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11:1 Now Jephthah [H3316] the Gileadite [H1569] was a mighty man [H1368] of valour [H2428] , and he [was] the son [H1121] of an harlot [H802] [H2181] : and Gilead [H1568] begat [H3205] Jephthah [H3316] .(Jephthah: called Jephte)(an harlot: Heb. a woman an harlot)

11:2 And Gilead's [H1568] wife [H802] bare [H3205] him sons [H1121] ; and his wife's [H802] sons [H1121] grew up [H1431] , and they thrust out [H1644] Jephthah [H3316] , and said [H559] unto him, Thou shalt not inherit [H5157] in our father's [H1] house [H1004] ; for thou [art] the son [H1121] of a strange [H312] woman [H802] .

11:3 Then Jephthah [H3316] fled [H1272] from [H6440] his brethren [H251] , and dwelt [H3427] in the land [H776] of Tob [H2897] : and there were gathered [H3950] vain [H7386] men [H582] to Jephthah [H3316] , and went out [H3318] with him.(from: Heb. from the face)

11:4 And it came to pass in process of time [H3117] , that the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] made war [H3898] against Israel [H3478] .(in process: Heb. after days)

11:5 And it was so, that when the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] made war [H3898] against Israel [H3478] , the elders [H2205] of Gilead [H1568] went [H3212] to fetch [H3947] Jephthah [H3316] out of the land [H776] of Tob [H2897] :

11:6 And they said [H559] unto Jephthah [H3316] , Come [H3212] , and be our captain [H7101] , that we may fight [H3898] with the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] .

11:7 And Jephthah [H3316] said [H559] unto the elders [H2205] of Gilead [H1568] , Did not ye hate [H8130] me, and expel [H1644] me out of my father's [H1] house [H1004] ? and why are ye come [H935] unto me now when ye are in distress [H6887] ?

11:8 And the elders [H2205] of Gilead [H1568] said [H559] unto Jephthah [H3316] , Therefore we turn again [H7725] to thee now, that thou mayest go [H1980] with us, and fight [H3898] against the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] , and be our head [H7218] over all the inhabitants [H3427] of Gilead [H1568] .

11:9 And Jephthah [H3316] said [H559] unto the elders [H2205] of Gilead [H1568] , If ye bring me home again [H7725] to fight [H3898] against the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] , and the LORD [H3068] deliver [H5414] them before [H6440] me, shall I be your head [H7218] ?

11:10 And the elders [H2205] of Gilead [H1568] said [H559] unto Jephthah [H3316] , The LORD [H3068] be witness [H8085] between us, if we do [H6213] not so according to thy words [H1697] .(witness: Heb. the hearer between us)

11:11 Then Jephthah [H3316] went [H3212] with the elders [H2205] of Gilead [H1568] , and the people [H5971] made [H7760] him head [H7218] and captain [H7101] over them: and Jephthah [H3316] uttered [H1696] all his words [H1697] before [H6440] the LORD [H3068] in Mizpeh [H4709] .

11:12 And Jephthah [H3316] sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] unto the king [H4428] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] , saying [H559] , What hast thou to do with me, that thou art come [H935] against me to fight [H3898] in my land [H776] ?

11:13 And the king [H4428] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] answered [H559] unto the messengers [H4397] of Jephthah [H3316] , Because Israel [H3478] took away [H3947] my land [H776] , when they came up [H5927] out of Egypt [H4714] , from Arnon [H769] even unto Jabbok [H2999] , and unto Jordan [H3383] : now therefore restore those [lands] again [H7725] peaceably [H7965] .

11:14 And Jephthah [H3316] sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] again [H3254] unto the king [H4428] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] :

11:15 And said [H559] unto him, Thus saith [H559] Jephthah [H3316] , Israel [H3478] took not away [H3947] the land [H776] of Moab [H4124] , nor the land [H776] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] :

11:16 But when Israel [H3478] came up [H5927] from Egypt [H4714] , and walked [H3212] through the wilderness [H4057] unto the Red [H5488] sea [H3220] , and came [H935] to Kadesh [H6946] ;

11:17 Then Israel [H3478] sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] unto the king [H4428] of Edom [H123] , saying [H559] , Let me, I pray thee, pass through [H5674] thy land [H776] : but the king [H4428] of Edom [H123] would not hearken [H8085] [thereto]. And in like manner they sent [H7971] unto the king [H4428] of Moab [H4124] : but he would [H14] not [consent]: and Israel [H3478] abode [H3427] in Kadesh [H6946] .

11:18 Then they went along [H3212] through the wilderness [H4057] , and compassed [H5437] the land [H776] of Edom [H123] , and the land [H776] of Moab [H4124] , and came [H935] by the east side [H4217] [H8121] of the land [H776] of Moab [H4124] , and pitched [H2583] on the other side [H5676] of Arnon [H769] , but came [H935] not within the border [H1366] of Moab [H4124] : for Arnon [H769] [was] the border [H1366] of Moab [H4124] .

11:19 And Israel [H3478] sent [H7971] messengers [H4397] unto Sihon [H5511] king [H4428] of the Amorites [H567] , the king [H4428] of Heshbon [H2809] ; and Israel [H3478] said [H559] unto him, Let us pass [H5674] , we pray thee, through thy land [H776] into [H5704] my place [H4725] .

11:20 But Sihon [H5511] trusted [H539] not Israel [H3478] to pass [H5674] through his coast [H1366] : but Sihon [H5511] gathered [H622] all his people [H5971] together [H622] , and pitched [H2583] in Jahaz [H3096] , and fought [H3898] against Israel [H3478] .

11:21 And the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] delivered [H5414] Sihon [H5511] and all his people [H5971] into the hand [H3027] of Israel [H3478] , and they smote [H5221] them: so Israel [H3478] possessed [H3423] all the land [H776] of the Amorites [H567] , the inhabitants [H3427] of that country [H776] .

11:22 And they possessed [H3423] all the coasts [H1366] of the Amorites [H567] , from Arnon [H769] even unto Jabbok [H2999] , and from the wilderness [H4057] even unto Jordan [H3383] .

11:23 So now the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] hath dispossessed [H3423] the Amorites [H567] from before [H6440] his people [H5971] Israel [H3478] , and shouldest thou possess [H3423] it?

11:24 Wilt not thou possess [H3423] that which Chemosh [H3645] thy god [H430] giveth thee to possess [H3423] ? So whomsoever the LORD [H3068] our God [H430] shall drive out [H3423] from before [H6440] us, them will we possess [H3423] .

11:25 And now [art] thou any thing better [H2896] than Balak [H1111] the son [H1121] of Zippor [H6834] , king [H4428] of Moab [H4124] ? did he ever [H7378] strive [H7378] against Israel [H3478] , or did he ever [H3898] fight [H3898] against them,

11:26 While Israel [H3478] dwelt [H3427] in Heshbon [H2809] and her towns [H1323] , and in Aroer [H6177] and her towns [H1323] , and in all the cities [H5892] that [be] along by the coasts [H3027] of Arnon [H769] , three [H7969] hundred [H3967] years [H8141] ? why therefore did ye not recover [H5337] [them] within that time [H6256] ?

11:27 Wherefore I have not sinned [H2398] against thee, but thou doest [H6213] [H853] me wrong [H7451] to war [H3898] against me: the LORD [H3068] the Judge [H8199] be judge [H8199] this day [H3117] between the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] and the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] .

11:28 Howbeit the king [H4428] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] hearkened [H8085] not unto the words [H1697] of Jephthah [H3316] which he sent [H7971] him.

11:29 Then the Spirit [H7307] of the LORD [H3068] came upon Jephthah [H3316] , and he passed over [H5674] Gilead [H1568] , and Manasseh [H4519] , and passed over [H5674] Mizpeh [H4708] of Gilead [H1568] , and from Mizpeh [H4708] of Gilead [H1568] he passed over [H5674] [unto] the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] .

11:30 And Jephthah [H3316] vowed [H5087] a vow [H5088] unto the LORD [H3068] , and said [H559] , If thou shalt without fail [H5414] deliver [H5414] the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] into mine hands [H3027] ,

11:31 Then it shall be, that whatsoever [H3318] cometh forth [H3318] of the doors [H1817] of my house [H1004] to meet [H7125] me, when I return [H7725] in peace [H7965] from the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] , shall surely be the LORD'S [H3068] , and I will offer it up [H5927] for a burnt offering [H5930] .(whatsoever: Heb. that which cometh forth, which shall come forth)(and: or, or I will offer it, etc)

11:32 So Jephthah [H3316] passed over [H5674] unto the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] to fight [H3898] against them; and the LORD [H3068] delivered [H5414] them into his hands [H3027] .

11:33 And he smote [H5221] them from Aroer [H6177] , even till thou come [H935] to Minnith [H4511] , [even] twenty [H6242] cities [H5892] , and unto the plain [H58] of the vineyards [H3754] [H64] , with a very [H3966] great [H1419] slaughter [H4347] . Thus the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] were subdued [H3665] before [H6440] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] .(the plain: or, Abel)

11:34 And Jephthah [H3316] came [H935] to Mizpeh [H4709] unto his house [H1004] , and, behold, his daughter [H1323] came out [H3318] to meet [H7125] him with timbrels [H8596] and with dances [H4246] : and she [was his] only child [H3173] ; beside her he had neither son [H1121] nor [H176] daughter [H1323] .(beside: or, he had not of his own either son or daughter: Heb. of himself)

11:35 And it came to pass, when he saw [H7200] her, that he rent [H7167] his clothes [H899] , and said [H559] , Alas [H162] , my daughter [H1323] ! thou hast brought [H3766] me very [H3766] low [H3766] , and thou art one of them that trouble [H5916] me: for I have opened [H6475] my mouth [H6310] unto the LORD [H3068] , and I cannot [H3201] go back [H7725] .

11:36 And she said [H559] unto him, My father [H1] , [if] thou hast opened [H6475] thy mouth [H6310] unto the LORD [H3068] , do [H6213] to me according to that which [H834] hath proceeded [H3318] out of thy mouth [H6310] ; forasmuch [H310] as the LORD [H3068] hath taken [H6213] vengeance [H5360] for thee of thine enemies [H341] , [even] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] .

11:37 And she said [H559] unto her father [H1] , Let this thing [H1697] be done [H6213] for me: let me alone [H7503] two [H8147] months [H2320] , that I may go up [H3212] and down [H3381] upon the mountains [H2022] , and bewail [H1058] my virginity [H1331] , I and my fellows [H7464] [H7474] .(go up: Heb. go and go down)

11:38 And he said [H559] , Go [H3212] . And he sent her away [H7971] [for] two [H8147] months [H2320] : and she went [H3212] with her companions [H7464] , and bewailed [H1058] her virginity [H1331] upon the mountains [H2022] .

11:39 And it came to pass at the end [H7093] of two [H8147] months [H2320] , that she returned [H7725] unto her father [H1] , who did [H6213] with her [according] to his vow [H5088] which he had vowed [H5087] : and she knew [H3045] no man [H376] . And it was a custom [H2706] in Israel [H3478] ,(custom: or, ordinance)

11:40 [That] the daughters [H1323] of Israel [H3478] went [H3212] yearly [H3117] [H3117] to lament [H8567] the daughter [H1323] of Jephthah [H3316] the Gileadite [H1569] four [H702] days [H3117] in a year [H8141] .(yearly: Heb. from year to year)(to lament: or, to talk with)