KJV JOB2 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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2:1 Again there was a day [H3117] when the sons [H1121] of God [H430] came [H935] to present [H3320] themselves before the LORD [H3068] , and Satan [H7854] came [H935] also among [H8432] them to present [H3320] himself before the LORD [H3068] .

2:2 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Satan [H7854] , From whence [H335] comest [H935] thou? And Satan [H7854] answered [H6030] the LORD [H3068] , and said [H559] , From going to and fro [H7751] in the earth [H776] , and from walking up and down [H1980] in it.

2:3 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Satan [H7854] , Hast thou [H7760] considered [H3820] my servant [H5650] Job [H347] , that [there is] none like him in the earth [H776] , a perfect [H8535] and an upright [H3477] man [H376] , one that feareth [H3373] God [H430] , and escheweth [H5493] evil [H7451] ? and still he holdeth fast [H2388] his integrity [H8538] , although thou movedst [H5496] me against him, to destroy [H1104] him without cause [H2600] .(to destroy: Heb. to swallow him up)

2:4 And Satan [H7854] answered [H6030] the LORD [H3068] , and said [H559] , Skin [H5785] for skin [H5785] , yea, all that a man [H376] hath will he give [H5414] for his life [H5315] .

2:5 But [H199] put forth [H7971] thine hand [H3027] now, and touch [H5060] his bone [H6106] and his flesh [H1320] , and he will curse [H1288] thee to thy face [H6440] .

2:6 And the LORD [H3068] said [H559] unto Satan [H7854] , Behold, he [is] in thine hand [H3027] ; but save [H8104] his life [H5315] .(but: or, only)

2:7 So went [H3318] Satan [H7854] forth [H3318] from the presence [H6440] of the LORD [H3068] , and smote [H5221] Job [H347] with sore [H7451] boils [H7822] from the sole [H3709] of his foot [H7272] unto his crown [H6936] .

2:8 And he took [H3947] him a potsherd [H2789] to scrape [H1623] himself withal; and he sat down [H3427] among [H8432] the ashes [H665] .

2:9 Then said [H559] his wife [H802] unto him, Dost thou still retain [H2388] thine integrity [H8538] ? curse [H1288] God [H430] , and die [H4191] .

2:10 But he said [H559] unto her, Thou speakest [H1696] as one [H259] of the foolish women [H5036] speaketh [H1696] . What [H1571] ? shall we receive [H6901] good [H2896] at the hand of God [H430] , and shall we not receive [H6901] evil [H7451] ? In all this did not Job [H347] sin [H2398] with his lips [H8193] .

2:11 Now when Job's [H347] three [H7969] friends [H7453] heard [H8085] of all this evil [H7451] that was come [H935] upon him, they came [H935] every one [H376] from his own place [H4725] ; Eliphaz [H464] the Temanite [H8489] , and Bildad [H1085] the Shuhite [H7747] , and Zophar [H6691] the Naamathite [H5284] : for they had made an appointment [H3259] together [H3162] to come [H935] to mourn [H5110] with him and to comfort [H5162] him.

2:12 And when they lifted up [H5375] their eyes [H5869] afar off [H7350] , and knew [H5234] him not, they lifted up [H5375] their voice [H6963] , and wept [H1058] ; and they rent [H7167] every one [H376] his mantle [H4598] , and sprinkled [H2236] dust [H6083] upon their heads [H7218] toward heaven [H8064] .

2:13 So they sat down [H3427] with him upon the ground [H776] seven [H7651] days [H3117] and seven [H7651] nights [H3915] , and none spake [H1696] a word [H1697] unto him: for they saw [H7200] that [his] grief [H3511] was very [H3966] great [H1431] .