KJV JOB18 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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18:1 Then answered [H6030] Bildad [H1085] the Shuhite [H7747] , and said [H559] ,

18:2 How long [H5704] [will it be ere] ye make [H7760] an end [H7078] of words [H4405] ? mark [H995] , and afterwards [H310] we will speak [H1696] .

18:3 Wherefore are we counted [H2803] as beasts [H929] , [and] reputed vile [H2933] in your sight [H5869] ?

18:4 He teareth [H2963] himself [H5315] in his anger [H639] : shall the earth [H776] be forsaken [H5800] for thee? and shall the rock [H6697] be removed [H6275] out of his place [H4725] ?(himself: Heb. his soul)

18:5 Yea, the light [H216] of the wicked [H7563] shall be put out [H1846] , and the spark [H7632] of his fire [H784] shall not shine [H5050] .

18:6 The light [H216] shall be dark [H2821] in his tabernacle [H168] , and his candle [H5216] shall be put out [H1846] with him.(candle: or, lamp)

18:7 The steps [H6806] of his strength [H202] shall be straitened [H3334] , and his own counsel [H6098] shall cast him down [H7993] .

18:8 For he is cast [H7971] into a net [H7568] by his own feet [H7272] , and he walketh [H1980] upon a snare [H7639] .

18:9 The gin [H6341] shall take [H270] [him] by the heel [H6119] , [and] the robber [H6782] shall prevail [H2388] against him.

18:10 The snare [H2256] [is] laid [H2934] for him in the ground [H776] , and a trap [H4434] for him in the way [H5410] .(laid: Heb. hidden)

18:11 Terrors [H1091] shall make him afraid [H1204] on every side [H5439] , and shall drive [H6327] him to his feet [H7272] .(drive: Heb. scatter)

18:12 His strength [H202] shall be hungerbitten [H7457] , and destruction [H343] [shall be] ready [H3559] at his side [H6763] .

18:13 It shall devour [H398] the strength [H905] of his skin [H5785] : [even] the firstborn [H1060] of death [H4194] shall devour [H398] his strength [H905] .(strength: Heb. bars)

18:14 His confidence [H4009] shall be rooted out [H5423] of his tabernacle [H168] , and it shall bring [H6805] him to the king [H4428] of terrors [H1091] .

18:15 It shall dwell [H7931] in his tabernacle [H168] , because [it is] none [H1097] of his: brimstone [H1614] shall be scattered [H2219] upon his habitation [H5116] .

18:16 His roots [H8328] shall be dried up [H3001] beneath, and above [H4605] shall his branch [H7105] be cut off [H5243] .

18:17 His remembrance [H2143] shall perish [H6] from the earth [H776] , and he shall have no name [H8034] in the street [H6440] [H2351] .

18:18 He shall be driven [H1920] from light [H216] into darkness [H2822] , and chased [H5074] out of the world [H8398] .(He: Heb. They shall drive him)

18:19 He shall neither have son [H5209] nor nephew [H5220] among his people [H5971] , nor any remaining [H8300] in his dwellings [H4033] .

18:20 They that come after [H314] [him] shall be astonied [H8074] at his day [H3117] , as they that went before [H6931] were affrighted [H270] [H8178] .(went: or, lived with him)(were: Heb. laid hold on horror)

18:21 Surely such [are] the dwellings [H4908] of the wicked [H5767] , and this [is] the place [H4725] [of him that] knoweth [H3045] not God [H410] .