KJV JAM4 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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4:1 From whence [G4159] [come] wars [G4171] and [G2532] fightings [G3163] among [G1722] you [G5213] ? [come they] not [G3756] hence [G1782] , [even] of [G1537] your [G5216] lusts [G2237] that war [G4754] in [G1722] your [G5216] members [G3196] ?(fightings: or, brawlings)(lusts: or, pleasures)

4:2 Ye lust [G1937] , and [G2532] have [G2192] not [G3756] : ye kill [G5407] , and [G2532] desire to have [G2206] , and [G2532] cannot [G3756] [G1410] obtain [G2013] : ye fight [G3164] and [G2532] war [G4170] , yet [G1161] ye have [G2192] not [G3756] , because [G1223] ye [G5209] ask [G154] not [G3361] .

4:3 Ye ask [G154] , and [G2532] receive [G2983] not [G3756] , because [G1360] ye ask [G154] amiss [G2560] , that [G2443] ye may consume [G1159] [it] upon [G1722] your [G5216] lusts [G2237] .(lusts: or, pleasures)

4:4 Ye adulterers [G3432] and [G2532] adulteresses [G3428] , know ye [G1492] not [G3756] that [G3754] the friendship [G5373] of the world [G2889] is [G2076] enmity [G2189] with God [G2316] ? whosoever [G3739] [G302] therefore [G3767] will be [G1511] [G1014] a friend [G5384] of the world [G2889] is [G2525] the enemy [G2190] of God [G2316] .

4:5 [G2228] Do ye think [G1380] that [G3754] the scripture [G1124] saith [G3004] in vain [G2761] , The spirit [G4151] that [G3739] dwelleth [G2730] in [G1722] us [G2254] lusteth [G1971] to [G4314] envy [G5355] ?(to envy: or, enviously?)(to envy: or, enviously)

4:6 But [G1161] he giveth [G1325] more [G3187] grace [G5485] . Wherefore [G1352] he saith [G3004] , God [G2316] resisteth [G498] the proud [G5244] , but [G1161] giveth [G1325] grace [G5485] unto the humble [G5011] .

4:7 Submit yourselves [G5293] therefore [G3767] to God [G2316] . Resist [G436] the devil [G1228] , and [G2532] he will flee [G5343] from [G575] you [G5216] .

4:8 Draw nigh [G1448] to God [G2316] , and [G2532] he will draw nigh [G1448] to you [G5213] . Cleanse [G2511] [your] hands [G5495] , [ye] sinners [G268] ; and [G2532] purify [G48] [your] hearts [G2588] , [ye] double minded [G1374] .

4:9 Be afflicted [G5003] , and [G2532] mourn [G3996] , and [G2532] weep [G2799] : let your [G5216] laughter [G1071] be turned [G3344] to [G1519] mourning [G3997] , and [G2532] [your] joy [G5479] to [G1519] heaviness [G2726] .

4:10 Humble yourselves [G5013] in the sight [G1799] of the Lord [G2962] , and [G2532] he shall lift [G5312] you [G5209] up [G5312] .

4:11 Speak [G2635] not [G3361] evil [G2635] one of another [G240] , brethren [G80] . He that speaketh evil [G2635] of [his] brother [G80] , and [G2532] judgeth [G2919] his [G846] brother [G80] , speaketh evil [G2635] of the law [G3551] , and [G2532] judgeth [G2919] the law [G3551] : but [G1161] if [G1487] thou judge [G2919] the law [G3551] , thou art [G1488] not [G3756] a doer [G4163] of the law [G3551] , but [G235] a judge [G2923] .

4:12 There is [G2076] one [G1520] lawgiver [G3550] , who [G3588] is able [G1410] to save [G4982] and [G2532] to destroy [G622] : who [G5101] art [G1488] thou [G4771] that [G3739] judgest [G2919] another [G2087] ?

4:13 Go to [G33] now [G3568] , ye that say [G3004] , To day [G4594] or [G2532] to morrow [G839] we will go [G4198] into [G1519] such [G3592] a city [G4172] , and [G2532] continue [G4160] [G4160] there [G1563] a [G1520] year [G1763] , and [G2532] buy and sell [G1710] [G1710] , and [G2532] get gain [G2770] [G2770] :

4:14 Whereas [G3748] ye know [G1987] not [G3756] what [G3588] [shall be] on the morrow [G839] . For [G1063] what [G4169] [is] your [G5216] life [G2222] ? It is [G2076] even [G1063] a vapour [G822] , that [G4314] appeareth for [G5316] a little time [G3641] , and [G1161] then [G1899] vanisheth away [G853] .(It: or, For it is)

4:15 For that [G473] ye [G5209] [ought] to say [G3004] , If [G1437] the Lord [G2962] will [G2309] , [G2532] we shall live [G2198] [G2198] , and [G2532] do [G4160] [G4160] this [G5124] , or [G2228] that [G1565] .

4:16 But [G1161] now [G3568] ye rejoice [G2744] in [G1722] your [G5216] boastings [G212] : all [G3956] such [G5108] rejoicing [G2746] is [G2076] evil [G4190] .

4:17 Therefore [G3767] to him that knoweth [G1492] to do [G4160] good [G2570] , and [G2532] doeth [G4160] [it] not [G3361] , to him [G846] it is [G2076] sin [G266] .