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15:1 [This] then was the lot [H1486] of the tribe [H4294] of the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] by their families [H4940] ; [even] to the border [H1366] of Edom [H123] the wilderness [H4057] of Zin [H6790] southward [H5045] [was] the uttermost part [H7097] of the south coast [H8486] .

15:2 And their south [H5045] border [H1366] was from the shore [H7097] of the salt [H4417] sea [H3220] , from the bay [H3956] that looketh [H6437] southward [H5045] :(bay: Heb. tongue)

15:3 And it went out [H3318] to the south side [H5045] to Maalehacrabbim [H4610] , and passed [H5674] along to Zin [H6790] , and ascended up [H5927] on the south side [H5045] unto Kadeshbarnea [H6947] , and passed [H5674] along to Hezron [H2696] , and went up [H5927] to Adar [H146] , and fetched a compass [H5437] to Karkaa [H7173] :(Maalehacrebbim: or, the going up to Acrabbim)

15:4 [From thence] it passed [H5674] toward Azmon [H6111] , and went out [H3318] unto the river [H5158] of Egypt [H4714] ; and the goings out [H8444] of that coast [H1366] were at the sea [H3220] : this shall be your south [H5045] coast [H1366] .

15:5 And the east [H6924] border [H1366] [was] the salt [H4417] sea [H3220] , [even] unto the end [H7097] of Jordan [H3383] . And [their] border [H1366] in the north [H6828] quarter [H6285] [was] from the bay [H3956] of the sea [H3220] at the uttermost part [H7097] of Jordan [H3383] :

15:6 And the border [H1366] went up [H5927] to Bethhogla [H1031] , and passed [H5674] along by the north [H6828] of Betharabah [H1026] ; and the border [H1366] went up [H5927] to the stone [H68] of Bohan [H932] the son [H1121] of Reuben [H7205] :

15:7 And the border [H1366] went up [H5927] toward Debir [H1688] from the valley [H6010] of Achor [H5911] , and so northward [H6828] , looking [H6437] toward Gilgal [H1537] , that [is] before [H5227] the going up [H4608] to Adummim [H131] , which [is] on the south side [H5045] of the river [H5158] : and the border [H1366] passed [H5674] toward the waters [H4325] of Enshemesh [H5885] , and the goings out [H8444] thereof were at Enrogel [H5883] :

15:8 And the border [H1366] went up [H5927] by the valley [H1516] of the son [H1121] of Hinnom [H2011] unto the south [H5045] side [H3802] of the Jebusite [H2983] ; the same [is] Jerusalem [H3389] : and the border [H1366] went up [H5927] to the top [H7218] of the mountain [H2022] that [lieth] before [H6440] the valley [H1516] of Hinnom [H2011] westward [H3220] , which [is] at the end [H7097] of the valley [H6010] of the giants [H7497] northward [H6828] :

15:9 And the border [H1366] was drawn [H8388] from the top [H7218] of the hill [H2022] unto the fountain [H4599] of the water [H4325] of Nephtoah [H5318] , and went out [H3318] to the cities [H5892] of mount [H2022] Ephron [H6085] ; and the border [H1366] was drawn [H8388] to Baalah [H1173] , which [is] Kirjathjearim [H7157] :

15:10 And the border [H1366] compassed [H5437] from Baalah [H1173] westward [H3220] unto mount [H2022] Seir [H8165] , and passed [H5674] along unto the side [H3802] of mount [H2022] Jearim [H3297] , which [is] Chesalon [H3693] , on the north side [H6828] , and went down [H3381] to Bethshemesh [H1053] , and passed on [H5674] to Timnah [H8553] :

15:11 And the border [H1366] went out [H3318] unto the side [H3802] of Ekron [H6138] northward [H6828] : and the border [H1366] was drawn [H8388] to Shicron [H7942] , and passed along [H5674] to mount [H2022] Baalah [H1173] , and went out [H3318] unto Jabneel [H2995] ; and the goings out [H8444] of the border [H1366] were at the sea [H3220] .

15:12 And the west [H3220] border [H1366] [was] to the great [H1419] sea [H3220] , and the coast [H1366] [thereof]. This [is] the coast [H1366] of the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] round about [H5439] according to their families [H4940] .

15:13 And unto Caleb [H3612] the son [H1121] of Jephunneh [H3312] he gave [H5414] a part [H2506] among [H8432] the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] , according [H413] to the commandment [H6310] of the LORD [H3068] to Joshua [H3091] , [even] the city [H7151] of Arba [H704] [H7153] the father [H1] of Anak [H6061] , which [city is] Hebron [H2275] .(the city: or, Kirjatharba)

15:14 And Caleb [H3612] drove [H3423] thence the three [H7969] sons [H1121] of Anak [H6061] , Sheshai [H8344] , and Ahiman [H289] , and Talmai [H8526] , the children [H3211] of Anak [H6061] .

15:15 And he went up [H5927] thence to the inhabitants [H3427] of Debir [H1688] : and the name [H8034] of Debir [H1688] before [H6440] [was] Kirjathsepher [H7158] .

15:16 And Caleb [H3612] said [H559] , He that smiteth [H5221] Kirjathsepher [H7158] , and taketh [H3920] it, to him will I give [H5414] Achsah [H5915] my daughter [H1323] to wife [H802] .

15:17 And Othniel [H6274] the son [H1121] of Kenaz [H7073] , the brother [H251] of Caleb [H3612] , took [H3920] it: and he gave [H5414] him Achsah [H5915] his daughter [H1323] to wife [H802] .

15:18 And it came to pass, as she came [H935] [unto him], that she moved [H5496] him to ask [H7592] of her father [H1] a field [H7704] : and she lighted off [H6795] [her] ass [H2543] ; and Caleb [H3612] said [H559] unto her, What wouldest thou?

15:19 Who answered [H559] , Give [H5414] me a blessing [H1293] ; for thou hast given [H5414] me a south [H5045] land [H776] ; give [H5414] me also springs [H1543] of water [H4325] . And he gave [H5414] her the upper [H5942] springs [H1543] , and the nether [H8482] springs [H1543] .

15:20 This [is] the inheritance [H5159] of the tribe [H4294] of the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] according to their families [H4940] .

15:21 And the uttermost [H7097] cities [H5892] of the tribe [H4294] of the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] toward the coast [H1366] of Edom [H123] southward [H5045] were Kabzeel [H6909] , and Eder [H5740] , and Jagur [H3017] ,

15:22 And Kinah [H7016] , and Dimonah [H1776] , and Adadah [H5735] ,

15:23 And Kedesh [H6943] , and Hazor [H2674] , and Ithnan [H3497] ,

15:24 Ziph [H2128] , and Telem [H2928] , and Bealoth [H1175] ,

15:25 And Hazor [H2674] , Hadattah [H2675] , and Kerioth [H7152] , [and] Hezron [H2696] , which [is] Hazor [H2674] ,

15:26 Amam [H538] , and Shema [H8090] , and Moladah [H4137] ,

15:27 And Hazargaddah [H2693] , and Heshmon [H2829] , and Bethpalet [H1046] ,

15:28 And Hazarshual [H2705] , and Beersheba [H884] , and Bizjothjah [H964] ,

15:29 Baalah [H1173] , and Iim [H5864] , and Azem [H6107] ,

15:30 And Eltolad [H513] , and Chesil [H3686] , and Hormah [H2767] ,

15:31 And Ziklag [H6860] , and Madmannah [H4089] , and Sansannah [H5578] ,

15:32 And Lebaoth [H3822] , and Shilhim [H7978] , and Ain [H5871] , and Rimmon [H7417] : all the cities [H5892] [are] twenty [H6242] and nine [H8672] , with their villages [H2691] :

15:33 [And] in the valley [H8219] , Eshtaol [H847] , and Zoreah [H6881] , and Ashnah [H823] ,

15:34 And Zanoah [H2182] , and Engannim [H5873] , Tappuah [H8599] , and Enam [H5879] ,

15:35 Jarmuth [H3412] , and Adullam [H5725] , Socoh [H7755] , and Azekah [H5825] ,

15:36 And Sharaim [H8189] , and Adithaim [H5723] , and Gederah [H1449] , and Gederothaim [H1453] ; fourteen [H702] [H6240] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :(and Gederothaim: or, or Gederothaim)

15:37 Zenan [H6799] , and Hadashah [H2322] , and Migdalgad [H4028] ,

15:38 And Dilean [H1810] , and Mizpeh [H4708] , and Joktheel [H3371] ,

15:39 Lachish [H3923] , and Bozkath [H1218] , and Eglon [H5700] ,

15:40 And Cabbon [H3522] , and Lahmam [H3903] , and Kithlish [H3798] ,

15:41 And Gederoth [H1450] , Bethdagon [H1016] , and Naamah [H5279] , and Makkedah [H4719] ; sixteen [H8337] [H6240] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :

15:42 Libnah [H3841] , and Ether [H6281] , and Ashan [H6228] ,

15:43 And Jiphtah [H3316] , and Ashnah [H823] , and Nezib [H5334] ,

15:44 And Keilah [H7084] , and Achzib [H392] , and Mareshah [H4762] ; nine [H8672] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :

15:45 Ekron [H6138] , with her towns [H1323] and her villages [H2691] :

15:46 From Ekron [H6138] even unto the sea [H3220] , all that [lay] near [H3027] Ashdod [H795] , with their villages [H2691] :(near: Heb. by the place of)

15:47 Ashdod [H795] with her towns [H1323] and her villages [H2691] , Gaza [H5804] with her towns [H1323] and her villages [H2691] , unto the river [H5158] of Egypt [H4714] , and the great [H1419] [H1366] sea [H3220] , and the border [H1366] [thereof]:

15:48 And in the mountains [H2022] , Shamir [H8069] , and Jattir [H3492] , and Socoh [H7755] ,

15:49 And Dannah [H1837] , and Kirjathsannah [H7158] , which [is] Debir [H1688] ,

15:50 And Anab [H6024] , and Eshtemoh [H851] , and Anim [H6044] ,

15:51 And Goshen [H1657] , and Holon [H2473] , and Giloh [H1542] ; eleven [H259] [H6240] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :

15:52 Arab [H694] , and Dumah [H1746] , and Eshean [H824] ,

15:53 And Janum [H3241] , and Bethtappuah [H1054] , and Aphekah [H664] ,(Janum: or, Janus)

15:54 And Humtah [H2547] , and Kirjatharba [H7153] , which [is] Hebron [H2275] , and Zior [H6730] ; nine [H8672] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :

15:55 Maon [H4584] , Carmel [H3760] , and Ziph [H2128] , and Juttah [H3194] ,

15:56 And Jezreel [H3157] , and Jokdeam [H3347] , and Zanoah [H2182] ,

15:57 Cain [H7014] , Gibeah [H1390] , and Timnah [H8553] ; ten [H6235] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :

15:58 Halhul [H2478] , Bethzur [H1049] , and Gedor [H1446] ,

15:59 And Maarath [H4638] , and Bethanoth [H1042] , and Eltekon [H515] ; six [H8337] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :

15:60 Kirjathbaal [H7154] , which [is] Kirjathjearim [H7157] , and Rabbah [H7237] ; two [H8147] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] :

15:61 In the wilderness [H4057] , Betharabah [H1026] , Middin [H4081] , and Secacah [H5527] ,

15:62 And Nibshan [H5044] , and the city of Salt [H5898] , and Engedi [H5872] ; six [H8337] cities [H5892] with their villages [H2691] .

15:63 As for the Jebusites [H2983] the inhabitants [H3427] of Jerusalem [H3389] , the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] could [H3201] [H3201] not drive them out [H3423] : but the Jebusites [H2983] dwell [H3427] with the children [H1121] of Judah [H3063] at Jerusalem [H3389] unto this day [H3117] .