KJV JER20 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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20:1 Now Pashur [H6583] the son [H1121] of Immer [H564] the priest [H3548] , who [was] also chief [H6496] governor [H5057] in the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] , heard [H8085] that Jeremiah [H3414] prophesied [H5012] these things [H1697] .

20:2 Then Pashur [H6583] smote [H5221] Jeremiah [H3414] the prophet [H5030] , and put [H5414] him in the stocks [H4115] that [were] in the high [H5945] gate [H8179] of Benjamin [H1144] , which [was] by the house [H1004] of the LORD [H3068] .

20:3 And it came to pass on the morrow [H4283] , that Pashur [H6583] brought forth [H3318] Jeremiah [H3414] out of the stocks [H4115] . Then said [H559] Jeremiah [H3414] unto him, The LORD [H3068] hath not called [H7121] thy name [H8034] Pashur [H6583] , but Magormissabib [H4036] .(Magormissabib: that is, Fear round about)

20:4 For thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , Behold, I will make [H5414] thee a terror [H4032] to thyself, and to all thy friends [H157] : and they shall fall [H5307] by the sword [H2719] of their enemies [H341] , and thine eyes [H5869] shall behold [H7200] [it]: and I will give [H5414] all Judah [H3063] into the hand [H3027] of the king [H4428] of Babylon [H894] , and he shall carry them captive [H1540] into Babylon [H894] , and shall slay [H5221] them with the sword [H2719] .

20:5 Moreover I will deliver [H5414] all the strength [H2633] of this city [H5892] , and all the labours [H3018] thereof, and all the precious things [H3366] thereof, and all the treasures [H214] of the kings [H4428] of Judah [H3063] will I give [H5414] into the hand [H3027] of their enemies [H341] , which shall spoil [H962] them, and take [H3947] them, and carry [H935] them to Babylon [H894] .

20:6 And thou, Pashur [H6583] , and all that dwell [H3427] in thine house [H1004] shall go [H3212] into captivity [H7628] : and thou shalt come [H935] to Babylon [H894] , and there thou shalt die [H4191] , and shalt be buried [H6912] there, thou, and all thy friends [H157] , to whom thou hast prophesied [H5012] lies [H8267] .

20:7 O LORD [H3068] , thou hast deceived [H6601] me, and I was deceived [H6601] : thou art stronger [H2388] than I, and hast prevailed [H3201] : I am in derision [H7814] daily [H3117] , every one mocketh [H3932] me.(was deceived: or, was enticed)

20:8 For since [H1767] I spake [H1696] , I cried out [H2199] , I cried [H7121] violence [H2555] and spoil [H7701] ; because the word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] was made a reproach [H2781] unto me, and a derision [H7047] , daily [H3117] .

20:9 Then I said [H559] , I will not make mention [H2142] of him, nor speak [H1696] any more in his name [H8034] . But [his word] was in mine heart [H3820] as a burning [H1197] fire [H784] shut up [H6113] in my bones [H6106] , and I was weary [H3811] with forbearing [H3557] , and I could [H3201] not [stay].

20:10 For I heard [H8085] the defaming [H1681] of many [H7227] , fear [H4032] on every side [H5439] . Report [H5046] , [say they], and we will report [H5046] it. All my familiars [H582] [H7965] watched [H8104] for my halting [H6763] [H6761] , [saying], Peradventure he will be enticed [H6601] , and we shall prevail [H3201] against him, and we shall take [H3947] our revenge [H5360] on him.(All: Heb. Every man of my peace)

20:11 But the LORD [H3068] [is] with me as a mighty [H1368] terrible one [H6184] : therefore my persecutors [H7291] shall stumble [H3782] , and they shall not prevail [H3201] : they shall be greatly [H3966] ashamed [H954] ; for they shall not prosper [H7919] : [their] everlasting [H5769] confusion [H3639] shall never be forgotten [H7911] .

20:12 But, O LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , that triest [H974] the righteous [H6662] , [and] seest [H7200] the reins [H3629] and the heart [H3820] , let me see [H7200] thy vengeance [H5360] on them: for unto thee have I opened [H1540] my cause [H7379] .

20:13 Sing [H7891] unto the LORD [H3068] , praise [H1984] ye the LORD [H3068] : for he hath delivered [H5337] the soul [H5315] of the poor [H34] from the hand [H3027] of evildoers [H7489] .

20:14 Cursed [H779] [be] the day [H3117] wherein I was born [H3205] : let not the day [H3117] wherein my mother [H517] bare [H3205] me be blessed [H1288] .

20:15 Cursed [H779] [be] the man [H376] who brought tidings [H1319] to my father [H1] , saying [H559] , A man [H2145] child [H1121] is born [H3205] unto thee; making him very [H8055] glad [H8055] .

20:16 And let that man [H376] be as the cities [H5892] which the LORD [H3068] overthrew [H2015] , and repented [H5162] not: and let him hear [H8085] the cry [H2201] in the morning [H1242] , and the shouting [H8643] at noontide [H6256] [H6672] ;

20:17 Because he slew [H4191] me not from the womb [H7358] ; or that my mother [H517] might have been my grave [H6913] , and her womb [H7358] [to be] always [H5769] great [H2030] [with me].

20:18 Wherefore came I forth [H3318] out of the womb [H7358] to see [H7200] labour [H5999] and sorrow [H3015] , that my days [H3117] should be consumed [H3615] with shame [H1322] ?