KJV MAL2 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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2:1 And now, O ye priests [H3548] , this commandment [H4687] [is] for you.

2:2 If ye will not hear [H8085] , and if ye will not lay [H7760] [it] to heart [H3820] , to give [H5414] glory [H3519] unto my name [H8034] , saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , I will even send [H7971] a curse [H3994] upon you, and I will curse [H779] your blessings [H1293] : yea, I have cursed [H779] them already, because ye do not lay [H7760] [it] to heart [H3820] .

2:3 Behold, I will corrupt [H1605] your seed [H2233] , and spread [H2219] dung [H6569] upon your faces [H6440] , [even] the dung [H6569] of your solemn feasts [H2282] ; and [one] shall take you away [H5375] with it.(corrupt: or, reprove)(spread: Heb. scatter)(one: or, it shall take you away to it)

2:4 And ye shall know [H3045] that I have sent [H7971] this commandment [H4687] unto you, that my covenant [H1285] might be with Levi [H3878] , saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] .

2:5 My covenant [H1285] was with him of life [H2416] and peace [H7965] ; and I gave [H5414] them to him [for] the fear [H4172] wherewith he feared [H3372] me, and was afraid [H2865] before [H6440] my name [H8034] .

2:6 The law [H8451] of truth [H571] was in his mouth [H6310] , and iniquity [H5766] was not found [H4672] in his lips [H8193] : he walked [H1980] with me in peace [H7965] and equity [H4334] , and did turn [H7725] many [H7227] away [H7725] from iniquity [H5771] .

2:7 For the priest's [H3548] lips [H8193] should keep [H8104] knowledge [H1847] , and they should seek [H1245] the law [H8451] at his mouth [H6310] : for he [is] the messenger [H4397] of the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] .

2:8 But ye are departed [H5493] out of the way [H1870] ; ye have caused many [H7227] to stumble [H3782] at the law [H8451] ; ye have corrupted [H7843] the covenant [H1285] of Levi [H3878] , saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] .(stumble at: or, fall in)

2:9 Therefore have I also made [H5414] you contemptible [H959] and base [H8217] before all the people [H5971] , according [H6310] as ye have not kept [H8104] my ways [H1870] , but have been partial [H5375] [H6440] in the law [H8451] .(have been: or, lifted up the face against: Heb. accepted faces)

2:10 Have we not all one [H259] father [H1] ? hath not one [H259] God [H410] created [H1254] us? why do we deal treacherously [H898] every man [H376] against his brother [H251] , by profaning [H2490] the covenant [H1285] of our fathers [H1] ?

2:11 Judah [H3063] hath dealt treacherously [H898] , and an abomination [H8441] is committed [H6213] in Israel [H3478] and in Jerusalem [H3389] ; for Judah [H3063] hath profaned [H2490] the holiness [H6944] of the LORD [H3068] which he loved [H157] , and hath married [H1166] the daughter [H1323] of a strange [H5236] god [H410] .(loved: or, ought to love)

2:12 The LORD [H3068] will cut off [H3772] the man [H376] that doeth [H6213] this, the master [H5782] and the scholar [H6030] , out of the tabernacles [H168] of Jacob [H3290] , and him that offereth [H5066] an offering [H4503] unto the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] .(the master: or, him that waketh, and him that answereth)

2:13 And this have ye done [H6213] again [H8145] , covering [H3680] the altar [H4196] of the LORD [H3068] with tears [H1832] , with weeping [H1065] , and with crying out [H603] , insomuch that he regardeth [H6437] not the offering [H4503] any more, or receiveth [H3947] [it] with good will [H7522] at your hand [H3027] .

2:14 Yet ye say [H559] , Wherefore [H4100] ? Because the LORD [H3068] hath been witness [H5749] between thee and the wife [H802] of thy youth [H5271] , against whom thou hast dealt treacherously [H898] : yet [is] she thy companion [H2278] , and the wife [H802] of thy covenant [H1285] .

2:15 And did not he make [H6213] one [H259] ? Yet had he the residue [H7605] of the spirit [H7307] . And wherefore one [H259] ? That he might seek [H1245] a godly [H430] seed [H2233] . Therefore take heed [H8104] to your spirit [H7307] , and let none deal treacherously [H898] against the wife [H802] of his youth [H5271] .(residue: or, excellency)(godly: Heb. seed of God)(treacherously: or, unfaithfully)

2:16 For the LORD [H3068] , the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , saith [H559] that he hateth [H8130] putting away [H7971] : for [one] covereth [H3680] violence [H2555] with his garment [H3830] , saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] : therefore take heed [H8104] to your spirit [H7307] , that ye deal not treacherously [H898] .(that he: or, if he hate her, put her away)(putting: Heb. to put away)

2:17 Ye have wearied [H3021] the LORD [H3068] with your words [H1697] . Yet ye say [H559] , Wherein have we wearied [H3021] [him]? When ye say [H559] , Every one that doeth [H6213] evil [H7451] [is] good [H2896] in the sight [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] , and he delighteth [H2654] in them; or, Where [is] the God [H430] of judgment [H4941] ?