KJV JOS23 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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23:1 And it came to pass a long [H7227] time [H3117] after [H310] that the LORD [H3068] had given rest [H5117] unto Israel [H3478] from all their enemies [H341] round about [H5439] , that Joshua [H3091] waxed old [H2204] [and] stricken [H935] in age [H3117] .(stricken: Heb. come into days)

23:2 And Joshua [H3091] called [H7121] for all Israel [H3478] , [and] for their elders [H2205] , and for their heads [H7218] , and for their judges [H8199] , and for their officers [H7860] , and said [H559] unto them, I am old [H2204] [and] stricken [H935] in age [H3117] :

23:3 And ye have seen [H7200] all that the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] hath done [H6213] unto all these nations [H1471] because [H6440] of you; for the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] [is] he that hath fought [H3898] for you.

23:4 Behold [H7200] , I have divided [H5307] unto you by lot these nations [H1471] that remain [H7604] , to be an inheritance [H5159] for your tribes [H7626] , from Jordan [H3383] , with all the nations [H1471] that I have cut off [H3772] , even unto the great [H1419] sea [H3220] westward [H3996] [H8121] .(westward: Heb. at the sunset)

23:5 And the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , he shall expel [H1920] them from before [H6440] you, and drive [H3423] them from out of your sight [H6440] ; and ye shall possess [H3423] their land [H776] , as the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] hath promised [H1696] unto you.

23:6 Be ye therefore very [H3966] courageous [H2388] to keep [H8104] and to do [H6213] all that is written [H3789] in the book [H5612] of the law [H8451] of Moses [H4872] , that ye turn [H5493] not aside therefrom [to] the right hand [H3225] or [to] the left [H8040] ;

23:7 That ye come [H935] not among these nations [H1471] , these that remain [H7604] among you; neither make mention [H2142] of the name [H8034] of their gods [H430] , nor cause to swear [H7650] [by them], neither serve [H5647] them, nor bow [H7812] yourselves unto them:

23:8 But cleave [H1692] unto the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , as ye have done [H6213] unto this day [H3117] .(But cleave: or, For if ye will cleave, etc)

23:9 For the LORD [H3068] hath driven out [H3423] from before [H6440] you great [H1419] nations [H1471] and strong [H6099] : but [as for] you, no man [H376] hath been able to stand [H5975] before [H6440] you unto this day [H3117] .(For the LORD: or, Then the LORD will drive)

23:10 One [H259] man [H376] of you shall chase [H7291] a thousand [H505] : for the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , he [it is] that fighteth [H3898] for you, as he hath promised [H1696] you.

23:11 Take good [H3966] heed [H8104] therefore unto yourselves [H5315] , that ye love [H157] the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] .(yourselves: Heb. your souls)

23:12 Else if ye do in any wise [H7725] go back [H7725] , and cleave [H1692] unto the remnant [H3499] of these nations [H1471] , [even] these that remain [H7604] among you, and shall make marriages [H2859] with them, and go in [H935] unto them, and they to you:

23:13 Know [H3045] for a certainty [H3045] that the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] will no more [H3254] drive out [H3423] [any of] these nations [H1471] from before [H6440] you; but they shall be snares [H6341] and traps [H4170] unto you, and scourges [H7850] in your sides [H6654] , and thorns [H6796] in your eyes [H5869] , until ye perish [H6] from off this good [H2896] land [H127] which the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] hath given [H5414] you.

23:14 And, behold, this day [H3117] I [am] going [H1980] the way [H1870] of all the earth [H776] : and ye know [H3045] in all your hearts [H3824] and in all your souls [H5315] , that not one [H259] thing [H1697] hath failed [H5307] of all the good [H2896] things [H1697] which the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] spake [H1696] concerning you; all are come to pass [H935] unto you, [and] not one [H259] thing [H1697] hath failed [H5307] thereof.

23:15 Therefore it shall come to pass, [that] as all good [H2896] things [H1697] are come [H935] upon you, which the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] promised [H1696] you; so shall the LORD [H3068] bring [H935] upon you all evil [H7451] things [H1697] , until he have destroyed [H8045] you from off this good [H2896] land [H127] which the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] hath given [H5414] you.

23:16 When ye have transgressed [H5674] the covenant [H1285] of the LORD [H3068] your God [H430] , which he commanded [H6680] you, and have gone [H1980] and served [H5647] other [H312] gods [H430] , and bowed [H7812] yourselves to them; then shall the anger [H639] of the LORD [H3068] be kindled [H2734] against you, and ye shall perish [H6] quickly [H4120] from off the good [H2896] land [H776] which he hath given [H5414] unto you.