KJV LUK18 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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18:1 And [G1161] he spake [G3004] [G2532] a parable [G3850] unto them [G846] [G4314] [to this end], that men ought [G1163] always [G3842] to pray [G4336] , and [G2532] not [G3361] to faint [G1573] ;

18:2 Saying [G3004] , There was [G2258] in [G1722] a [G5100] city [G4172] a [G5100] judge [G2923] , which feared [G5399] not [G3361] God [G2316] , neither [G2532] [G3361] regarded [G1788] man [G444] :(in a city: Gr. in a certain city)

18:3 And [G1161] there was [G2258] a widow [G5503] in [G1722] that [G1565] city [G4172] ; and [G2532] she came [G2064] unto [G4314] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Avenge [G1556] me [G3165] of [G575] mine [G3450] adversary [G476] .

18:4 And [G2532] he would [G2309] not [G3756] for [G1909] a while [G5550] : but [G1161] afterward [G5023] [G3326] he said [G2036] within [G1722] himself [G1438] , Though [G1499] I fear [G5399] not [G3756] God [G2316] , nor [G2532] [G3756] regard [G1788] man [G444] ;

18:5 Yet [G1065] because [G1223] this [G5026] widow [G5503] troubleth [G3930] [G2873] me [G3427] , I will avenge [G1556] her [G846] , lest [G3363] by [G1519] her continual [G5056] coming [G2064] she weary [G5299] me [G3165] .

18:6 And [G1161] the Lord [G2962] said [G2036] , Hear [G191] what [G5101] the unjust [G93] judge [G2923] saith [G3004] .

18:7 And [G1161] shall [G1557] not [G3364] God [G2316] avenge [G4160] [G1557] his own [G846] elect [G1588] , which [G3588] cry [G994] day [G2250] and [G2532] night [G3571] unto [G4314] him [G846] , though [G2532] he bear long [G3114] with [G1909] them [G846] ?

18:8 I tell [G3004] you [G5213] that [G3754] he will [G4160] avenge [G1557] them [G846] speedily [G5034] [G1722] . Nevertheless [G4133] when [G687] the Son [G5207] of man [G444] cometh [G2064] , shall he find [G2147] faith [G4102] on [G1909] the earth [G1093] ?

18:9 And [G1161] he spake [G2036] [G2532] this [G5026] parable [G3850] unto [G4314] certain [G5100] which [G3588] trusted [G3982] in [G1909] themselves [G1438] that [G3754] they were [G1526] righteous [G1342] , and [G2532] despised [G1848] others [G3062] :(that: or, as being righteous)

18:10 Two [G1417] men [G444] went up [G305] into [G1519] the temple [G2411] to pray [G4336] ; the one [G1520] a Pharisee [G5330] , and [G2532] the other [G2087] a publican [G5057] .

18:11 The Pharisee [G5330] stood [G2476] and prayed [G4336] thus [G5023] with [G4314] himself [G1438] , God [G2316] , I thank [G2168] thee [G4671] , that [G3754] I am [G1510] not [G3756] as [G5618] other [G3062] men [G444] [are], extortioners [G727] , unjust [G94] , adulterers [G3432] , or [G2228] even [G2532] as [G5613] this [G3778] publican [G5057] .

18:12 I fast [G3522] twice [G1364] in the week [G4521] , I give tithes [G586] of all [G3956] that [G3745] I possess [G2932] .

18:13 And [G2532] the publican [G5057] , standing [G2476] afar off [G3113] , would [G2309] not [G3756] lift up [G1869] so much as [G3761] [his] eyes [G3788] unto [G1519] heaven [G3772] , but [G235] smote [G5180] upon [G1519] his [G846] breast [G4738] , saying [G3004] , God [G2316] be merciful [G2433] to me [G3427] a sinner [G268] .

18:14 I tell [G3004] you [G5213] , this man [G3778] went down [G2597] to [G1519] his [G846] house [G3624] justified [G1344] [rather] than [G2228] the other [G1565] : for [G3754] every one [G3956] that exalteth [G5312] himself [G1438] shall be abased [G5013] ; and [G1161] he that humbleth [G5013] himself [G1438] shall be exalted [G5312] .

18:15 And [G1161] they brought [G4374] unto him [G846] also [G2532] infants [G1025] , that [G2443] he would touch [G680] them [G846] : but [G1161] when [his] disciples [G3101] saw [G1492] [it], they rebuked [G2008] them [G846] .

18:16 But [G1161] Jesus [G2424] called [G4341] them [G846] [unto him], and said [G2036] , Suffer [G863] little children [G3813] to come [G2064] unto [G4314] me [G3165] , and [G2532] forbid [G2967] them [G846] not [G3361] : for [G1063] of such [G5108] is [G2076] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] .

18:17 Verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , Whosoever [G3739] shall [G1209] not [G3362] receive [G1209] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] as [G5613] a little child [G3813] shall [G1525] in no wise [G3364] enter [G1525] therein [G1519] [G846] .

18:18 And [G2532] a certain [G5100] ruler [G758] asked [G1905] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , Good [G18] Master [G1320] , what [G5101] shall I do [G4160] to inherit [G2816] eternal [G166] life [G2222] ?

18:19 And [G1161] Jesus [G2424] said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Why [G5101] callest thou [G3004] me [G3165] good [G18] ? none [G3762] [is] good [G18] , save [G1508] one [G1520] , [that is], God [G2316] .

18:20 Thou knowest [G1492] the commandments [G1785] , Do [G3431] not [G3361] commit adultery [G3431] , Do [G5407] not [G3361] kill [G5407] , Do [G2813] not [G3361] steal [G2813] , Do [G5576] not [G3361] bear false witness [G5576] , Honour [G5091] thy [G4675] father [G3962] and [G2532] thy [G4675] mother [G3384] .

18:21 And [G1161] he said [G2036] , All [G3956] these [G5023] have I kept [G5442] from [G1537] my [G3450] youth [G3503] up.

18:22 Now [G1161] when Jesus [G2424] heard [G191] these things [G5023] , he said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Yet [G2089] lackest [G3007] thou [G4671] one [G1520] thing: sell [G4453] all [G3956] that [G3745] thou hast [G2192] , and [G2532] distribute [G1239] unto the poor [G4434] , and [G2532] thou shalt have [G2192] treasure [G2344] in [G1722] heaven [G3772] : and [G2532] come [G1204] , follow [G190] me [G3427] .

18:23 And [G1161] when he heard [G191] this [G5023] , he was [G1096] very sorrowful [G4036] : for [G1063] he was [G2258] very [G4970] rich [G4145] .

18:24 And [G1161] when Jesus [G2424] saw [G1492] that he [G846] was [G1096] very sorrowful [G4036] , he said [G2036] , How [G4459] hardly [G1423] shall they [G1525] that have [G2192] riches [G5536] enter [G1525] into [G1519] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] !

18:25 For [G1063] it is [G2076] easier [G2123] for a camel [G2574] to go [G1525] through [G1223] a needle's [G4476] eye [G5168] , than [G2228] for a rich man [G4145] to enter [G1525] into [G1519] the kingdom [G932] of God [G2316] .

18:26 And [G1161] they that heard [G191] [it] said [G2036] , Who [G5101] then [G2532] can be [G1410] saved [G4982] ?

18:27 And [G1161] he said [G2036] , The things which are impossible [G102] with [G3844] men [G444] are [G2076] possible [G1415] with [G3844] God [G2316] .

18:28 Then [G1161] Peter [G4074] said [G2036] , Lo [G2400] , we [G2249] have left [G863] all [G3956] , and [G2532] followed [G190] thee [G4671] .

18:29 And [G1161] he said [G2036] unto them [G846] , Verily [G281] I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , [G3754] There is [G2076] no man [G3762] that [G3739] hath left [G863] house [G3614] , or [G2228] parents [G1118] , or [G2228] brethren [G80] , or [G2228] wife [G1135] , or [G2228] children [G5043] , for [G1752] the kingdom [G932] of God's [G2316] sake [G1752] ,

18:30 Who [G3739] shall [G618] not [G3364] receive [G618] manifold more [G4179] in [G1722] this [G5129] present time [G2540] , and [G2532] in [G1722] the world [G165] to come [G2064] life [G2222] everlasting [G166] .

18:31 Then [G1161] he took [G3880] [unto him] the twelve [G1427] , and said [G2036] unto [G4314] them [G846] , Behold [G2400] , we go up [G305] to [G1519] Jerusalem [G2414] , and [G2532] all things [G3956] that are written [G1125] by [G1223] the prophets [G4396] concerning the Son [G5207] of man [G444] shall be accomplished [G5055] .

18:32 For [G1063] he shall be delivered [G3860] unto the Gentiles [G1484] , and [G2532] shall be mocked [G1702] , and [G2532] spitefully entreated [G5195] , and [G2532] spitted on [G1716] :

18:33 And [G2532] they shall scourge [G3146] [him], and put [G615] him [G846] to death [G615] : and [G2532] the third [G5154] day [G2250] he shall rise again [G450] .

18:34 And [G2532] they [G846] understood [G4920] none [G3762] of these things [G5130] : and [G2532] this [G5124] saying [G4487] was [G2258] hid [G2928] from [G575] them [G846] , [G2532] neither [G3756] knew they [G1097] the things which were spoken [G3004] .

18:35 And [G1161] it came to pass [G1096] , that as [G1722] he [G846] was come nigh [G1448] unto [G1519] Jericho [G2410] , a certain [G5100] blind man [G5185] sat [G2521] by [G3844] the way side [G3598] begging [G4319] :

18:36 And [G1161] hearing [G191] the multitude [G3793] pass by [G1279] , he asked [G4441] what [G5101] it [G5124] meant [G1498] .

18:37 And [G1161] they told [G518] him [G846] , that [G3754] Jesus [G2424] of Nazareth [G3480] passeth by [G3928] .

18:38 And [G2532] he cried [G994] , saying [G3004] , Jesus [G2424] , [thou] Son [G5207] of David [G1138] , have mercy [G1653] on me [G3165] .

18:39 And [G2532] they which went before [G4254] rebuked [G2008] him [G846] , that [G2443] he should hold his peace [G4623] : but [G1161] he [G846] cried [G2896] so much [G4183] the more [G3123] , [Thou] Son [G5207] of David [G1138] , have mercy [G1653] on me [G3165] .

18:40 And [G1161] Jesus [G2424] stood [G2476] , and commanded [G2753] him [G846] to be brought [G71] unto [G4314] him [G846] : and [G1161] when he [G846] was come near [G1448] , he asked [G1905] him [G846] ,

18:41 Saying [G3004] , What [G5101] wilt thou [G2309] that I shall do [G4160] unto thee [G4671] ? And [G1161] he said [G2036] , Lord [G2962] , that [G2443] I may receive my sight [G308] .

18:42 And [G2532] Jesus [G2424] said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Receive thy sight [G308] : thy [G4675] faith [G4102] hath saved [G4982] thee [G4571] .

18:43 And [G2532] immediately [G3916] he received his sight [G308] , and [G2532] followed [G190] him [G846] , glorifying [G1392] God [G2316] : and [G2532] all [G3956] the people [G2992] , when they saw [G1492] [it], gave [G1325] praise [G136] unto God [G2316] .