KJV ISA55 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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55:1 Ho [H1945] , every one that thirsteth [H6771] , come [H3212] ye to the waters [H4325] , and he that hath no money [H3701] ; come [H3212] ye, buy [H7666] , and eat [H398] ; yea, come [H3212] , buy [H7666] wine [H3196] and milk [H2461] without money [H3701] and without price [H4242] .

55:2 Wherefore do ye spend [H8254] money [H3701] for [that which is] not bread [H3899] ? and your labour [H3018] for [that which] satisfieth [H7654] not [H3808] ? hearken [H8085] diligently [H8085] unto me, and eat [H398] ye [that which is] good [H2896] , and let your soul [H5315] delight [H6026] itself in fatness [H1880] .(spend: Heb. weigh)

55:3 Incline [H5186] your ear [H241] , and come [H3212] unto me: hear [H8085] , and your soul [H5315] shall live [H2421] ; and I will make [H3772] an everlasting [H5769] covenant [H1285] with you, [even] the sure [H539] mercies [H2617] of David [H1732] .

55:4 Behold, I have given [H5414] him [for] a witness [H5707] to the people [H3816] , a leader [H5057] and commander [H6680] to the people [H3816] .

55:5 Behold, thou shalt call [H7121] a nation [H1471] [that] thou knowest [H3045] not, and nations [H1471] [that] knew [H3045] not thee shall run [H7323] unto thee because of the LORD [H3068] thy God [H430] , and for the Holy One [H6918] of Israel [H3478] ; for he hath glorified [H6286] thee.

55:6 Seek [H1875] ye the LORD [H3068] while he may be found [H4672] , call [H7121] ye upon him while he is near [H7138] :

55:7 Let the wicked [H7563] forsake [H5800] his way [H1870] , and the unrighteous [H205] man [H376] his thoughts [H4284] : and let him return [H7725] unto the LORD [H3068] , and he will have mercy [H7355] upon him; and to our God [H430] , for he will abundantly [H7235] pardon [H5545] .(the unrighteous: Heb. the man of iniquity)(abundantly: Heb. multiply to pardon)

55:8 For my thoughts [H4284] [are] not your thoughts [H4284] , neither [are] your ways [H1870] my ways [H1870] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] .

55:9 For [as] the heavens [H8064] are higher [H1361] than the earth [H776] , so are my ways [H1870] higher [H1361] than your ways [H1870] , and my thoughts [H4284] than your thoughts [H4284] .

55:10 For as the rain [H1653] cometh down [H3381] , and the snow [H7950] from heaven [H8064] , and returneth [H7725] not thither, but watereth [H7301] the earth [H776] , and maketh it bring forth [H3205] and bud [H6779] , that it may give [H5414] seed [H2233] to the sower [H2232] , and bread [H3899] to the eater [H398] :

55:11 So shall my word [H1697] be that goeth forth [H3318] out of my mouth [H6310] : it shall not return [H7725] unto me void [H7387] , but it shall accomplish [H6213] that which I please [H2654] , and it shall prosper [H6743] [in the thing] whereto I sent [H7971] it.

55:12 For ye shall go out [H3318] with joy [H8057] , and be led forth [H2986] with peace [H7965] : the mountains [H2022] and the hills [H1389] shall break forth [H6476] before [H6440] you into singing [H7440] , and all the trees [H6086] of the field [H7704] shall clap [H4222] [their] hands [H3709] .

55:13 Instead of the thorn [H5285] shall come up [H5927] the fir tree [H1265] , and instead of the brier [H5636] shall come up [H5927] the myrtle tree [H1918] : and it shall be to the LORD [H3068] for a name [H8034] , for an everlasting [H5769] sign [H226] [that] shall not be cut off [H3772] .