] out of [G1537] his [G846] kingdom [G932] all things [G3956] that offend [G4625] , and [G2532] them which do [G4160] iniquity [G458] ;(things: or, scandals)

13:42 And [G2532] shall cast [G906] them [G846] into [G1519] a furnace [G2575] of fire [G4442] : there [G1563] shall be [G2071] wailing [G2805] and [G2532] gnashing [G1030] of teeth [G3599] .

13:43 Then [G5119] shall the righteous [G1342] shine forth [G1584] as [G5613] the sun [G2246] in [G1722] the kingdom [G932] of their [G846] Father [G3962] . Who [G3588] hath [G2192] ears [G3775] to hear [G191] , let him hear [G191] .

13:44 Again [G3825] , the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] is [G2076] like [G3664] unto treasure [G2344] hid [G2928] in [G1722] a field [G68] ; the which [G3739] when a man [G444] hath found [G2147] , he hideth [G2928] , and [G2532] for [G575] joy [G5479] thereof [G846] goeth [G5217] and [G2532] selleth [G4453] all [G3956] that [G3745] he hath [G2192] , and [G2532] buyeth [G59] that [G1565] field [G68] .

13:45 Again [G3825] , the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] is [G2076] like [G3664] unto a merchant [G1713] man [G444] , seeking [G2212] goodly [G2570] pearls [G3135] :

13:46 Who [G3739] , when he had found [G2147] one [G1520] pearl [G3135] of great price [G4186] , went [G565] and sold [G4097] all [G3956] that [G3745] he had [G2192] , and [G2532] bought [G59] it [G846] .

13:47 Again [G3825] , the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] is [G2076] like [G3664] unto a net [G4522] , that was cast [G906] into [G1519] the sea [G2281] , and [G2532] gathered [G4863] of [G1537] every [G3956] kind [G1085] :

13:48 Which [G3739] , when [G3753] it was full [G4137] , they drew [G307] to [G1909] shore [G123] , and [G2532] sat down [G2523] , and gathered [G4816] the good [G2570] into [G1519] vessels [G30] , but [G1161] cast [G906] the bad [G4550] away [G1854] .

13:49 So [G3779] shall it be [G2071] at [G1722] the end [G4930] of the world [G165] : the angels [G32] shall come forth [G1831] , and [G2532] sever [G873] the wicked [G4190] from [G1537] among [G3319] the just [G1342] ,

13:50 And [G2532] shall cast [G906] them [G846] into [G1519] the furnace [G2575] of fire [G4442] : there [G1563] shall be [G2071] wailing [G2805] and [G2532] gnashing [G1030] of teeth [G3599] .

13:51 Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] unto them [G846] , Have ye understood [G4920] all [G3956] these [G5023] things [G3956] ? They say [G3004] unto him [G846] , Yea [G3483] , Lord [G2962] .

13:52 Then [G1161] said [G2036] he unto them [G846] , Therefore [G1223] [G5124] every [G3956] scribe [G1122] [which is] instructed [G3100] unto [G1519] the kingdom [G932] of heaven [G3772] is [G2076] like [G3664] unto a man [G444] [that is] an householder [G3617] , which [G3748] bringeth forth [G1544] out of [G1537] his [G846] treasure [G2344] [things] new [G2537] and [G2532] old [G3820] .

13:53 And [G2532] it came to pass [G1096] , [that] when [G3753] Jesus [G2424] had finished [G5055] these [G5025] parables [G3850] , he departed [G3332] thence [G1564] .

13:54 And [G2532] when he was come [G2064] into [G1519] his own [G846] country [G3968] , he taught [G1321] them [G846] in [G1722] their [G846] synagogue [G4864] , insomuch that [G5620] they [G846] were astonished [G1605] , and [G2532] said [G3004] , Whence [G4159] hath this [man] [G5129] this [G3778] wisdom [G4678] , and [G2532] [these] mighty works [G1411] ?

13:55 Is [G2076] not [G3756] this [G3778] the carpenter's [G5045] son [G5207] ? is [G3004] not [G3780] his [G846] mother [G3384] called [G3004] Mary [G3137] ? and [G2532] his [G846] brethren [G80] , James [G2385] , and [G2532] Joses [G2500] , and [G2532] Simon [G4613] , and [G2532] Judas [G2455] ?

13:56 And [G2532] his [G846] sisters [G79] , are they [G1526] not [G3780] all [G3956] with [G4314] us [G2248] ? Whence [G4159] then [G3767] hath this [man] [G5129] all [G3956] these things [G5023] ?

13:57 And [G2532] they were offended [G4624] in [G1722] him [G846] . But [G1161] Jesus [G2424] said [G2036] unto them [G846] , A prophet [G4396] is [G2076] not [G3756] without honour [G820] , save [G1508] in [G1722] his own [G846] country [G3968] , and [G2532] in [G1722] his own [G846] house [G3614] .

13:58 And [G2532] he did [G4160] not [G3756] many [G4183] mighty works [G1411] there [G1563] because [G1223] of their [G846] unbelief [G570] .