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21:1 After [G3326] these things [G5023] Jesus [G2424] shewed [G5319] himself [G1438] again [G3825] to the disciples [G3101] at [G1909] the sea [G2281] of Tiberias [G5085] ; and [G1161] on this wise [G3779] shewed [G5319] he [himself].

21:2 There were [G2258] together [G3674] Simon [G4613] Peter [G4074] , and [G2532] Thomas [G2381] called [G3004] Didymus [G1324] , and [G2532] Nathanael [G3482] of [G575] Cana [G2580] in Galilee [G1056] , and [G2532] the [sons] [G3588] of Zebedee [G2199] , and [G2532] two [G1417] other [G243] of [G1537] his [G846] disciples [G3101] .

21:3 Simon [G4613] Peter [G4074] saith [G3004] unto them [G846] , I go [G5217] a fishing [G232] . They say [G3004] unto him [G846] , We [G2249] also [G2532] go [G2064] with [G4862] thee [G4671] . They went forth [G1831] , and [G2532] entered [G305] into [G1519] a ship [G4143] immediately [G2117] ; and [G2532] that [G1722] [G1565] night [G3571] they caught [G4084] nothing [G3762] .

21:4 But [G1161] when the morning [G4405] was [G1096] now [G2235] come [G1096] , Jesus [G2424] stood [G2476] on [G1519] the shore [G123] : but [G3305] the disciples [G3101] knew [G1492] not [G3756] that [G3754] it was [G2076] Jesus [G2424] .

21:5 Then [G3767] Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] unto them [G846] , Children [G3813] , have ye [G2192] any [G3387] meat [G4371] ? They answered [G611] him [G846] , No [G3756] .(Children: or, Sirs)

21:6 And [G1161] he said [G2036] unto them [G846] , Cast [G906] the net [G1350] on [G1519] the right [G1188] side [G3313] of the ship [G4143] , and [G2532] ye shall find [G2147] . They cast [G906] therefore [G3767] , and [G2532] now [G3765] they were [G2480] not [G3765] able [G2480] to draw [G1670] it [G846] for [G575] the multitude [G4128] of fishes [G2486] .

21:7 Therefore [G3767] that [G1565] disciple [G3101] whom [G3739] Jesus [G2424] loved [G25] saith [G3004] unto Peter [G4074] , It is [G2076] the Lord [G2962] . Now [G3767] when Simon [G4613] Peter [G4074] heard [G191] that [G3754] it was [G2076] the Lord [G2962] , he girt [G1241] [his] fisher's coat [G1903] [unto him], (for [G1063] he was [G2258] naked [G1131] ,) and [G2532] did cast [G906] himself [G1438] into [G1519] the sea [G2281] .

21:8 And [G1161] the other [G243] disciples [G3101] came [G2064] in a little ship [G4142] ; (for [G1063] they were [G2258] not [G3756] far [G3112] from [G575] land [G1093] , but [G235] as it were [G5613] [G575] two hundred [G1250] cubits [G4083] ,) dragging [G4951] the net [G1350] with fishes [G2486] .

21:9 As soon [G5613] then [G3767] as they were come [G576] to [G1519] land [G1093] , they saw [G991] a fire of coals [G439] there, and [G2532] fish [G3795] laid [G2749] thereon [G1945] , and [G2532] bread [G740] .

21:10 Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] unto them [G846] , Bring [G5342] of [G575] the fish [G3795] which [G3739] ye have [G4084] now [G3568] caught [G4084] .

21:11 Simon [G4613] Peter [G4074] went up [G305] , and [G2532] drew [G1670] the net [G1350] to [G1909] land [G1093] full [G3324] of great [G3173] fishes [G2486] , an hundred [G1540] and fifty [G4004] and three [G5140] : and [G2532] for all there were so many [G5118] , yet was [G5607] not [G3756] the net [G1350] broken [G4977] .

21:12 Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] unto them [G846] , Come [G1205] [and] dine [G709] . And [G1161] none [G3762] of the disciples [G3101] durst [G5111] ask [G1833] him [G846] , Who [G5101] art [G1488] thou [G4771] ? knowing [G1492] that [G3754] it was [G2076] the Lord [G2962] .

21:13 Jesus [G2424] then [G3767] cometh [G2064] , and [G2532] taketh [G2983] bread [G740] , and [G2532] giveth [G1325] them [G846] , and [G2532] fish [G3795] likewise [G3668] .

21:14 This [G5124] is [G5319] now [G2235] the third time [G5154] that Jesus [G2424] shewed himself [G5319] to his [G846] disciples [G3101] , after that he was risen [G1453] from [G1537] the dead [G3498] .

21:15 So [G3767] when [G3753] they had dined [G709] , Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] to Simon [G4613] Peter [G4074] , Simon [G4613] , [son] of Jonas [G2495] , lovest thou [G25] me [G3165] more than [G4119] these [G5130] ? He saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , Yea [G3483] , Lord [G2962] ; thou [G4771] knowest [G1492] that [G3754] I love [G5368] thee [G4571] . He saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , Feed [G1006] my [G3450] lambs [G721] .

21:16 He saith [G3004] to him [G846] again [G3825] the second time [G1208] , Simon [G4613] , [son] of Jonas [G2495] , lovest thou [G25] me [G3165] ? He saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , Yea [G3483] , Lord [G2962] ; thou [G4771] knowest [G1492] that [G3754] I love [G5368] thee [G4571] . He saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , Feed [G4165] my [G3450] sheep [G4263] .

21:17 He saith [G3004] unto him [G846] the third [G5154] time, Simon [G4613] , [son] of Jonas [G2495] , lovest [G5368] thou me [G3165] ? Peter [G4074] was grieved [G3076] because [G3754] he said [G2036] unto him [G846] the third [G5154] time, Lovest [G5368] thou me [G3165] ? And [G2532] he said [G2036] unto him [G846] , Lord [G2962] , thou [G4771] knowest [G1492] all things [G3956] ; thou [G4771] knowest [G1097] that [G3754] I love [G5368] thee [G4571] . Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , Feed [G1006] my [G3450] sheep [G4263] .

21:18 Verily [G281] , verily [G281] , I say [G3004] unto thee [G4671] , When [G3753] thou wast [G2258] young [G3501] , thou girdedst [G2224] thyself [G4572] , and [G2532] walkedst [G4043] whither [G3699] thou wouldest [G2309] : but [G1161] when [G3752] thou shalt be old [G1095] , thou shalt stretch forth [G1614] thy [G4675] hands [G5495] , and [G2532] another [G243] shall gird [G2224] thee [G4571] , and [G2532] carry [G5342] [thee] whither [G3699] thou wouldest [G2309] not [G3756] .

21:19 [G1161] This [G5124] spake he [G2036] , signifying [G4591] by what [G4169] death [G2288] he should glorify [G1392] God [G2316] . And [G2532] when he had spoken [G2036] this [G5124] , he saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , Follow [G190] me [G3427] .

21:20 Then [G1161] Peter [G4074] , turning about [G1994] , seeth [G991] the disciple [G3101] whom [G3739] Jesus [G2424] loved [G25] following [G190] ; which [G3739] also [G2532] leaned [G377] on [G1909] his [G846] breast [G4738] at [G1722] supper [G1173] , and [G2532] said [G2036] , Lord [G2962] , which [G5101] is he [G2076] that betrayeth [G3860] thee [G4571] ?

21:21 Peter [G4074] seeing [G1492] him [G5126] saith [G3004] to Jesus [G2424] , Lord [G2962] , and [G1161] what [G5101] [shall] this man [G3778] [do]?

21:22 Jesus [G2424] saith [G3004] unto him [G846] , If [G1437] I will [G2309] that he [G846] tarry [G3306] till [G2193] I come [G2064] , what [G5101] [is that] to [G4314] thee [G4571] ? follow [G190] thou [G4771] me [G3427] .

21:23 Then [G3767] went [G1831] this [G3778] saying [G3056] abroad [G1831] among [G1519] the brethren [G80] , that [G3754] that [G1565] disciple [G3101] should [G599] not [G3756] die [G599] : yet [G2532] Jesus [G2424] said [G2036] not [G3756] unto him [G846] , [G3754] He shall [G599] not [G3756] die [G599] ; but [G235] , If [G1437] I will [G2309] that he [G846] tarry [G3306] till [G2193] I come [G2064] , what [G5101] [is that] to [G4314] thee [G4571] ?

21:24 This [G3778] is [G2076] the disciple [G3101] which [G3588] testifieth [G3140] of [G4012] these things [G5130] , and [G2532] wrote [G1125] these things [G5023] : and [G2532] we know [G1492] that [G3754] his [G846] testimony [G3141] is [G2076] true [G227] .

21:25 And [G1161] there are [G2076] also [G2532] many [G4183] other things [G243] which [G3745] Jesus [G2424] did [G4160] , the which [G3748] , if [G1437] they should be written [G1125] every [G2596] one [G1520] , I suppose [G3633] that even [G3761] the world [G2889] itself [G846] could not [G3761] contain [G5562] the books [G975] that should be written [G1125] . Amen [G281] .