KJV JER8 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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8:1 At that time [H6256] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , they shall bring out [H3318] the bones [H6106] of the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] , and the bones [H6106] of his princes [H8269] , and the bones [H6106] of the priests [H3548] , and the bones [H6106] of the prophets [H5030] , and the bones [H6106] of the inhabitants [H3427] of Jerusalem [H3389] , out of their graves [H6913] :

8:2 And they shall spread [H7849] them before the sun [H8121] , and the moon [H3394] , and all the host [H6635] of heaven [H8064] , whom they have loved [H157] , and whom they have served [H5647] , and after [H310] whom they have walked [H1980] , and whom they have sought [H1875] , and whom they have worshipped [H7812] : they shall not be gathered [H622] , nor be buried [H6912] ; they shall be for dung [H1828] upon the face [H6440] of the earth [H127] .

8:3 And death [H4194] shall be chosen [H977] rather than life [H2416] by all the residue [H7611] of them that remain [H7604] of this evil [H7451] family [H4940] , which remain [H7604] in all the places [H4725] whither I have driven [H5080] them, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] .

8:4 Moreover thou shalt say [H559] unto them, Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] ; Shall they fall [H5307] , and not arise [H6965] ? shall he turn away [H7725] , and not return [H7725] ?

8:5 Why [then] is this people [H5971] of Jerusalem [H3389] slidden back [H7725] by a perpetual [H5329] backsliding [H4878] ? they hold [H2388] fast deceit [H8649] , they refuse [H3985] to return [H7725] .

8:6 I hearkened [H7181] and heard [H8085] , [but] they spake not aright [H1696] : no man [H376] repented [H5162] him of [H5921] his wickedness [H7451] , saying [H559] , What have I done [H6213] ? every one turned [H7725] to his course [H4794] , as the horse [H5483] rusheth [H7857] into the battle [H4421] .

8:7 Yea, the stork [H2624] in the heaven [H8064] knoweth [H3045] her appointed times [H4150] ; and the turtle [H8449] and the crane [H5483] and the swallow [H5693] observe [H8104] the time [H6256] of their coming [H935] ; but my people [H5971] know [H3045] not the judgment [H4941] of the LORD [H3068] .

8:8 How do ye say [H559] , We [are] wise [H2450] , and the law [H8451] of the LORD [H3068] [is] with us? Lo, certainly [H403] in vain [H8267] made [H6213] he [it]; the pen [H5842] of the scribes [H5608] [is] in vain [H8267] .(in vain made: or, the false pen of the scribes worketh for falsehood)

8:9 The wise [H2450] [men] are ashamed [H3001] , they are dismayed [H2865] and taken [H3920] : lo, they have rejected [H3988] the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] ; and what wisdom [H2451] [is] in them?(The wise: or, Have they been ashamed, etc)(what: Heb. the wisdom of what thing)

8:10 Therefore will I give [H5414] their wives [H802] unto others [H312] , [and] their fields [H7704] to them that shall inherit [H3423] [them]: for every one from the least [H6996] even unto the greatest [H1419] is given [H1214] to covetousness [H1215] , from the prophet [H5030] even unto the priest [H3548] every one dealeth [H6213] falsely [H8267] .

8:11 For they have healed [H7495] the hurt [H7667] of the daughter [H1323] of my people [H5971] slightly [H7043] , saying [H559] , Peace [H7965] , peace [H7965] ; when [there is] no peace [H7965] .

8:12 Were they ashamed [H3001] when they had committed [H6213] abomination [H8441] ? nay, they were not at all [H954] ashamed [H954] , neither could [H3045] they blush [H3637] : therefore shall they fall [H5307] among them that fall [H5307] : in the time [H6256] of their visitation [H6486] they shall be cast down [H3782] , saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] .(I will: or, In gathering I will consume)

8:13 I will surely [H622] consume [H5486] them, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] : [there shall be] no grapes [H6025] on the vine [H1612] , nor figs [H8384] on the fig tree [H8384] , and the leaf [H5929] shall fade [H5034] ; and [the things that] I have given [H5414] them shall pass away [H5674] from them.

8:14 Why do we sit still [H3427] ? assemble [H622] yourselves, and let us enter [H935] into the defenced [H4013] cities [H5892] , and let us be silent [H1826] there: for the LORD [H3068] our God [H430] hath put us to silence [H1826] , and given us water [H4325] of gall [H7219] to drink [H8248] , because we have sinned [H2398] against the LORD [H3068] .(gall: or, poison)

8:15 We looked [H6960] for peace [H7965] , but no good [H2896] [came; and] for a time [H6256] of health [H4832] , and behold trouble [H1205] !

8:16 The snorting [H5170] of his horses [H5483] was heard [H8085] from Dan [H1835] : the whole land [H776] trembled [H7493] at the sound [H6963] of the neighing [H4684] of his strong ones [H47] ; for they are come [H935] , and have devoured [H398] the land [H776] , and all [H4393] that is in it; the city [H5892] , and those that dwell [H3427] therein.(all: Heb. the fulness thereof)

8:17 For, behold, I will send [H7971] serpents [H5175] , cockatrices [H6848] , among you, which [will] not [be] charmed [H3908] , and they shall bite [H5391] you, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] .

8:18 [When] I would comfort [H4010] myself against sorrow [H3015] , my heart [H3820] [is] faint [H1742] in me.(in: Heb. upon)

8:19 Behold the voice [H6963] of the cry [H7775] of the daughter [H1323] of my people [H5971] because of them that dwell in a far [H4801] country [H776] : [Is] not the LORD [H3068] in Zion [H6726] ? [is] not her king [H4428] in her? Why have they provoked me to anger [H3707] with their graven images [H6456] , [and] with strange [H5236] vanities [H1892] ?(them: Heb. the country of them that are far off)

8:20 The harvest [H7105] is past [H5674] , the summer [H7019] is ended [H3615] , and we are not saved [H3467] .

8:21 For the hurt [H7667] of the daughter [H1323] of my people [H5971] am I hurt [H7665] ; I am black [H6937] ; astonishment [H8047] hath taken hold [H2388] on me.

8:22 [Is there] no balm [H6875] in Gilead [H1568] ; [is there] no physician [H7495] there? why then [H3588] is not the health [H724] of the daughter [H1323] of my people [H5971] recovered [H5927] ?(recovered: Heb. gone up?)