KJV JER16 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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16:1 The word [H1697] of the LORD [H3068] came also unto me, saying [H559] ,

16:2 Thou shalt not take [H3947] thee a wife [H802] , neither shalt thou have sons [H1121] or daughters [H1323] in this place [H4725] .

16:3 For thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] concerning the sons [H1121] and concerning the daughters [H1323] that are born [H3205] in this place [H4725] , and concerning their mothers [H517] that bare [H3205] them, and concerning their fathers [H1] that begat [H3209] them in this land [H776] ;

16:4 They shall die [H4191] of grievous [H8463] deaths [H4463] ; they shall not be lamented [H5594] ; neither shall they be buried [H6912] ; [but] they shall be as dung [H1828] upon the face [H6440] of the earth [H127] : and they shall be consumed [H3615] by the sword [H2719] , and by famine [H7458] ; and their carcases [H5038] shall be meat [H3978] for the fowls [H5775] of heaven [H8064] , and for the beasts [H929] of the earth [H776] .

16:5 For thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , Enter [H935] not into the house [H1004] of mourning [H4798] , neither go [H3212] to lament [H5594] nor bemoan [H5110] them: for I have taken away [H622] my peace [H7965] from this people [H5971] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , [even] lovingkindness [H2617] and mercies [H7356] .(mourning: or, mourning feast)

16:6 Both the great [H1419] and the small [H6996] shall die [H4191] in this land [H776] : they shall not be buried [H6912] , neither shall [men] lament [H5594] for them, nor cut [H1413] themselves, nor make themselves bald [H7139] for them:

16:7 Neither shall [men] tear [H6536] [themselves] for them in mourning [H60] , to comfort [H5162] them for the dead [H4191] ; neither shall [men] give them the cup [H3563] of consolation [H8575] to drink [H8248] for their father [H1] or for their mother [H517] .(tear: or, break bread for them)

16:8 Thou shalt not also go [H935] into the house [H1004] of feasting [H4960] , to sit [H3427] with them to eat [H398] and to drink [H8354] .

16:9 For thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] ; Behold, I will cause to cease [H7673] out of this place [H4725] in your eyes [H5869] , and in your days [H3117] , the voice [H6963] of mirth [H8342] , and the voice [H6963] of gladness [H8057] , the voice [H6963] of the bridegroom [H2860] , and the voice [H6963] of the bride [H3618] .

16:10 And it shall come to pass, when thou shalt shew [H5046] this people [H5971] all these words [H1697] , and they shall say [H559] unto thee, Wherefore hath the LORD [H3068] pronounced [H1696] all this great [H1419] evil [H7451] against us? or what [is] our iniquity [H5771] ? or what [is] our sin [H2403] that we have committed [H2398] against the LORD [H3068] our God [H430] ?

16:11 Then shalt thou say [H559] unto them, Because your fathers [H1] have forsaken [H5800] me, saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , and have walked [H3212] after [H310] other [H312] gods [H430] , and have served [H5647] them, and have worshipped [H7812] them, and have forsaken [H5800] me, and have not kept [H8104] my law [H8451] ;

16:12 And ye have done [H6213] worse [H7489] than your fathers [H1] ; for, behold [H2009] , ye walk [H1980] every one [H376] after [H310] the imagination [H8307] of his evil [H7451] heart [H3820] , that they may not hearken [H8085] unto me:(imagination: or, stubbornness)

16:13 Therefore will I cast [H2904] you out of this land [H776] into a land [H776] that ye know [H3045] not, [neither] ye nor your fathers [H1] ; and there shall ye serve [H5647] other [H312] gods [H430] day [H3119] and night [H3915] ; where I will not shew [H5414] you favour [H2594] .

16:14 Therefore, behold, the days [H3117] come [H935] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , that it shall no more be said [H559] , The LORD [H3068] liveth [H2416] , that brought up [H5927] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] out of the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] ;

16:15 But, The LORD [H3068] liveth [H2416] , that brought up [H5927] the children [H1121] of Israel [H3478] from the land [H776] of the north [H6828] , and from all the lands [H776] whither he had driven [H5080] them: and I will bring them again [H7725] into their land [H127] that I gave [H5414] unto their fathers [H1] .

16:16 Behold, I will send [H7971] for many [H7227] fishers [H1771] [H1728] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , and they shall fish [H1770] them; and after [H310] will I send [H7971] for many [H7227] hunters [H6719] , and they shall hunt [H6679] them from every mountain [H2022] , and from every hill [H1389] , and out of the holes [H5357] of the rocks [H5553] .

16:17 For mine eyes [H5869] [are] upon all their ways [H1870] : they are not hid [H5641] from my face [H6440] , neither is their iniquity [H5771] hid [H6845] from [H5048] mine eyes [H5869] .

16:18 And first [H7223] I will recompense [H7999] their iniquity [H5771] and their sin [H2403] double [H4932] ; because they have defiled [H2490] my land [H776] , they have filled [H4390] mine inheritance [H5159] with the carcases [H5038] of their detestable [H8251] and abominable things [H8441] .

16:19 O LORD [H3068] , my strength [H5797] , and my fortress [H4581] , and my refuge [H4498] in the day [H3117] of affliction [H6869] , the Gentiles [H1471] shall come [H935] unto thee from the ends [H657] of the earth [H776] , and shall say [H559] , Surely our fathers [H1] have inherited [H5157] lies [H8267] , vanity [H1892] , and [things] wherein [there is] no profit [H3276] .

16:20 Shall a man [H120] make [H6213] gods [H430] unto himself, and they [are] no gods [H430] ?

16:21 Therefore, behold, I will this once [H6471] cause them to know [H3045] , I will cause them to know [H3045] mine hand [H3027] and my might [H1369] ; and they shall know [H3045] that my name [H8034] [is] The LORD [H3068] .(The LORD: or, JEHOVAH)