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31:1 At the same time [H6256] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , will I be the God [H430] of all the families [H4940] of Israel [H3478] , and they shall be my people [H5971] .

31:2 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , The people [H5971] [which were] left [H8300] of the sword [H2719] found [H4672] grace [H2580] in the wilderness [H4057] ; [even] Israel [H3478] , when I went [H1980] to cause him to rest [H7280] .

31:3 The LORD [H3068] hath appeared [H7200] of old [H7350] unto me, [saying], Yea, I have loved [H157] thee with an everlasting [H5769] love [H160] : therefore with lovingkindness [H2617] have I drawn [H4900] thee.(of: Heb. from afar)(with lovingkindness: have I extended lovingkindness unto thee)

31:4 Again I will build [H1129] thee, and thou shalt be built [H1129] , O virgin [H1330] of Israel [H3478] : thou shalt again be adorned [H5710] with thy tabrets [H8596] , and shalt go forth [H3318] in the dances [H4234] of them that make merry [H7832] .(tabrets: or, timbrels)

31:5 Thou shalt yet plant [H5193] vines [H3754] upon the mountains [H2022] of Samaria [H8111] : the planters [H5193] shall plant [H5193] , and shall eat [them] as common things [H2490] .(eat: Heb. profane them)

31:6 For there shall be [H3426] a day [H3117] , [that] the watchmen [H5341] upon the mount [H2022] Ephraim [H669] shall cry [H7121] , Arise [H6965] ye, and let us go up [H5927] to Zion [H6726] unto the LORD [H3068] our God [H430] .

31:7 For thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] ; Sing [H7442] with gladness [H8057] for Jacob [H3290] , and shout [H6670] among the chief [H7218] of the nations [H1471] : publish [H8085] ye, praise [H1984] ye, and say [H559] , O LORD [H3068] , save [H3467] thy people [H5971] , the remnant [H7611] of Israel [H3478] .

31:8 Behold, I will bring [H935] them from the north [H6828] country [H776] , and gather [H6908] them from the coasts [H3411] of the earth [H776] , [and] with them the blind [H5787] and the lame [H6455] , the woman with child [H2030] and her that travaileth with child [H3205] together [H3162] : a great [H1419] company [H6951] shall return [H7725] thither.

31:9 They shall come [H935] with weeping [H1065] , and with supplications [H8469] will I lead [H2986] them: I will cause them to walk [H3212] by the rivers [H5158] of waters [H4325] in a straight [H3477] way [H1870] , wherein they shall not stumble [H3782] : for I am a father [H1] to Israel [H3478] , and Ephraim [H669] [is] my firstborn [H1060] .(supplications: or, favours)

31:10 Hear [H8085] the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] , O ye nations [H1471] , and declare [H5046] [it] in the isles [H339] afar off [H4801] , and say [H559] , He that scattered [H2219] Israel [H3478] will gather [H6908] him, and keep [H8104] him, as a shepherd [H7462] [doth] his flock [H5739] .

31:11 For the LORD [H3068] hath redeemed [H6299] Jacob [H3290] , and ransomed [H1350] him from the hand [H3027] of [him that was] stronger [H2389] than he.

31:12 Therefore they shall come [H935] and sing [H7442] in the height [H4791] of Zion [H6726] , and shall flow together [H5102] to the goodness [H2898] of the LORD [H3068] , for wheat [H1715] , and for wine [H8492] , and for oil [H3323] , and for the young [H1121] of the flock [H6629] and of the herd [H1241] : and their soul [H5315] shall be as a watered [H7302] garden [H1588] ; and they shall not sorrow [H1669] any more [H3254] at all.

31:13 Then shall the virgin [H1330] rejoice [H8055] in the dance [H4234] , both young men [H970] and old [H2205] together [H3162] : for I will turn [H2015] their mourning [H60] into joy [H8342] , and will comfort [H5162] them, and make them rejoice [H8055] from their sorrow [H3015] .

31:14 And I will satiate [H7301] the soul [H5315] of the priests [H3548] with fatness [H1880] , and my people [H5971] shall be satisfied [H7646] with my goodness [H2898] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] .

31:15 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] ; A voice [H6963] was heard [H8085] in Ramah [H7414] , lamentation [H5092] , [and] bitter [H8563] weeping [H1065] ; Rahel [H7354] weeping [H1058] for her children [H1121] refused [H3985] to be comforted [H5162] for her children [H1121] , because they [were] not.

31:16 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] ; Refrain [H4513] thy voice [H6963] from weeping [H1065] , and thine eyes [H5869] from tears [H1832] : for thy work [H6468] shall be [H3426] rewarded [H7939] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] ; and they shall come again [H7725] from the land [H776] of the enemy [H341] .

31:17 And there is [H3426] hope [H8615] in thine end [H319] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , that thy children [H1121] shall come again [H7725] to their own border [H1366] .

31:18 I have surely [H8085] heard [H8085] Ephraim [H669] bemoaning [H5110] himself [thus]; Thou hast chastised [H3256] me, and I was chastised [H3256] , as a bullock [H5695] unaccustomed [H3808] [H3925] [to the yoke]: turn [H7725] thou me, and I shall be turned [H7725] ; for thou [art] the LORD [H3068] my God [H430] .

31:19 Surely after [H310] that I was turned [H7725] , I repented [H5162] ; and after [H310] that I was instructed [H3045] , I smote [H5606] upon [my] thigh [H3409] : I was ashamed [H954] , yea, even confounded [H3637] , because I did bear [H5375] the reproach [H2781] of my youth [H5271] .

31:20 [Is] Ephraim [H669] my dear [H3357] son [H1121] ? [is he] a pleasant [H8191] child [H3206] ? for since [H1767] I spake [H1696] against him, I do earnestly [H2142] remember [H2142] him still: therefore my bowels [H4578] are troubled [H1993] for him; I will surely [H7355] have mercy [H7355] upon him, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] .(are: Heb. sound)

31:21 Set thee up [H5324] waymarks [H6725] , make [H7760] thee high heaps [H8564] : set [H7896] thine heart [H3820] toward the highway [H4546] , [even] the way [H1870] [which] thou wentest [H1980] : turn again [H7725] , O virgin [H1330] of Israel [H3478] , turn again [H7725] to these thy cities [H5892] .

31:22 How long wilt thou go about [H2559] , O thou backsliding [H7728] daughter [H1323] ? for the LORD [H3068] hath created [H1254] a new thing [H2319] in the earth [H776] , A woman [H5347] shall compass [H5437] a man [H1397] .

31:23 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] ; As yet they shall use [H559] this speech [H1697] in the land [H776] of Judah [H3063] and in the cities [H5892] thereof, when I shall bring again [H7725] their captivity [H7622] ; The LORD [H3068] bless [H1288] thee, O habitation [H5116] of justice [H6664] , [and] mountain [H2022] of holiness [H6944] .

31:24 And there shall dwell [H3427] in Judah [H3063] itself, and in all the cities [H5892] thereof together [H3162] , husbandmen [H406] , and they [that] go forth [H5265] with flocks [H5739] .

31:25 For I have satiated [H7301] the weary [H5889] soul [H5315] , and I have replenished [H4390] every sorrowful [H1669] soul [H5315] .

31:26 Upon this I awaked [H6974] , and beheld [H7200] ; and my sleep [H8142] was sweet [H6149] unto me.

31:27 Behold, the days [H3117] come [H935] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , that I will sow [H2232] the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] and the house [H1004] of Judah [H3063] with the seed [H2233] of man [H120] , and with the seed [H2233] of beast [H929] .

31:28 And it shall come to pass, [that] like as I have watched over [H8245] them, to pluck up [H5428] , and to break down [H5422] , and to throw down [H2040] , and to destroy [H6] , and to afflict [H7489] ; so will I watch over [H8245] them, to build [H1129] , and to plant [H5193] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] .

31:29 In those days [H3117] they shall say [H559] no more, The fathers [H1] have eaten [H398] a sour grape [H1155] , and the children's [H1121] teeth [H8127] are set on edge [H6949] .

31:30 But every one [H376] shall die [H4191] for his own iniquity [H5771] : every man [H120] that eateth [H398] the sour grape [H1155] , his teeth [H8127] shall be set on edge [H6949] .

31:31 Behold, the days [H3117] come [H935] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , that I will make [H3772] a new [H2319] covenant [H1285] with the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , and with the house [H1004] of Judah [H3063] :

31:32 Not according to the covenant [H1285] that I made [H3772] with their fathers [H1] in the day [H3117] [that] I took [H2388] them by the hand [H3027] to bring them out [H3318] of the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] ; which my covenant [H1285] they brake [H6565] , although I was an husband [H1166] unto them, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] :(although: or, should I have continued an husband unto them?)

31:33 But this [shall be] the covenant [H1285] that I will make [H3772] with the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] ; After [H310] those days [H3117] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , I will put [H5414] my law [H8451] in their inward parts [H7130] , and write [H3789] it in their hearts [H3820] ; and will be their God [H430] , and they shall be my people [H5971] .

31:34 And they shall teach [H3925] no more every man [H376] his neighbour [H7453] , and every man [H376] his brother [H251] , saying [H559] , Know [H3045] the LORD [H3068] : for they shall all know [H3045] me, from the least [H6996] of them unto the greatest [H1419] of them, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] : for I will forgive [H5545] their iniquity [H5771] , and I will remember [H2142] their sin [H2403] no more.

31:35 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , which giveth [H5414] the sun [H8121] for a light [H216] by day [H3119] , [and] the ordinances [H2708] of the moon [H3394] and of the stars [H3556] for a light [H216] by night [H3915] , which divideth [H7280] the sea [H3220] when the waves [H1530] thereof roar [H1993] ; The LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] [is] his name [H8034] :

31:36 If those ordinances [H2706] depart [H4185] from before [H6440] me, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , [then] the seed [H2233] of Israel [H3478] also shall cease [H7673] from being a nation [H1471] before [H6440] me for ever [H3117] .

31:37 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] ; If heaven [H8064] above [H4605] can be measured [H4058] , and the foundations [H4146] of the earth [H776] searched out [H2713] beneath [H4295] , I will also cast off [H3988] all the seed [H2233] of Israel [H3478] for all that they have done [H6213] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] .

31:38 Behold, the days [H3117] come [H935] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , that the city [H5892] shall be built [H1129] to the LORD [H3068] from the tower [H4026] of Hananeel [H2606] unto the gate [H8179] of the corner [H6438] .

31:39 And the measuring [H4060] line [H6957] [H6961] shall yet go forth [H3318] over against it upon the hill [H1389] Gareb [H1619] , and shall compass about [H5437] to Goath [H1601] .

31:40 And the whole valley [H6010] of the dead bodies [H6297] , and of the ashes [H1880] , and all the fields [H7709] [H8309] unto the brook [H5158] of Kidron [H6939] , unto the corner [H6438] of the horse [H5483] gate [H8179] toward the east [H4217] , [shall be] holy [H6944] unto the LORD [H3068] ; it shall not be plucked up [H5428] , nor thrown down [H2040] any more for ever [H5769] .