KJV JOS12 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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12:1 Now these [are] the kings [H4428] of the land [H776] , which the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] smote [H5221] , and possessed [H3423] their land [H776] on the other side [H5676] Jordan [H3383] toward the rising [H4217] of the sun [H8121] , from the river [H5158] Arnon [H769] unto mount [H2022] Hermon [H2768] , and all the plain [H6160] on the east [H4217] :

12:2 Sihon [H5511] king [H4428] of the Amorites [H567] , who dwelt [H3427] in Heshbon [H2809] , [and] ruled [H4910] from Aroer [H6177] , which [is] upon the bank [H8193] of the river [H5158] Arnon [H769] , and from the middle [H8432] of the river [H5158] , and from half [H2677] Gilead [H1568] , even unto the river [H5158] Jabbok [H2999] , [which is] the border [H1366] of the children [H1121] of Ammon [H5983] ;

12:3 And from the plain [H6160] to the sea [H3220] of Chinneroth [H3672] on the east [H4217] , and unto the sea [H3220] of the plain [H6160] , [even] the salt [H4417] sea [H3220] on the east [H4217] , the way [H1870] to Bethjeshimoth [H1020] ; and from the south [H8486] , under Ashdothpisgah [H798] [H794] :(the south: or, Teman)(Ashdothpisgah: or, the springs of Pisgah, or, the hill)

12:4 And the coast [H1366] of Og [H5747] king [H4428] of Bashan [H1316] , [which was] of the remnant [H3499] of the giants [H7497] , that dwelt [H3427] at Ashtaroth [H6252] and at Edrei [H154] ,

12:5 And reigned [H4910] in mount [H2022] Hermon [H2768] , and in Salcah [H5548] , and in all Bashan [H1316] , unto the border [H1366] of the Geshurites [H1651] and the Maachathites [H4602] , and half [H2677] Gilead [H1568] , the border [H1366] of Sihon [H5511] king [H4428] of Heshbon [H2809] .

12:6 Them did Moses [H4872] the servant [H5650] of the LORD [H3068] and the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] smite [H5221] : and Moses [H4872] the servant [H5650] of the LORD [H3068] gave [H5414] it [for] a possession [H3425] unto the Reubenites [H7206] , and the Gadites [H1425] , and the half [H2677] tribe [H7626] of Manasseh [H4519] .

12:7 And these [are] the kings [H4428] of the country [H776] which Joshua [H3091] and the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] smote [H5221] on this side [H5676] Jordan [H3383] on the west [H3220] , from Baalgad [H1171] in the valley [H1237] of Lebanon [H3844] even unto the mount [H2022] Halak [H2510] , that goeth up [H5927] to Seir [H8165] ; which Joshua [H3091] gave [H5414] unto the tribes [H7626] of Israel [H3478] [for] a possession [H3425] according to their divisions [H4256] ;

12:8 In the mountains [H2022] , and in the valleys [H8219] , and in the plains [H6160] , and in the springs [H794] , and in the wilderness [H4057] , and in the south country [H5045] ; the Hittites [H2850] , the Amorites [H567] , and the Canaanites [H3669] , the Perizzites [H6522] , the Hivites [H2340] , and the Jebusites [H2983] :

12:9 The king [H4428] of Jericho [H3405] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Ai [H5857] , which [is] beside [H6654] Bethel [H1008] , one [H259] ;

12:10 The king [H4428] of Jerusalem [H3389] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Hebron [H2275] , one [H259] ;

12:11 The king [H4428] of Jarmuth [H3412] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Lachish [H3923] , one [H259] ;

12:12 The king [H4428] of Eglon [H5700] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Gezer [H1507] , one [H259] ;

12:13 The king [H4428] of Debir [H1688] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Geder [H1445] , one [H259] ;

12:14 The king [H4428] of Hormah [H2767] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Arad [H6166] , one [H259] ;

12:15 The king [H4428] of Libnah [H3841] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Adullam [H5725] , one [H259] ;

12:16 The king [H4428] of Makkedah [H4719] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Bethel [H1008] , one [H259] ;

12:17 The king [H4428] of Tappuah [H8599] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Hepher [H2660] , one [H259] ;

12:18 The king [H4428] of Aphek [H663] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Lasharon [H8289] , one [H259] ;(Lasharon: or, Sharon)

12:19 The king [H4428] of Madon [H4068] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Hazor [H2674] , one [H259] ;

12:20 The king [H4428] of Shimronmeron [H8112] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Achshaph [H407] , one [H259] ;

12:21 The king [H4428] of Taanach [H8590] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Megiddo [H4023] , one [H259] ;

12:22 The king [H4428] of Kedesh [H6943] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of Jokneam [H3362] of Carmel [H3760] , one [H259] ;

12:23 The king [H4428] of Dor [H1756] in the coast [H5299] of Dor [H1756] , one [H259] ; the king [H4428] of the nations [H1471] of Gilgal [H1537] , one [H259] ;

12:24 The king [H4428] of Tirzah [H8656] , one [H259] : all the kings [H4428] thirty [H7970] and one [H259] .