KJV MAR9 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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9:1 And [G2532] he said [G3004] unto them [G846] , Verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , That [G3754] there be [G1526] some [G5100] of them that stand [G2476] here [G5602] , which [G3748] shall [G1089] not [G3364] taste [G1089] of death [G2288] , till [G2193] [G302] they have seen [G1492] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] come [G2064] with [G1722] power [G1411] .

9:2 And [G2532] after [G3326] six [G1803] days [G2250] Jesus [G2424] taketh [G3880] [with him] Peter [G4074] , and [G2532] James [G2385] , and [G2532] John [G2491] , and [G2532] leadeth [G399] them [G846] up [G399] into [G1519] an high [G5308] mountain [G3735] apart [G2596] [G2398] by themselves [G3441] : and [G2532] he was transfigured [G3339] before [G1715] them [G846] .

9:3 And [G2532] his [G846] raiment [G2440] became [G1096] shining [G4744] , exceeding [G3029] white [G3022] as [G5613] snow [G5510] ; so as [G3634] no [G3756] fuller [G1102] on [G1909] earth [G1093] can [G1410] white [G3021] them.

9:4 And [G2532] there appeared [G3700] unto them [G846] Elias [G2243] with [G4862] Moses [G3475] : and [G2532] they were [G2258] talking [G4814] with Jesus [G2424] .

9:5 And [G2532] Peter [G4074] answered [G611] and said [G3004] to Jesus [G2424] , Master [G4461] , it is [G2076] good [G2570] for us [G2248] to be [G1511] here [G5602] : and [G2532] let us make [G4160] three [G5140] tabernacles [G4633] ; one [G3391] for thee [G4671] , and [G2532] one [G3391] for Moses [G3475] , and [G2532] one [G3391] for Elias [G2243] .

9:6 For [G1063] he wist [G1492] not [G3756] what [G5101] to say [G2980] ; for [G1063] they were sore [G2258] afraid [G1630] .

9:7 And [G2532] there was [G1096] a cloud [G3507] that overshadowed [G1982] them [G846] : and [G2532] a voice [G5456] came [G2064] out of [G1537] the cloud [G3507] , saying [G3004] , This [G3778] is [G2076] my [G3450] beloved [G27] Son [G5207] : hear [G191] him [G846] .

9:8 And [G2532] suddenly [G1819] , when they had looked round about [G4017] , they saw [G1492] no man [G3762] any more [G3765] , save [G235] Jesus [G2424] only [G3441] with [G3326] themselves [G1438] .

9:9 And [G1161] as they [G846] came down [G2597] from [G575] the mountain [G3735] , he charged [G1291] them [G846] that [G2443] they should tell [G1334] no man [G3367] what things [G3739] they had seen [G1492] , till [G1508] [G3752] the Son [G5207] of man [G444] were risen [G450] from [G1537] the dead [G3498] .

9:10 And [G2532] they kept [G2902] that saying [G3056] with [G4314] themselves [G1438] , questioning one with another [G4802] what [G5101] the rising [G450] from [G1537] the dead [G3498] should mean [G2076] .

9:11 And [G2532] they asked [G1905] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Why [G3754] say [G3004] the scribes [G1122] that [G3754] Elias [G2243] must [G1163] first [G4412] come [G2064] ?

9:12 And [G1161] he answered [G611] and told [G2036] them [G846] , Elias [G2243] verily [G3303] cometh [G2064] first [G4412] , and restoreth [G600] all things [G3956] ; and [G2532] how [G4459] it is written [G1125] of [G1909] the Son [G5207] of man [G444] , that [G2443] he must suffer [G3958] many things [G4183] , and [G2532] be set at nought [G1847] .

9:13 But [G235] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , That [G3754] Elias [G2243] is [G2064] indeed [G2532] come [G2064] , and [G2532] they have done [G4160] unto him [G846] whatsoever [G3745] they listed [G2309] , as [G2531] it is written [G1125] of [G1909] him [G846] .

9:14 And [G2532] when he came [G2064] to [G4314] [his] disciples [G3101] , he saw [G1492] a great [G4183] multitude [G3793] about [G4012] them [G846] , and [G2532] the scribes [G1122] questioning [G4802] with them [G846] .

9:15 And [G2532] straightway [G2112] all [G3956] the people [G3793] , when they beheld [G1492] him [G846] , were greatly amazed [G1568] , and [G2532] running to [G4370] [him] saluted [G782] him [G846] .

9:16 And [G2532] he asked [G1905] the scribes [G1122] , What [G5101] question ye [G4802] with [G4314] them [G846] ?(with them: or, among yourselves)

9:17 And [G2532] one [G1520] of [G1537] the multitude [G3793] answered [G611] and said [G2036] , Master [G1320] , I have brought [G5342] unto [G4314] thee [G4571] my [G3450] son [G5207] , which hath [G2192] a dumb [G216] spirit [G4151] ;

9:18 And [G2532] wheresoever [G3699] [G302] he taketh [G2638] him [G846] , he teareth [G4486] him [G846] : and [G2532] he foameth [G875] , and [G2532] gnasheth [G5149] with his [G846] teeth [G3599] , and [G2532] pineth away [G3583] : and [G2532] I spake [G2036] to thy [G4675] disciples [G3101] that [G2443] they should cast [G1544] him [G846] out [G1544] ; and [G2532] they could [G2480] not [G3756] .(teareth: or, dasheth him)

9:19 He answereth [G611] him [G846] , and [G1161] saith [G3004] , O [G5599] faithless [G571] generation [G1074] , how long [G2193] [G4219] shall I be [G2071] with [G4314] you [G5209] ? how long [G2193] [G4219] shall I suffer [G430] you [G5216] ? bring [G5342] him [G846] unto [G4314] me [G3165] .

9:20 And [G2532] they brought [G5342] him [G846] unto [G4314] him [G846] : and [G2532] when he saw [G1492] him [G846] , straightway [G2112] the spirit [G4151] tare [G4682] him [G846] ; and [G2532] he fell [G4098] on [G1909] the ground [G1093] , and wallowed [G2947] foaming [G875] .

9:21 And [G2532] he asked [G1905] his [G846] father [G3962] , How long [G4214] is it [G2076] ago [G5550] since [G5613] this [G5124] came [G1096] unto him [G846] ? And [G1161] he said [G2036] , Of a child [G3812] .

9:22 And [G2532] ofttimes [G4178] it hath cast [G906] him [G846] into [G2532] [G1519] the fire [G4442] , and [G2532] into [G1519] the waters [G5204] , to [G2443] destroy [G622] him [G846] : but [G235] if [G1536] thou canst [G1410] do any thing [G1536] , have compassion [G4697] on [G1909] us [G2248] , and help [G997] us [G2254] .

9:23 [G1161] Jesus [G2424] said [G2036] unto him [G846] , If [G1487] thou canst [G1410] believe [G4100] , all things [G3956] [are] possible [G1415] to him [G846] that believeth [G4100] .

9:24 And [G2532] straightway [G2112] the father [G3962] of the child [G3813] cried out [G2896] , and said [G3004] with [G3326] tears [G1144] , Lord [G2962] , I believe [G4100] ; help thou [G997] mine [G3450] unbelief [G570] .

9:25 When [G1161] Jesus [G2424] saw [G1492] that [G3754] the people [G3793] came running together [G1998] , he rebuked [G2008] the foul [G169] spirit [G4151] , saying [G3004] unto him [G846] , [Thou] dumb [G216] and [G2532] deaf [G2974] spirit [G4151] , I [G1473] charge [G2004] thee [G4671] , come [G1831] out of [G1537] him [G846] , and [G2532] enter [G1525] no more [G3371] into [G1519] him [G846] .

9:26 And [G2532] [the spirit] cried [G2896] , and [G2532] rent [G4682] him [G846] sore [G4183] , and came out of him [G1831] : and [G2532] he was [G1096] as [G5616] one dead [G3498] ; insomuch [G5620] that [G3754] many [G4183] said [G3004] , He is dead [G599] .

9:27 But [G1161] Jesus [G2424] took [G2902] him [G846] by the hand [G5495] , and lifted [G1453] him [G846] up [G1453] ; and [G2532] he arose [G450] .

9:28 And [G2532] when he [G846] was come [G1525] into [G1519] the house [G3624] , his [G846] disciples [G3101] asked [G1905] him [G846] privately [G2596] [G2398] , Why [G3754] could [G1410] not [G3756] we [G2249] cast [G1544] him [G846] out [G1544] ?

9:29 And [G2532] he said [G2036] unto them [G846] , This [G5124] kind [G1085] can [G1410] come forth [G1831] by [G1722] nothing [G3762] , but [G1508] by [G1722] prayer [G4335] and [G2532] fasting [G3521] .

9:30 And [G2532] they departed [G1831] thence [G1564] , and passed [G3899] through [G1223] Galilee [G1056] ; and [G2532] he would [G2309] not [G3756] that [G2443] any man [G5100] should know [G1097] [it].

9:31 For [G1063] he taught [G1321] his [G846] disciples [G3101] , and [G2532] said [G3004] unto them [G846] , [G3754] The Son [G5207] of man [G444] is delivered [G3860] into [G1519] the hands [G5495] of men [G444] , and [G2532] they shall kill [G615] him [G846] ; and [G2532] after that he is killed [G615] , he shall rise [G450] the third [G5154] day [G2250] .

9:32 But [G1161] they understood not [G50] that saying [G4487] , and [G2532] were afraid [G5399] to ask [G1905] him [G846] .

9:33 And [G2532] he came [G2064] to [G1519] Capernaum [G2584] : and [G2532] being [G1096] in [G1722] the house [G3614] he asked [G1905] them [G846] , What [G5101] was it that ye disputed [G1260] among [G4314] yourselves [G1438] by [G1722] the way [G3598] ?

9:34 But [G1161] they held their peace [G4623] : for [G1063] by [G1722] the way [G3598] they had disputed [G1256] among [G4314] themselves [G240] , who [G5101] [should be] the greatest [G3187] .

9:35 And [G2532] he sat down [G2523] , and called [G5455] the twelve [G1427] , and [G2532] saith [G3004] unto them [G846] , If any man [G1536] desire [G2309] to be [G1511] first [G4413] , [the same] shall be [G2071] last [G2078] of all [G3956] , and [G2532] servant [G1249] of all [G3956] .

9:36 And [G2532] he took [G2983] a child [G3813] , and set [G2476] him [G846] in [G1722] the midst [G3319] of them [G846] : and [G2532] when he had taken [G1723] him [G846] in his arms [G1723] , he said [G2036] unto them [G846] ,

9:37 Whosoever [G3739] [G1437] shall receive [G1209] one [G1520] of such [G5108] children [G3813] in [G1909] my [G3450] name [G3686] , receiveth [G1209] me [G1691] : and [G2532] whosoever [G3739] [G1437] shall receive [G1209] me [G1691] , receiveth [G1209] not [G3756] me [G1691] , but [G235] him that sent [G649] me [G3165] .

9:38 And [G1161] John [G2491] answered [G611] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Master [G1320] , we saw [G1492] one [G5100] casting out [G1544] devils [G1140] in thy [G4675] name [G3686] , and [G3739] he followeth [G190] not [G3756] us [G2254] : and [G2532] we forbad [G2967] him [G846] , because [G3754] he followeth [G190] not [G3756] us [G2254] .

9:39 But [G1161] Jesus [G2424] said [G2036] , Forbid [G2967] him [G846] not [G3361] : for [G1063] there is [G2076] no man [G3762] which [G3739] shall do [G4160] a miracle [G1411] in [G1909] my [G3450] name [G3686] , that [G2532] can [G1410] lightly [G5035] speak evil [G2551] of me [G3165] .

9:40 For [G1063] he that [G3739] is [G2076] not [G3756] against [G2596] us [G2257] is [G2076] on [G5228] our [G2257] part [G5228] .

9:41 For [G1063] whosoever [G3739] [G302] shall give [G4222] you [G5209] a cup [G4221] of water [G5204] to drink [G4222] in [G1722] my [G3450] name [G3686] , because [G3754] ye belong [G2075] to Christ [G5547] , verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , he shall [G622] not [G3364] lose [G622] his [G846] reward [G3408] .

9:42 And [G2532] whosoever [G3739] [G302] shall offend [G4624] one [G1520] of [these] little ones [G3398] that believe [G4100] in [G1519] me [G1691] , it is [G2076] better [G2570] [G3123] for him [G846] that [G1487] a millstone [G3037] [G3457] were hanged [G4029] about [G4012] his [G846] neck [G5137] , and [G2532] he were cast [G906] into [G1519] the sea [G2281] .

9:43 And [G2532] if [G1437] thy [G4675] hand [G5495] offend [G4624] thee [G4571] , cut [G609] it [G846] off [G609] : it is [G2076] better [G2570] for thee [G4671] to enter [G1525] into [G1519] life [G2222] maimed [G2948] , than [G2228] having [G2192] two [G1417] hands [G5495] to go [G565] into [G1519] hell [G1067] , into [G1519] the fire [G4442] that never shall be quenched [G762] :(offend: or, cause thee to offend)

9:44 Where [G3699] their [G846] worm [G4663] dieth [G5053] not [G3756] , and [G2532] the fire [G4442] is [G4570] not [G3756] quenched [G4570] .

9:45 And [G2532] if [G1437] thy [G4675] foot [G4228] offend [G4624] thee [G4571] , cut [G609] it [G846] off [G609] : it is [G2076] better [G2570] for thee [G4671] to enter [G1525] halt [G5560] into [G1519] life [G2222] , than [G2228] having [G2192] two [G1417] feet [G4228] to be cast [G906] into [G1519] hell [G1067] , into [G1519] the fire [G4442] that never shall be quenched [G762] :(offend: or, cause thee to offend)

9:46 Where [G3699] their [G846] worm [G4663] dieth [G5053] not [G3756] , and [G2532] the fire [G4442] is [G4570] not [G3756] quenched [G4570] .

9:47 And [G2532] if [G1437] thine [G4675] eye [G3788] offend [G4624] thee [G4571] , pluck [G1544] it [G846] out [G1544] : it is [G2076] better [G2570] for thee [G4671] to enter [G1525] into [G1519] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] with one eye [G3442] , than [G2228] having [G2192] two [G1417] eyes [G3788] to be cast [G906] into [G1519] hell [G1067] fire [G4442] :(offend: or, cause thee to offend)

9:48 Where [G3699] their [G846] worm [G4663] dieth [G5053] not [G3756] , and [G2532] the fire [G4442] is [G4570] not [G3756] quenched [G4570] .

9:49 For [G1063] every one [G3956] shall be salted [G233] with fire [G4442] , and [G2532] every [G3956] sacrifice [G2378] shall be salted [G233] with salt [G251] .

9:50 Salt [G217] [is] good [G2570] : but [G1161] if [G1437] the salt [G217] have lost [G1096] his saltness [G358] , wherewith [G1722] [G5101] will ye season [G741] it [G846] ? Have [G2192] salt [G217] in [G1722] yourselves [G1438] , and [G2532] have peace [G1514] one [G240] with [G1722] another [G240] .