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10:1 Verily [G281] , verily [G281] , I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , He that entereth [G1525] not [G3361] by [G1223] the door [G2374] into [G1519] the sheepfold [G4263] [G833] , but [G235] climbeth up [G305] some other way [G237] , the same [G1565] is [G2076] a thief [G2812] and [G2532] a robber [G3027] .

10:2 But [G1161] he that entereth in [G1525] by [G1223] the door [G2374] is [G2076] the shepherd [G4166] of the sheep [G4263] .

10:3 To him [G5129] the porter [G2377] openeth [G455] ; and [G2532] the sheep [G4263] hear [G191] his [G846] voice [G5456] : and [G2532] he calleth [G2564] his own [G2398] sheep [G4263] by [G2596] name [G3686] , and [G2532] leadeth [G1806] them [G846] out [G1806] .

10:4 And [G2532] when [G3752] he putteth forth [G1544] his own [G2398] sheep [G4263] , he goeth [G4198] before [G1715] them [G846] , and [G2532] the sheep [G4263] follow [G190] him [G846] : for [G3754] they know [G1492] his [G846] voice [G5456] .

10:5 And [G1161] a stranger [G245] will they [G190] not [G3364] follow [G190] , but [G235] will flee [G5343] from [G575] him [G846] : for [G3754] they know [G1492] not [G3756] the voice [G5456] of strangers [G245] .

10:6 This [G5026] parable [G3942] spake [G2036] Jesus [G2424] unto them [G846] : but [G1161] they [G1565] understood [G1097] not [G3756] what things [G5101] they were [G2258] which [G3739] he spake [G2980] unto them [G846] .

10:7 Then [G3767] said [G2036] Jesus [G2424] unto them [G846] again [G3825] , Verily [G281] , verily [G281] , I say [G3004] unto you [G5213] , [G3754] I [G1473] am [G1510] the door [G2374] of the sheep [G4263] .

10:8 All [G3956] that ever [G3745] came [G2064] before [G4253] me [G1700] are [G1526] thieves [G2812] and [G2532] robbers [G3027] : but [G235] the sheep [G4263] did [G191] not [G3756] hear [G191] them [G846] .

10:9 I [G1473] am [G1510] the door [G2374] : by [G1223] me [G1700] if [G1437] any man [G5100] enter in [G1525] , he shall be saved [G4982] , and [G2532] shall go in [G1525] and [G2532] out [G1831] , and [G2532] find [G2147] pasture [G3542] .

10:10 The thief [G2812] cometh [G2064] not [G3756] , but [G1508] for to [G2443] steal [G2813] , and [G2532] to kill [G2380] , and [G2532] to destroy [G622] : I [G1473] am come [G2064] that [G2443] they might have [G2192] life [G2222] , and [G2532] that they might have [G2192] [it] more abundantly [G4053] .

10:11 I [G1473] am [G1510] the good [G2570] shepherd [G4166] : the good [G2570] shepherd [G4166] giveth [G5087] his [G846] life [G5590] for [G5228] the sheep [G4263] .

10:12 But [G1161] he that is [G5607] an hireling [G3411] , and [G2532] not [G3756] the shepherd [G4166] , whose [G3739] own [G2398] the sheep [G4263] are [G1526] not [G3756] , seeth [G2334] the wolf [G3074] coming [G2064] , and [G2532] leaveth [G863] the sheep [G4263] , and [G2532] fleeth [G5343] : and [G2532] the wolf [G3074] catcheth [G726] them [G846] , and [G2532] scattereth [G4650] the sheep [G4263] .

10:13 [G1161] The hireling [G3411] fleeth [G5343] , because [G3754] he is [G2076] an hireling [G3411] , and [G2532] [G846] careth [G3199] not [G3756] for [G4012] the sheep [G4263] .

10:14 I [G1473] am [G1510] the good [G2570] shepherd [G4166] , and [G2532] know [G1097] my [G1699] [sheep], and [G2532] am known [G1097] of [G5259] mine [G1699] .

10:15 As [G2531] the Father [G3962] knoweth [G1097] me [G3165] , even so [G2504] know [G1097] I [G2504] the Father [G3962] : and [G2532] I lay down [G5087] my [G3450] life [G5590] for [G5228] the sheep [G4263] .

10:16 And [G2532] other [G243] sheep [G4263] I have [G2192] , which [G3739] are [G2076] not [G3756] of [G1537] this [G5026] fold [G833] : them also [G2548] I [G3165] must [G1163] bring [G71] , and [G2532] they shall hear [G191] my [G3450] voice [G5456] ; and [G2532] there shall be [G1096] one [G3391] fold [G4167] , [and] one [G1520] shepherd [G4166] .

10:17 Therefore [G5124] [G1223] doth [G25] my Father [G3962] love [G25] me [G3165] , because [G3754] I [G1473] lay down [G5087] my [G3450] life [G5590] , that [G2443] I might take [G2983] it [G846] again [G3825] .

10:18 No man [G3762] taketh [G142] it [G846] from [G575] me [G1700] , but [G235] I [G1473] lay [G5087] it [G846] down [G5087] of [G575] myself [G1683] . I have [G2192] power [G1849] to lay [G5087] it [G846] down [G5087] , and [G2532] I have [G2192] power [G1849] to take [G2983] it [G846] again [G3825] . This [G5026] commandment [G1785] have I received [G2983] of [G3844] my [G3450] Father [G3962] .

10:19 There was [G1096] a division [G4978] therefore [G3767] again [G3825] among [G1722] the Jews [G2453] for [G1223] these [G5128] sayings [G3056] .

10:20 And [G1161] many [G4183] of [G1537] them [G846] said [G3004] , He hath [G2192] a devil [G1140] , and [G2532] is mad [G3105] ; why [G5101] hear ye [G191] him [G846] ?

10:21 Others [G243] said [G3004] , These [G5023] are [G2076] not [G3756] the words [G4487] of him that hath a devil [G1139] . Can [G3361] [G1410] a devil [G1140] open [G455] the eyes [G3788] of the blind [G5185] ?

10:22 And [G1161] it was [G1096] at [G1722] Jerusalem [G2414] the feast of the dedication [G1456] , and [G2532] it was [G2258] winter [G5494] .

10:23 And [G2532] Jesus [G2424] walked [G4043] in [G1722] the temple [G2411] in [G1722] Solomon's [G4672] porch [G4745] .

10:24 Then [G3767] came [G2944] the Jews [G2453] round about [G2944] him [G846] , and [G2532] said [G3004] unto him [G846] , How long [G2193] [G4219] dost thou make [G142] us [G2257] to doubt [G5590] ? If [G1487] thou [G4771] be [G1488] the Christ [G5547] , tell [G2036] us [G2254] plainly [G3954] .(make: or, hold us in suspense)

10:25 Jesus [G2424] answered [G611] them [G846] , I told [G2036] you [G5213] , and [G2532] ye believed [G4100] not [G3756] : the works [G2041] that [G3739] I [G1473] do [G4160] in [G1722] my [G3450] Father's [G3962] name [G3686] , they [G5023] bear witness [G3140] of [G4012] me [G1700] .

10:26 But [G235] ye [G5210] believe [G4100] not [G3756] , because [G1063] ye are [G2075] not [G3756] of [G1537] my [G1699] sheep [G4263] , as [G2531] I said [G2036] unto you [G5213] .

10:27 My [G1699] sheep [G4263] hear [G191] my [G3450] voice [G5456] , and I [G2504] know [G1097] them [G846] , and [G2532] they follow [G190] me [G3427] :

10:28 And I [G2504] give [G1325] unto them [G846] eternal [G166] life [G2222] ; and [G2532] they shall [G622] never [G3364] [G1519] [G165] perish [G622] , neither [G2532] [G3756] shall [G726] any [G5100] [man] pluck [G726] them [G846] out of [G1537] my [G3450] hand [G5495] .

10:29 My [G3450] Father [G3962] , which [G3739] gave [G1325] [them] me [G3427] , is [G2076] greater than [G3187] all [G3956] ; and [G2532] no [G3762] [man] is able [G1410] to pluck [G726] [them] out of [G1537] my [G3450] Father's [G3962] hand [G5495] .

10:30 I [G1473] and [G2532] [my] Father [G3962] are [G2070] one [G1520] .

10:31 Then [G3767] the Jews [G2453] took up [G941] stones [G3037] again [G3825] to [G2443] stone [G3034] him [G846] .

10:32 Jesus [G2424] answered [G611] them [G846] , Many [G4183] good [G2570] works [G2041] have I shewed [G1166] you [G5213] from [G1537] my [G3450] Father [G3962] ; for [G1223] which [G4169] of those [G846] works [G2041] do ye stone [G3034] me [G3165] ?

10:33 The Jews [G2453] answered [G611] him [G846] , saying [G3004] , For [G4012] a good [G2570] work [G2041] we stone [G3034] thee [G4571] not [G3756] ; but [G235] for [G4012] blasphemy [G988] ; and [G2532] because [G3754] that thou [G4771] , being [G5607] a man [G444] , makest [G4160] thyself [G4572] God [G2316] .

10:34 Jesus [G2424] answered [G611] them [G846] , Is it [G2076] not [G3756] written [G1125] in [G1722] your [G5216] law [G3551] , I [G1473] said [G2036] , Ye are [G2075] gods [G2316] ?

10:35 If [G1487] he called [G2036] them [G1565] gods [G2316] , unto [G4314] whom [G3739] the word [G3056] of God [G2316] came [G1096] , and [G2532] the scripture [G1124] cannot [G3756] [G1410] be broken [G3089] ;

10:36 Say [G3004] ye [G5210] of him, whom [G3739] the Father [G3962] hath sanctified [G37] , and [G2532] sent [G649] into [G1519] the world [G2889] , [G3754] Thou blasphemest [G987] ; because [G3754] I said [G2036] , I am [G1510] the Son [G5207] of God [G2316] ?

10:37 If [G1487] I do [G4160] not [G3756] the works [G2041] of my [G3450] Father [G3962] , believe [G4100] me [G3427] not [G3361] .

10:38 But [G1161] if [G1487] I do [G4160] , though [G2579] ye believe [G4100] not [G3361] me [G1698] , believe [G4100] the works [G2041] : that [G2443] ye may know [G1097] , and [G2532] believe [G4100] , that [G3754] the Father [G3962] [is] in [G1722] me [G1698] , and I [G2504] in [G1722] him [G846] .

10:39 Therefore [G3767] they sought [G2212] again [G3825] to take [G4084] him [G846] : but [G2532] he escaped [G1831] out of [G1537] their [G846] hand [G5495] ,

10:40 And [G2532] went away [G565] again [G3825] beyond [G4008] Jordan [G2446] into [G1519] the place [G5117] where [G3699] John [G2491] at first [G4412] baptized [G907] [G2258] ; and [G2532] there [G1563] he abode [G3306] .

10:41 And [G2532] many [G4183] resorted [G2064] unto [G4314] him [G846] , and [G2532] said [G3004] , [G3754] John [G2491] did [G4160] no [G3303] [G3762] miracle [G4592] : but [G1161] all things [G3956] that [G3745] John [G2491] spake [G2036] of [G4012] this man [G5127] were [G2258] true [G227] .

10:42 And [G2532] many [G4183] believed [G4100] on [G1519] him [G846] there [G1563] .