KJV JOB39 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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39:1 Knowest [H3045] thou the time [H6256] when the wild goats [H3277] of the rock [H5553] bring forth [H3205] ? [or] canst thou mark [H8104] when the hinds [H355] do calve [H2342] ?

39:2 Canst thou number [H5608] the months [H3391] [that] they fulfil [H4390] ? or knowest [H3045] thou the time [H6256] when they bring forth [H3205] ?

39:3 They bow [H3766] themselves, they bring forth [H6398] their young ones [H3206] , they cast out [H7971] their sorrows [H2256] .

39:4 Their young ones [H1121] are in good liking [H2492] , they grow up [H7235] with corn [H1250] ; they go forth [H3318] , and return [H7725] not unto them.

39:5 Who hath sent out [H7971] the wild ass [H6501] free [H2670] ? or who hath loosed [H6605] the bands [H4147] of the wild ass [H6171] ?

39:6 Whose house [H1004] I have made [H7760] the wilderness [H6160] , and the barren [H4420] land his dwellings [H4908] .(barren: Heb. salt places)

39:7 He scorneth [H7832] the multitude [H1995] of the city [H7151] , neither regardeth [H8085] he the crying [H8663] of the driver [H5065] .(of the driver: Heb. of the exactor)

39:8 The range [H3491] of the mountains [H2022] [is] his pasture [H4829] , and he searcheth [H1875] after [H310] every green thing [H3387] .

39:9 Will the unicorn [H7214] be willing [H14] to serve [H5647] thee, or abide [H3885] by thy crib [H18] ?

39:10 Canst thou bind [H7194] the unicorn [H7214] with his band [H5688] in the furrow [H8525] ? or will he harrow [H7702] the valleys [H6010] after [H310] thee?

39:11 Wilt thou trust [H982] him, because his strength [H3581] [is] great [H7227] ? or wilt thou leave [H5800] thy labour [H3018] to him?

39:12 Wilt thou believe [H539] him, that he will bring home [H7725] [H7725] thy seed [H2233] , and gather [H622] [it into] thy barn [H1637] ?

39:13 [Gavest thou] the goodly [H7443] wings [H3671] unto the peacocks [H5965] ? or wings [H84] and feathers [H2624] unto the ostrich [H5133] ?(wings and: or, the feathers of the stork and ostrich)

39:14 Which leaveth [H5800] her eggs [H1000] in the earth [H776] , and warmeth [H2552] them in dust [H6083] ,

39:15 And forgetteth [H7911] that the foot [H7272] may crush [H2115] them, or that the wild [H7704] beast [H2416] may break [H1758] them.

39:16 She is hardened [H7188] against her young ones [H1121] , as though [they were] not [H3808] hers: her labour [H3018] is in vain [H7385] without fear [H6343] ;

39:17 Because God [H433] hath deprived [H5382] her of wisdom [H2451] , neither hath he imparted [H2505] to her understanding [H998] .

39:18 What time [H6256] she lifteth up [H4754] herself on high [H4791] , she scorneth [H7832] the horse [H5483] and his rider [H7392] .

39:19 Hast thou given [H5414] the horse [H5483] strength [H1369] ? hast thou clothed [H3847] his neck [H6677] with thunder [H7483] ?

39:20 Canst thou make him afraid [H7493] as a grasshopper [H697] ? the glory [H1935] of his nostrils [H5170] [is] terrible [H367] .(terrible: Heb. terror)

39:21 He paweth [H2658] in the valley [H6010] , and rejoiceth [H7797] in [his] strength [H3581] : he goeth on [H3318] to meet [H7125] the armed men [H5402] .(He paweth: or, His feet dig)(the armed: Heb. the armour)

39:22 He mocketh [H7832] at fear [H6343] , and is not affrighted [H2865] ; neither turneth he back [H7725] from [H6440] the sword [H2719] .

39:23 The quiver [H827] rattleth [H7439] against him, the glittering [H3851] spear [H2595] and the shield [H3591] .

39:24 He swalloweth [H1572] the ground [H776] with fierceness [H7494] and rage [H7267] : neither believeth [H539] he that [it is] the sound [H6963] of the trumpet [H7782] .

39:25 He saith [H559] among [H1767] the trumpets [H7782] , Ha [H1889] , ha [H1889] ; and he smelleth [H7306] the battle [H4421] afar off [H7350] , the thunder [H7482] of the captains [H8269] , and the shouting [H8643] .

39:26 Doth the hawk [H5322] fly [H82] by thy wisdom [H998] , [and] stretch [H6566] her wings [H3671] toward the south [H8486] ?

39:27 Doth the eagle [H5404] mount up [H1361] at thy command [H6310] , and make [H7311] her nest [H7064] on high [H7311] ?(at: Heb. by thy mouth)

39:28 She dwelleth [H7931] and abideth [H3885] on the rock [H5553] , upon the crag [H8127] of the rock [H5553] , and the strong place [H4686] .

39:29 From thence she seeketh [H2658] the prey [H400] , [and] her eyes [H5869] behold [H5027] afar off [H7350] .

39:30 Her young ones [H667] also suck up [H5966] blood [H1818] : and where the slain [H2491] [are], there [is] she [H1931] .