KJV JOB42 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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42:1 Then Job [H347] answered [H6030] the LORD [H3068] , and said [H559] ,

42:2 I know [H3045] that thou canst do [H3201] every [thing], and [that] no thought [H4209] can be withholden [H1219] from thee.(no thought can be: or, no thought of thine can be hindered)

42:3 Who [is] he that hideth [H5956] counsel [H6098] without knowledge [H1847] ? therefore have I uttered [H5046] that I understood [H995] not; things too wonderful [H6381] for me, which I knew [H3045] not.

42:4 Hear [H8085] , I beseech thee, and I will speak [H1696] : I will demand [H7592] of thee, and declare [H3045] thou unto me.

42:5 I have heard [H8085] of thee by the hearing [H8088] of the ear [H241] : but now mine eye [H5869] seeth [H7200] thee.

42:6 Wherefore I abhor [H3988] [myself], and repent [H5162] in dust [H6083] and ashes [H665] .

42:7 And it was [so], that after [H310] the LORD [H3068] had spoken [H1696] these words [H1697] unto Job [H347] , the LORD [H3068] said [H559] to Eliphaz [H464] the Temanite [H8489] , My wrath [H639] is kindled [H2734] against thee, and against thy two [H8147] friends [H7453] : for ye have not spoken [H1696] of me [the thing that is] right [H3559] , as my servant [H5650] Job [H347] [hath].

42:8 Therefore take [H3947] unto you now seven [H7651] bullocks [H6499] and seven [H7651] rams [H352] , and go [H3212] to my servant [H5650] Job [H347] , and offer up [H5927] for yourselves a burnt offering [H5930] ; and my servant [H5650] Job [H347] shall pray [H6419] for you: for him [H6440] will I accept [H5375] : lest I deal [H6213] with you [after your] folly [H5039] , in that ye have not spoken [H1696] of me [the thing which is] right [H3559] , like my servant [H5650] Job [H347] .(him: Heb. his face, or, person)

42:9 So Eliphaz [H464] the Temanite [H8489] and Bildad [H1085] the Shuhite [H7747] [and] Zophar [H6691] the Naamathite [H5284] went [H3212] , and did [H6213] according as the LORD [H3068] commanded [H1696] them: the LORD [H3068] also accepted [H5375] Job [H6440] [H347] .(Job: Heb. the face of Job)

42:10 And the LORD [H3068] turned [H7725] the captivity [H7622] [H7622] of Job [H347] , when he prayed [H6419] for his friends [H7453] : also the LORD [H3068] gave [H3254] Job [H347] twice as much [H4932] as he had before.(gave: Heb. added all that had been to Job unto the double)

42:11 Then came [H935] there unto him all his brethren [H251] , and all his sisters [H269] , and all they that had been of his acquaintance [H3045] before [H6440] , and did eat [H398] bread [H3899] with him in his house [H1004] : and they bemoaned [H5110] him, and comforted [H5162] him over all the evil [H7451] that the LORD [H3068] had brought [H935] upon him: every man [H376] also gave [H5414] him a [H259] piece of money [H7192] , and every one [H376] an earring [H5141] of gold [H2091] .

42:12 So the LORD [H3068] blessed [H1288] the latter end [H319] of Job [H347] more than his beginning [H7225] : for he had fourteen [H702] [H6240] thousand [H505] sheep [H6629] , and six [H8337] thousand [H505] camels [H1581] , and a thousand [H505] yoke [H6776] of oxen [H1241] , and a thousand [H505] she asses [H860] .

42:13 He had also seven [H7658] sons [H1121] and three [H7969] daughters [H1323] .

42:14 And he called [H7121] the name [H8034] of the first [H259] , Jemima [H3224] ; and the name [H8034] of the second [H8145] , Kezia [H7103] ; and the name [H8034] of the third [H7992] , Kerenhappuch [H7163] .

42:15 And in all the land [H776] were no women [H802] found [H4672] [so] fair [H3303] as the daughters [H1323] of Job [H347] : and their father [H1] gave [H5414] them inheritance [H5159] among [H8432] their brethren [H251] .

42:16 After [H310] this lived [H2421] Job [H347] an hundred [H3967] and forty [H705] years [H8141] , and saw [H7200] his sons [H1121] , and his sons' [H1121] sons [H1121] , [even] four [H702] generations [H1755] .

42:17 So Job [H347] died [H4191] , [being] old [H2205] and full [H7649] of days [H3117] .