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2:1 How hath the Lord [H136] covered [H5743] the daughter [H1323] of Zion [H6726] with a cloud [H5743] in his anger [H639] , [and] cast down [H7993] from heaven [H8064] unto the earth [H776] the beauty [H8597] of Israel [H3478] , and remembered [H2142] not his footstool [H1916] [H7272] in the day [H3117] of his anger [H639] !

2:2 The Lord [H136] hath swallowed up [H1104] all the habitations [H4999] of Jacob [H3290] , and hath not pitied [H2550] : he hath thrown down [H2040] in his wrath [H5678] the strong holds [H4013] of the daughter [H1323] of Judah [H3063] ; he hath brought [them] down [H5060] to the ground [H776] : he hath polluted [H2490] the kingdom [H4467] and the princes [H8269] thereof.(brought: Heb. made to touch)

2:3 He hath cut off [H1438] in [his] fierce [H2750] anger [H639] all the horn [H7161] of Israel [H3478] : he hath drawn [H7725] back [H268] his right hand [H3225] from before [H6440] the enemy [H341] , and he burned [H1197] against Jacob [H3290] like a flaming [H3852] fire [H784] , [which] devoureth [H398] round about [H5439] .

2:4 He hath bent [H1869] his bow [H7198] like an enemy [H341] : he stood [H5324] with his right hand [H3225] as an adversary [H6862] , and slew [H2026] all [that were] pleasant [H4261] to the eye [H5869] in the tabernacle [H168] of the daughter [H1323] of Zion [H6726] : he poured out [H8210] his fury [H2534] like fire [H784] .(all: Heb. all the desirable of the eye)

2:5 The Lord [H136] was as an enemy [H341] : he hath swallowed up [H1104] Israel [H3478] , he hath swallowed up [H1104] all her palaces [H759] : he hath destroyed [H7843] his strong holds [H4013] , and hath increased [H7235] in the daughter [H1323] of Judah [H3063] mourning [H8386] and lamentation [H592] .

2:6 And he hath violently taken away [H2554] his tabernacle [H7900] , as [if it were of] a garden [H1588] : he hath destroyed [H7843] his places of the assembly [H4150] : the LORD [H3068] hath caused the solemn feasts [H4150] and sabbaths [H7676] to be forgotten [H7911] in Zion [H6726] , and hath despised [H5006] in the indignation [H2195] of his anger [H639] the king [H4428] and the priest [H3548] .(tabernacle: or, hedge)

2:7 The Lord [H136] hath cast off [H2186] his altar [H4196] , he hath abhorred [H5010] his sanctuary [H4720] , he hath given up [H5462] into the hand [H3027] of the enemy [H341] the walls [H2346] of her palaces [H759] ; they have made [H5414] a noise [H6963] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , as in the day [H3117] of a solemn feast [H4150] .(given up: Heb. shut up)

2:8 The LORD [H3068] hath purposed [H2803] to destroy [H7843] the wall [H2346] of the daughter [H1323] of Zion [H6726] : he hath stretched out [H5186] a line [H6957] , he hath not withdrawn [H7725] his hand [H3027] from destroying [H1104] : therefore he made the rampart [H2426] and the wall [H2346] to lament [H56] ; they languished [H535] together [H3162] .(destroying: Heb. swallowing up)

2:9 Her gates [H8179] are sunk [H2883] into the ground [H776] ; he hath destroyed [H6] and broken [H7665] her bars [H1280] : her king [H4428] and her princes [H8269] [are] among the Gentiles [H1471] : the law [H8451] [is] no [more]; her prophets [H5030] also find [H4672] no vision [H2377] from the LORD [H3068] .

2:10 The elders [H2205] of the daughter [H1323] of Zion [H6726] sit [H3427] upon the ground [H776] , [and] keep silence [H1826] : they have cast up [H5927] dust [H6083] upon their heads [H7218] ; they have girded [H2296] themselves with sackcloth [H8242] : the virgins [H1330] of Jerusalem [H3389] hang down [H3381] their heads [H7218] to the ground [H776] .

2:11 Mine eyes [H5869] do fail [H3615] with tears [H1832] , my bowels [H4578] are troubled [H2560] , my liver [H3516] is poured [H8210] upon the earth [H776] , for the destruction [H7667] of the daughter [H1323] of my people [H5971] ; because the children [H5768] and the sucklings [H3243] swoon [H5848] in the streets [H7339] of the city [H7151] .(swoon: or, faint)

2:12 They say [H559] to their mothers [H517] , Where [is] corn [H1715] and wine [H3196] ? when they swooned [H5848] as the wounded [H2491] in the streets [H7339] of the city [H5892] , when their soul [H5315] was poured out [H8210] into their mothers' [H517] bosom [H2436] .

2:13 What thing shall I take to witness [H5749] [H5749] for thee? what thing [H4100] shall I liken [H1819] to thee, O daughter [H1323] of Jerusalem [H3389] ? what shall I equal [H7737] to thee, that I may comfort [H5162] thee, O virgin [H1330] daughter [H1323] of Zion [H6726] ? for thy breach [H7667] [is] great [H1419] like the sea [H3220] : who can heal [H7495] thee?

2:14 Thy prophets [H5030] have seen [H2372] vain [H7723] and foolish things [H8602] for thee: and they have not discovered [H1540] thine iniquity [H5771] , to turn away [H7725] thy captivity [H7622] [H7622] ; but have seen [H2372] for thee false [H7723] burdens [H4864] and causes of banishment [H4065] .

2:15 All that pass [H5674] by clap [H5606] [their] hands [H3709] at thee [H1870] ; they hiss [H8319] and wag [H5128] their head [H7218] at the daughter [H1323] of Jerusalem [H3389] , [saying, Is] this the city [H5892] that [men] call [H559] The perfection [H3632] of beauty [H3308] , The joy [H4885] of the whole earth [H776] ?(by: Heb. by the way)

2:16 All thine enemies [H341] have opened [H6475] their mouth [H6310] against thee: they hiss [H8319] and gnash [H2786] the teeth [H8127] : they say [H559] , We have swallowed [her] up [H1104] : certainly [H389] this [is] the day [H3117] that we looked for [H6960] ; we have found [H4672] , we have seen [H7200] [it].

2:17 The LORD [H3068] hath done [H6213] [that] which he had devised [H2161] ; he hath fulfilled [H1214] his word [H565] that he had commanded [H6680] in the days [H3117] of old [H6924] : he hath thrown down [H2040] , and hath not pitied [H2550] : and he hath caused [thine] enemy [H341] to rejoice [H8055] over thee, he hath set up [H7311] the horn [H7161] of thine adversaries [H6862] .

2:18 Their heart [H3820] cried [H6817] unto the Lord [H136] , O wall [H2346] of the daughter [H1323] of Zion [H6726] , let tears [H1832] run down [H3381] like a river [H5158] day [H3119] and night [H3915] : give [H5414] thyself no rest [H6314] ; let not the apple [H1323] of thine eye [H5869] cease [H1826] .

2:19 Arise [H6965] , cry out [H7442] in the night [H3915] : in the beginning [H7218] of the watches [H821] pour out [H8210] thine heart [H3820] like water [H4325] before [H5227] the face [H6440] of the Lord [H136] : lift up [H5375] thy hands [H3709] toward him for the life [H5315] of thy young children [H5768] , that faint [H5848] for hunger [H7458] in the top [H7218] of every street [H2351] .

2:20 Behold [H7200] , O LORD [H3068] , and consider [H5027] to whom thou hast done [H5953] this [H3541] . Shall the women [H802] eat [H398] their fruit [H6529] , [and] children [H5768] of a span long [H2949] ? shall the priest [H3548] and the prophet [H5030] be slain [H2026] in the sanctuary [H4720] of the Lord [H136] ?(of a span: or, swaddled with their hands?)

2:21 The young [H5288] and the old [H2205] lie [H7901] on the ground [H776] in the streets [H2351] : my virgins [H1330] and my young men [H970] are fallen [H5307] by the sword [H2719] ; thou hast slain [H2026] [them] in the day [H3117] of thine anger [H639] ; thou hast killed [H2873] , [and] not pitied [H2550] .

2:22 Thou hast called [H7121] as in a solemn [H4150] day [H3117] my terrors [H4032] round about [H5439] , so that in the day [H3117] of the LORD'S [H3068] anger [H639] none escaped [H6412] nor remained [H8300] : those that I have swaddled [H2946] and brought up [H7235] hath mine enemy [H341] consumed [H3615] .