KJV JOB36 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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36:1 Elihu [H453] also proceeded [H3254] , and said [H559] ,

36:2 Suffer [H3803] me a little [H2191] , and I will shew [H2331] thee that [I have] yet to speak [H4405] on God's [H433] behalf.(I have: Heb. there are yet words for God)

36:3 I will fetch [H5375] my knowledge [H1843] from afar [H7350] , and will ascribe [H5414] righteousness [H6664] to my Maker [H6466] .

36:4 For truly [H551] my words [H4405] [shall] not [be] false [H8267] : he that is perfect [H8549] in knowledge [H1844] [is] with thee.

36:5 Behold, God [H410] [is] mighty [H3524] , and despiseth [H3988] not [any: he is] mighty [H3524] in strength [H3581] [and] wisdom [H3820] .(wisdom: Heb. heart)

36:6 He preserveth not the life [H2421] of the wicked [H7563] : but giveth [H5414] right [H4941] to the poor [H6041] .(poor: or, afflicted)

36:7 He withdraweth [H1639] not his eyes [H5869] from the righteous [H6662] : but with kings [H4428] [are they] on the throne [H3678] ; yea, he doth establish [H3427] them for ever [H5331] , and they are exalted [H1361] .

36:8 And if [they be] bound [H631] in fetters [H2131] , [and] be holden [H3920] in cords [H2256] of affliction [H6040] ;

36:9 Then he sheweth [H5046] them their work [H6467] , and their transgressions [H6588] that they have exceeded [H1396] .

36:10 He openeth [H1540] also their ear [H241] to discipline [H4148] , and commandeth [H559] that they return [H7725] from iniquity [H205] .

36:11 If they obey [H8085] and serve [H5647] [him], they shall spend [H3615] their days [H3117] in prosperity [H2896] , and their years [H8141] in pleasures [H5273] .

36:12 But if they obey [H8085] not, they shall perish [H5674] by the sword [H7973] , and they shall die [H1478] without knowledge [H1847] .(perish: Heb. pass away)

36:13 But the hypocrites [H2611] in heart [H3820] heap up [H7760] wrath [H639] : they cry [H7768] not when he bindeth [H631] them.

36:14 They [H5315] die [H4191] in youth [H5290] , and their life [H2416] [is] among the unclean [H6945] .(They: Heb. Their soul dieth)(unclean: or, sodomites)

36:15 He delivereth [H2502] the poor [H6041] in his affliction [H6040] , and openeth [H1540] their ears [H241] in oppression [H3906] .(poor: or, afflicted)

36:16 Even so would he have removed [H5496] thee out of the strait [H6310] [H6862] [into] a broad place [H7338] , where [H8478] [there is] no straitness [H4164] ; and that which should be set [H5183] on thy table [H7979] [should be] full [H4390] of fatness [H1880] .(that: Heb. the rest of thy table)

36:17 But thou hast fulfilled [H4390] the judgment [H1779] of the wicked [H7563] : judgment [H1779] and justice [H4941] take hold [H8551] [on thee].(take: or, should uphold thee)

36:18 Because [there is] wrath [H2534] , [beware] lest he take thee away [H5496] with [his] stroke [H5607] : then a great [H7230] ransom [H3724] cannot deliver [H5186] thee.(deliver: Heb. turn thee aside)

36:19 Will he esteem [H6186] thy riches [H7769] ? [no], not gold [H1222] , nor all the forces [H3981] of strength [H3581] .

36:20 Desire [H7602] not the night [H3915] , when people [H5971] are cut off [H5927] in their place.

36:21 Take heed [H8104] , regard [H6437] not iniquity [H205] : for this hast thou chosen [H977] rather than affliction [H6040] .

36:22 Behold, God [H410] exalteth [H7682] by his power [H3581] : who teacheth [H3384] like him?

36:23 Who hath enjoined [H6485] him his way [H1870] ? or who can say [H559] , Thou hast wrought [H6466] iniquity [H5766] ?

36:24 Remember [H2142] that thou magnify [H7679] his work [H6467] , which men [H582] behold [H7891] .

36:25 Every man [H120] may see [H2372] it; man [H582] may behold [H5027] [it] afar off [H7350] .

36:26 Behold, God [H410] [is] great [H7689] , and we know [H3045] [him] not, neither can the number [H4557] of his years [H8141] be searched out [H2714] .

36:27 For he maketh small [H1639] the drops [H5198] of water [H4325] : they pour down [H2212] rain [H4306] according to the vapour [H108] thereof:

36:28 Which the clouds [H7834] do drop [H5140] [and] distil [H7491] upon man [H120] abundantly [H7227] .

36:29 Also can [any] understand [H995] the spreadings [H4666] of the clouds [H5645] , [or] the noise [H8663] of his tabernacle [H5521] ?

36:30 Behold, he spreadeth [H6566] his light [H216] upon it, and covereth [H3680] the bottom [H8328] of the sea [H3220] .(bottom: Heb. roots)

36:31 For by them judgeth [H1777] he the people [H5971] ; he giveth [H5414] meat [H400] in abundance [H4342] .

36:32 With clouds [H3709] he covereth [H3680] the light [H216] ; and commandeth [H6680] it [not to shine] by [the cloud] that cometh betwixt [H6293] .

36:33 The noise [H7452] thereof sheweth [H5046] concerning it, the cattle [H4735] also concerning the vapour [H5927] .(the vapour: Heb. that which goeth up)