KJV ISA49 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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49:1 Listen [H8085] , O isles [H339] , unto me; and hearken [H7181] , ye people [H3816] , from far [H7350] ; The LORD [H3068] hath called [H7121] me from the womb [H990] ; from the bowels [H4578] of my mother [H517] hath he made mention [H2142] of my name [H8034] .

49:2 And he hath made [H7760] my mouth [H6310] like a sharp [H2299] sword [H2719] ; in the shadow [H6738] of his hand [H3027] hath he hid [H2244] me, and made [H7760] me a polished [H1305] shaft [H2671] ; in his quiver [H827] hath he hid [H5641] me;

49:3 And said [H559] unto me, Thou [art] my servant [H5650] , O Israel [H3478] , in whom I will be glorified [H6286] .

49:4 Then I said [H559] , I have laboured [H3021] in vain [H7385] , I have spent [H3615] my strength [H3581] for nought [H8414] , and in vain [H1892] : [yet] surely [H403] my judgment [H4941] [is] with the LORD [H3068] , and my work [H6468] with my God [H430] .(my work: or, my reward)

49:5 And now, saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] that formed [H3335] me from the womb [H990] [to be] his servant [H5650] , to bring [H7725] Jacob [H3290] again [H7725] to him, Though Israel [H3478] be not gathered [H622] , yet shall I be glorious [H3513] in the eyes [H5869] of the LORD [H3068] , and my God [H430] shall be my strength [H5797] .(Though: or, That Israel may be gathered to him, and I may, etc)

49:6 And he said [H559] , It is a light thing [H7043] that thou shouldest be my servant [H5650] to raise up [H6965] the tribes [H7626] of Jacob [H3290] , and to restore [H7725] the preserved [H5341] [H5336] of Israel [H3478] : I will also give [H5414] thee for a light [H216] to the Gentiles [H1471] , that thou mayest be my salvation [H3444] unto the end [H7097] of the earth [H776] .(It is: or, Art thou lighter than that thou shouldest, etc)(preserved: or, desolations)

49:7 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , the Redeemer [H1350] of Israel [H3478] , [and] his Holy One [H6918] , to him whom man [H5315] despiseth [H960] , to him whom the nation [H1471] abhorreth [H8581] , to a servant [H5650] of rulers [H4910] , Kings [H4428] shall see [H7200] and arise [H6965] , princes [H8269] also shall worship [H7812] , because of the LORD [H3068] that is faithful [H539] , [and] the Holy One [H6918] of Israel [H3478] , and he shall choose [H977] thee.(whom man: or, that is despised in soul)

49:8 Thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , In an acceptable [H7522] time [H6256] have I heard [H6030] thee, and in a day [H3117] of salvation [H3444] have I helped [H5826] thee: and I will preserve [H5341] thee, and give [H5414] thee for a covenant [H1285] of the people [H5971] , to establish [H6965] the earth [H776] , to cause to inherit [H5157] the desolate [H8074] heritages [H5159] ;(establish: or, raise up)

49:9 That thou mayest say [H559] to the prisoners [H631] , Go forth [H3318] ; to them that [are] in darkness [H2822] , Shew [H1540] yourselves. They shall feed [H7462] in the ways [H1870] , and their pastures [H4830] [shall be] in all high places [H8205] .

49:10 They shall not hunger [H7456] nor thirst [H6770] ; neither shall the heat [H8273] nor sun [H8121] smite [H5221] them: for he that hath mercy [H7355] on them shall lead [H5090] them, even by the springs [H4002] of water [H4325] shall he guide [H5095] them.

49:11 And I will make [H7760] all my mountains [H2022] a way [H1870] , and my highways [H4546] shall be exalted [H7311] .

49:12 Behold, these shall come [H935] from far [H7350] : and, lo, these from the north [H6828] and from the west [H3220] ; and these from the land [H776] of Sinim [H5515] .

49:13 Sing [H7442] , O heavens [H8064] ; and be joyful [H1523] , O earth [H776] ; and break forth [H6476] into singing [H7440] , O mountains [H2022] : for the LORD [H3068] hath comforted [H5162] his people [H5971] , and will have mercy [H7355] upon his afflicted [H6041] .

49:14 But Zion [H6726] said [H559] , The LORD [H3068] hath forsaken [H5800] me, and my Lord [H136] hath forgotten [H7911] me.

49:15 Can a woman [H802] forget [H7911] her sucking child [H5764] , that she should not have compassion [H7355] on the son [H1121] of her womb [H990] ? yea, they may forget [H7911] , yet will I not forget [H7911] thee.(that: Heb. from having compassion)

49:16 Behold, I have graven [H2710] thee upon the palms of [my] hands [H3709] ; thy walls [H2346] [are] continually [H8548] before me.

49:17 Thy children [H1121] shall make haste [H4116] ; thy destroyers [H2040] and they that made thee waste [H2717] shall go forth [H3318] of thee.

49:18 Lift up [H5375] thine eyes [H5869] round about [H5439] , and behold [H7200] : all these gather themselves together [H6908] , [and] come [H935] to thee. [As] I live [H2416] , saith [H5002] the LORD [H3068] , thou shalt surely clothe [H3847] thee with them all, as with an ornament [H5716] , and bind [H7194] them [on thee], as a bride [H3618] [doeth].

49:19 For thy waste [H2723] and thy desolate places [H8074] , and the land [H776] of thy destruction [H2035] , shall even now be too narrow [H3334] by reason of the inhabitants [H3427] , and they that swallowed thee up [H1104] shall be far away [H7368] .

49:20 The children [H1121] which thou shalt have, after thou hast lost [H7923] the other, shall say [H559] again in thine ears [H241] , The place [H4725] [is] too strait [H6862] for me: give [H5066] place [H4725] to me that I may dwell [H3427] .

49:21 Then shalt thou say [H559] in thine heart [H3824] , Who hath begotten [H3205] me these, seeing I have lost my children [H7921] , and am desolate [H1565] , a captive [H1540] , and removing to and fro [H5493] ? and who hath brought up [H1431] these? Behold, I was left [H7604] alone; these, where [H375] [had] they [been]?

49:22 Thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] , Behold, I will lift up [H5375] mine hand [H3027] to the Gentiles [H1471] , and set up [H7311] my standard [H5251] to the people [H5971] : and they shall bring [H935] thy sons [H1121] in [their] arms [H2684] , and thy daughters [H1323] shall be carried [H5375] upon [their] shoulders [H3802] .(arms: Heb. bosom)

49:23 And kings [H4428] shall be thy nursing fathers [H539] , and their queens [H8282] thy nursing mothers [H3243] : they shall bow down [H7812] to thee with [their] face [H639] toward the earth [H776] , and lick up [H3897] the dust [H6083] of thy feet [H7272] ; and thou shalt know [H3045] that I [am] the LORD [H3068] : for they shall not be ashamed [H954] that wait [H6960] for me.(nursing fathers: Heb. nourishers)(queens: Heb. princesses)

49:24 Shall the prey [H4455] be taken [H3947] from the mighty [H1368] , or the lawful [H6662] captive [H7628] delivered [H4422] ?(lawful: Heb. captivity of the just)

49:25 But thus saith [H559] the LORD [H3068] , Even the captives [H7628] of the mighty [H1368] shall be taken away [H3947] , and the prey [H4455] of the terrible [H6184] shall be delivered [H4422] : for I will contend [H7378] with him that contendeth [H3401] with thee, and I will save [H3467] thy children [H1121] .(captives: Heb. captivity)

49:26 And I will feed [H398] them that oppress [H3238] thee with their own flesh [H1320] ; and they shall be drunken [H7937] with their own blood [H1818] , as with sweet wine [H6071] : and all flesh [H1320] shall know [H3045] that I the LORD [H3068] [am] thy Saviour [H3467] and thy Redeemer [H1350] , the mighty One [H46] of Jacob [H3290] .(sweet: or, new)