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7:1 Then Jerubbaal [H3378] , who [is] Gideon [H1439] , and all the people [H5971] that [were] with him, rose up early [H7925] , and pitched [H2583] beside the well of Harod [H5878] : so that the host [H4264] of the Midianites [H4080] were on the north side [H6828] of them, by the hill [H1389] of Moreh [H4176] , in the valley [H6010] .

7:2 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Gideon [H1439] , The people [H5971] that [are] with thee [are] too many [H7227] for me to give [H5414] the Midianites [H4080] into their hands [H3027] , lest Israel [H3478] vaunt [H6286] themselves against me, saying [H559] , Mine own hand [H3027] hath saved [H3467] me.

7:3 Now therefore go to [H4994] , proclaim [H7121] in the ears [H241] of the people [H5971] , saying [H559] , Whosoever [is] fearful [H3373] and afraid [H2730] , let him return [H7725] and depart early [H6852] from mount [H2022] Gilead [H1568] . And there returned [H7725] of the people [H5971] twenty [H6242] and two [H8147] thousand [H505] ; and there remained [H7604] ten [H6235] thousand [H505] .

7:4 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Gideon [H1439] , The people [H5971] [are] yet [too] many [H7227] ; bring them down [H3381] unto the water [H4325] , and I will try [H6884] them for thee there: and it shall be, [that] of whom I say [H559] unto thee, This shall go [H3212] with thee, the same shall go [H3212] with thee; and of whomsoever I say [H559] unto thee, This shall not go [H3212] with thee, the same shall not go [H3212] .

7:5 So he brought down [H3381] the people [H5971] unto the water [H4325] : and the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Gideon [H1439] , Every one that lappeth [H3952] of the water [H4325] with his tongue [H3956] , as a dog [H3611] lappeth [H3952] , him shalt thou set [H3322] by himself; likewise every one that boweth down [H3766] upon his knees [H1290] to drink [H8354] .

7:6 And the number [H4557] of them that lapped [H3952] , [putting] their hand [H3027] to their mouth [H6310] , were three [H7969] hundred [H3967] men [H376] : but all the rest [H3499] of the people [H5971] bowed down [H3766] upon their knees [H1290] to drink [H8354] water [H4325] .

7:7 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Gideon [H1439] , By the three [H7969] hundred [H3967] men [H376] that lapped [H3952] will I save [H3467] you, and deliver [H5414] the Midianites [H4080] into thine hand [H3027] : and let all the [other] people [H5971] go [H3212] every man [H376] unto his place [H4725] .

7:8 So the people [H5971] took [H3947] victuals [H6720] in their hand [H3027] , and their trumpets [H7782] : and he sent [H7971] all [H376] [the rest of] Israel [H3478] every man [H376] unto his tent [H168] , and retained [H2388] those three [H7969] hundred [H3967] men [H376] : and the host [H4264] of Midian [H4080] was beneath him in the valley [H6010] .

7:9 And it came to pass the same night [H3915] , that the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto him, Arise [H6965] , get thee down [H3381] unto the host [H4264] ; for I have delivered [H5414] it into thine hand [H3027] .

7:10 But if thou fear [H3373] to go down [H3381] , go [H3381] thou with Phurah [H6513] thy servant [H5288] down [H3381] to the host [H4264] :

7:11 And thou shalt hear [H8085] what they say [H1696] ; and afterward [H310] shall thine hands [H3027] be strengthened [H2388] to go down [H3381] unto the host [H4264] . Then went he down [H3381] with Phurah [H6513] his servant [H5288] unto the outside [H7097] of the armed men [H2571] that [were] in the host [H4264] .(armed men: or, ranks by five)

7:12 And the Midianites [H4080] and the Amalekites [H6002] and all the children [H1121] of the east [H6924] lay [H5307] along in the valley [H6010] like grasshoppers [H697] for multitude [H7230] ; and their camels [H1581] [were] without number [H4557] , as the sand [H2344] by the sea [H3220] side [H8193] for multitude [H7230] .

7:13 And when Gideon [H1439] was come [H935] , behold, [there was] a man [H376] that told [H5608] a dream [H2472] unto his fellow [H7453] , and said [H559] , Behold, I dreamed [H2492] a dream [H2472] , and, lo, a cake [H6742] [H6742] of barley [H8184] bread [H3899] tumbled [H2015] into the host [H4264] of Midian [H4080] , and came [H935] unto a tent [H168] , and smote [H5221] it that it fell [H5307] , and overturned [H2015] [H4605] it, that the tent [H168] lay along [H5307] .

7:14 And his fellow [H7453] answered [H6030] and said [H559] , This [is] nothing else save the sword [H2719] of Gideon [H1439] the son [H1121] of Joash [H3101] , a man [H376] of Israel [H3478] : [for] into his hand [H3027] hath God [H430] delivered [H5414] Midian [H4080] , and all the host [H4264] .

7:15 And it was [so], when Gideon [H1439] heard [H8085] the telling [H4557] of the dream [H2472] , and the interpretation [H7667] thereof, that he worshipped [H7812] , and returned [H7725] into the host [H4264] of Israel [H3478] , and said [H559] , Arise [H6965] ; for the LORD [H3068] hath delivered [H5414] into your hand [H3027] the host [H4264] of Midian [H4080] .(interpretation: Heb. breaking)

7:16 And he divided [H2673] the three [H7969] hundred [H3967] men [H376] [into] three [H7969] companies [H7218] , and he put [H5414] a trumpet [H7782] in every man's hand [H3027] , with empty [H7386] pitchers [H3537] , and lamps [H3940] within [H8432] the pitchers [H3537] .(a trumpet: Heb. trumpets in the hand of all of them)(lamps: or, firebrands, or, torches)

7:17 And he said [H559] unto them, Look [H7200] on me, and do [H6213] likewise: and, behold, when I come [H935] to the outside [H7097] of the camp [H4264] , it shall be [that], as I do [H6213] , so shall ye do [H6213] .

7:18 When I blow [H8628] with a trumpet [H7782] , I and all that [are] with me, then blow [H8628] ye the trumpets [H7782] also on every side [H5439] of all the camp [H4264] , and say [H559] , [The sword] of the LORD [H3068] , and of Gideon [H1439] .

7:19 So Gideon [H1439] , and the hundred [H3967] men [H376] that [were] with him, came [H935] unto the outside [H7097] of the camp [H4264] in the beginning [H7218] of the middle [H8484] watch [H821] ; and they had but [H389] newly [H6965] set [H6965] the watch [H8104] : and they blew [H8628] the trumpets [H7782] , and brake [H5310] the pitchers [H3537] that [were] in their hands [H3027] .

7:20 And the three [H7969] companies [H7218] blew [H8628] the trumpets [H7782] , and brake [H7665] the pitchers [H3537] , and held [H2388] the lamps [H3940] in their left [H8040] hands [H3027] , and the trumpets [H7782] in their right [H3225] hands [H3027] to blow [H8628] [withal]: and they cried [H7121] , The sword [H2719] of the LORD [H3068] , and of Gideon [H1439] .

7:21 And they stood [H5975] every man [H376] in his place round about [H5439] the camp [H4264] : and all the host [H4264] ran [H7323] , and cried [H7321] , and fled [H5127] [H5127] .

7:22 And the three [H7969] hundred [H3967] blew [H8628] the trumpets [H7782] , and the LORD [H3068] set [H7760] every man's [H376] sword [H2719] against his fellow [H7453] , even throughout all the host [H4264] : and the host [H4264] fled [H5127] to Bethshittah [H1029] in Zererath [H6888] , [and] to the border [H8193] of Abelmeholah [H65] , unto Tabbath [H2888] .(in: or, toward)(border: Heb. lip)

7:23 And the men [H376] of Israel [H3478] gathered themselves together [H6817] out of Naphtali [H5321] , and out of Asher [H836] , and out of all Manasseh [H4519] , and pursued [H7291] after [H310] the Midianites [H4080] .

7:24 And Gideon [H1439] sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] throughout all mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] , saying [H559] , Come down [H3381] against [H7125] the Midianites [H4080] , and take [H3920] before them the waters [H4325] unto Bethbarah [H1012] and Jordan [H3383] . Then all the men [H376] of Ephraim [H669] gathered themselves together [H6817] , and took [H3920] the waters [H4325] unto Bethbarah [H1012] and Jordan [H3383] .

7:25 And they took [H3920] two [H8147] princes [H8269] of the Midianites [H4080] , Oreb [H6159] and Zeeb [H2062] ; and they slew [H2026] Oreb [H6159] upon the rock [H6697] Oreb [H6159] , and Zeeb [H2062] they slew [H2026] at the winepress [H3342] of Zeeb [H2062] , and pursued [H7291] Midian [H4080] , and brought [H935] the heads [H7218] of Oreb [H6159] and Zeeb [H2062] to Gideon [H1439] on the other side [H5676] Jordan [H3383] .