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10:1 And Nadab [H5070] and Abihu [H30] , the sons [H1121] of Aaron [H175] , took [H3947] either [H376] of them his censer [H4289] , and put [H5414] fire [H784] therein [H2004] , and put [H7760] incense [H7004] thereon, and offered [H7126] strange [H2114] fire [H784] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] , which he commanded [H6680] them not.

10:2 And there went out [H3318] fire [H784] from the LORD [H3068] , and devoured [H398] them, and they died [H4191] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] .

10:3 Then Moses [H4872] said [H559] unto Aaron [H175] , This [is it] that the LORD [H3068] spake [H1696] , saying [H559] , I will be sanctified [H6942] in them that come nigh [H7138] me, and before [H6440] all the people [H5971] I will be glorified [H3513] . And Aaron [H175] held his peace [H1826] .

10:4 And Moses [H4872] called [H7121] Mishael [H4332] and Elzaphan [H469] , the sons [H1121] of Uzziel [H5816] the uncle [H1730] of Aaron [H175] , and said [H559] unto them, Come near [H7126] , carry [H5375] your brethren [H251] from before [H6440] the sanctuary [H6944] out [H2351] of the camp [H4264] .

10:5 So they went near [H7126] , and carried [H5375] them in their coats [H3801] out [H2351] of the camp [H4264] ; as Moses [H4872] had said [H1696] .

10:6 And Moses [H4872] said [H559] unto Aaron [H175] , and unto Eleazar [H499] and unto Ithamar [H385] , his sons [H1121] , Uncover [H6544] not your heads [H7218] , neither rend [H6533] your clothes [H899] ; lest ye die [H4191] , and lest wrath [H7107] come upon all the people [H5712] : but let your brethren [H251] , the whole house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , bewail [H1058] the burning [H8316] which the LORD [H3068] hath kindled [H8313] .

10:7 And ye shall not go out [H3318] from the door [H6607] of the tabernacle [H168] of the congregation [H4150] , lest ye die [H4191] : for the anointing [H4888] oil [H8081] of the LORD [H3068] [is] upon you. And they did [H6213] according to the word [H1697] of Moses [H4872] .

10:8 And the LORD [H3068] spake [H1696] unto Aaron [H175] , saying [H559] ,

10:9 Do not drink [H8354] wine [H3196] nor strong drink [H7941] , thou, nor thy sons [H1121] with thee, when ye go [H935] into the tabernacle [H168] of the congregation [H4150] , lest ye die [H4191] : [it shall be] a statute [H2708] for ever [H5769] throughout your generations [H1755] :

10:10 And that ye may put difference [H914] between holy [H6944] and unholy [H2455] , and between unclean [H2931] and clean [H2889] ;

10:11 And that ye may teach [H3384] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] all the statutes [H2706] which the LORD [H3068] hath spoken [H1696] unto them by the hand [H3027] of Moses [H4872] .

10:12 And Moses [H4872] spake [H1696] unto Aaron [H175] , and unto Eleazar [H499] and unto Ithamar [H385] , his sons [H1121] that were left [H3498] , Take [H3947] the meat offering [H4503] that remaineth [H3498] of the offerings [H801] of the LORD [H3068] made by fire [H801] , and eat [H398] it without leaven [H4682] beside [H681] the altar [H4196] : for it [is] most [H6944] holy [H6944] :

10:13 And ye shall eat [H398] it in the holy [H6918] place [H4725] , because it [is] thy due [H2706] , and thy sons' [H1121] due [H2706] , of the sacrifices [H801] of the LORD [H3068] made by fire [H801] : for so I am commanded [H6680] .

10:14 And the wave [H8573] breast [H2373] and heave [H8641] shoulder [H7785] shall ye eat [H398] in a clean [H2889] place [H4725] ; thou, and thy sons [H1121] , and thy daughters [H1323] with thee: for [they be] thy due [H2706] , and thy sons' [H1121] due [H2706] , [which] are given [H5414] out of the sacrifices [H2077] of peace offerings [H8002] of the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .

10:15 The heave [H8641] shoulder [H7785] and the wave [H8573] breast [H2373] shall they bring [H935] with the offerings made by fire [H801] of the fat [H2459] , to wave [H5130] [it for] a wave offering [H8573] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] ; and it shall be thine, and thy sons' [H1121] with thee, by a statute [H2706] for ever [H5769] ; as the LORD [H3068] hath commanded [H6680] .

10:16 And Moses [H4872] diligently [H1875] sought [H1875] the goat [H8163] of the sin offering [H2403] , and, behold, it was burnt [H8313] : and he was angry [H7107] with Eleazar [H499] and Ithamar [H385] , the sons [H1121] of Aaron [H175] [which were] left [H3498] [alive], saying [H559] ,

10:17 Wherefore have ye not eaten [H398] the sin offering [H2403] in the holy [H6944] place [H4725] , seeing it [is] most [H6944] holy [H6944] , and [God] hath given [H5414] it you to bear [H5375] the iniquity [H5771] of the congregation [H5712] , to make atonement [H3722] for them before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] ?

10:18 Behold [H2005] , the blood [H1818] of it was not brought [H935] in within [H6441] the holy [H6944] [place]: ye should indeed [H398] have eaten [H398] it in the holy [H6944] [place], as I commanded [H6680] .

10:19 And Aaron [H175] said [H1696] unto Moses [H4872] , Behold, this day [H3117] have they offered [H7126] their sin offering [H2403] and their burnt offering [H5930] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] ; and such things have befallen [H7122] me: and [if] I had eaten [H398] the sin offering [H2403] to day [H3117] , should it have been accepted [H3190] in the sight [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] ?

10:20 And when Moses [H4872] heard [H8085] [that], he was content [H3190] [H5869] .