KJV JOB28 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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28:1 Surely [H3426] there is a vein [H4161] for the silver [H3701] , and a place [H4725] for gold [H2091] [where] they fine [H2212] [it].(vein: or, mine)

28:2 Iron [H1270] is taken [H3947] out of the earth [H6083] , and brass [H5154] [is] molten [H6694] [out of] the stone [H68] .(earth: or, dust)

28:3 He setteth [H7760] an end [H7093] to darkness [H2822] , and searcheth out [H2713] all perfection [H8503] : the stones [H68] of darkness [H652] , and the shadow of death [H6757] .

28:4 The flood [H5158] breaketh out [H6555] from the inhabitant [H1481] ; [even the waters] forgotten [H7911] of the foot [H7272] : they are dried up [H1809] , they are gone away [H5128] from men [H582] .

28:5 [As for] the earth [H776] , out of it cometh [H3318] bread [H3899] : and under it is turned up [H2015] as it were fire [H784] .

28:6 The stones [H68] of it [are] the place [H4725] of sapphires [H5601] : and it hath dust [H6083] of gold [H2091] .(dust: or, gold ore)

28:7 [There is] a path [H5410] which no fowl [H5861] knoweth [H3045] , and which the vulture's [H344] eye [H5869] hath not seen [H7805] :

28:8 The lion's [H7830] whelps [H1121] have not trodden [H1869] it, nor the fierce lion [H7826] passed [H5710] by it.

28:9 He putteth forth [H7971] his hand [H3027] upon the rock [H2496] ; he overturneth [H2015] the mountains [H2022] by the roots [H8328] .(rock: or, flint)

28:10 He cutteth out [H1234] rivers [H2975] among the rocks [H6697] ; and his eye [H5869] seeth [H7200] every precious thing [H3366] .

28:11 He bindeth [H2280] the floods [H5104] from overflowing [H1065] ; and [the thing that is] hid [H8587] bringeth he forth [H3318] to light [H216] .(overflowing: Heb. weeping)

28:12 But where [H370] shall wisdom [H2451] be found [H4672] ? and where [is] the place [H4725] of understanding [H998] ?

28:13 Man [H582] knoweth [H3045] not the price [H6187] thereof; neither is it found [H4672] in the land [H776] of the living [H2416] .

28:14 The depth [H8415] saith [H559] , It [is] not in me: and the sea [H3220] saith [H559] , [It is] not with me.

28:15 It cannot be gotten [H5414] for gold [H5458] , neither shall silver [H3701] be weighed [H8254] [for] the price [H4242] thereof.(It: Heb. Fine gold shall not be given for it)

28:16 It cannot be valued [H5541] with the gold [H3800] of Ophir [H211] , with the precious [H3368] onyx [H7718] , or the sapphire [H5601] .

28:17 The gold [H2091] and the crystal [H2137] cannot equal [H6186] it: and the exchange [H8545] of it [shall not be for] jewels [H3627] of fine gold [H6337] .(jewels: or, vessels of)

28:18 No mention [H2142] shall be made of coral [H7215] , or of pearls [H1378] : for the price [H4901] of wisdom [H2451] [is] above rubies [H6443] .(coral: or, Ramoth)

28:19 The topaz [H6357] of Ethiopia [H3568] shall not equal [H6186] it, neither shall it be valued [H5541] with pure [H2889] gold [H3800] .

28:20 Whence [H370] then cometh [H935] wisdom [H2451] ? and where [is] the place [H4725] of understanding [H998] ?

28:21 Seeing it is hid [H5956] from the eyes [H5869] of all living [H2416] , and kept close [H5641] from the fowls [H5775] of the air [H8064] .(air: or, heaven)

28:22 Destruction [H11] and death [H4194] say [H559] , We have heard [H8085] the fame [H8088] thereof with our ears [H241] .

28:23 God [H430] understandeth [H995] the way [H1870] thereof, and he knoweth [H3045] the place [H4725] thereof.

28:24 For he looketh [H5027] to the ends [H7098] of the earth [H776] , [and] seeth [H7200] under the whole heaven [H8064] ;

28:25 To make [H6213] the weight [H4948] for the winds [H7307] ; and he weigheth [H8505] the waters [H4325] by measure [H4060] .

28:26 When he made [H6213] a decree [H2706] for the rain [H4306] , and a way [H1870] for the lightning [H2385] of the thunder [H6963] :

28:27 Then did he see [H7200] it, and declare [H5608] it; he prepared [H3559] it, yea, and searched it out [H2713] .(declare: or, number it)

28:28 And unto man [H120] he said [H559] , Behold, the fear [H3374] of the Lord [H136] , that [is] wisdom [H2451] ; and to depart [H5493] from evil [H7451] [is] understanding [H998] .