KJV ISA46 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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46:1 Bel [H1078] boweth down [H3766] , Nebo [H5015] stoopeth [H7164] , their idols [H6091] were upon the beasts [H2416] , and upon the cattle [H929] : your carriages [H5385] [were] heavy loaden [H6006] ; [they are] a burden [H4853] to the weary [H5889] [beast].

46:2 They stoop [H7164] , they bow down [H3766] together [H3162] ; they could [H3201] not deliver [H4422] the burden [H4853] , but themselves [H5315] are gone [H1980] into captivity [H7628] .(themselves: Heb. their soul)

46:3 Hearken [H8085] unto me, O house [H1004] of Jacob [H3290] , and all the remnant [H7611] of the house [H1004] of Israel [H3478] , which are borne [H6006] [by me] from the belly [H990] , which are carried [H5375] from the womb [H7356] :

46:4 And [even] to [your] old age [H2209] I [am] he; and [even] to hoar hairs [H7872] will I carry [H5445] [you]: I have made [H6213] , and I will bear [H5375] ; even I will carry [H5445] , and will deliver [H4422] [you].

46:5 To whom will ye liken [H1819] me, and make [me] equal [H7737] , and compare [H4911] me, that we may be like [H1819] ?

46:6 They lavish [H2107] gold [H2091] out of the bag [H3599] , and weigh [H8254] silver [H3701] in the balance [H7070] , [and] hire [H7936] a goldsmith [H6884] ; and he maketh [H6213] it a god [H410] : they fall down [H5456] , yea, they worship [H7812] .

46:7 They bear [H5375] him upon the shoulder [H3802] , they carry [H5445] him, and set him in his place [H3240] , and he standeth [H5975] ; from his place [H4725] shall he not remove [H4185] : yea, [one] shall cry [H6817] unto him, yet can he not answer [H6030] , nor save [H3467] him out of his trouble [H6869] .

46:8 Remember [H2142] this, and shew yourselves men [H377] : bring [it] again [H7725] to mind [H3820] , O ye transgressors [H6586] .

46:9 Remember [H2142] the former things [H7223] of old [H5769] : for I [am] God [H410] , and [there is] none else; [I am] God [H430] , and [there is] none [H657] like [H3644] me,

46:10 Declaring [H5046] the end [H319] from the beginning [H7225] , and from ancient times [H6924] [the things] that are not [yet] done [H6213] , saying [H559] , My counsel [H6098] shall stand [H6965] , and I will do [H6213] all my pleasure [H2656] :

46:11 Calling [H7121] a ravenous bird [H5861] from the east [H4217] , the man [H376] that executeth my counsel [H6098] from a far [H4801] country [H776] : yea, I have spoken [H1696] [it], I will also bring [H935] it to pass; I have purposed [H3335] [it], I will also do [H6213] it.(that: Heb. of my counsel)

46:12 Hearken [H8085] unto me, ye stouthearted [H47] [H3820] , that [are] far from [H7350] righteousness [H6666] :

46:13 I bring near [H7126] my righteousness [H6666] ; it shall not be far off [H7368] , and my salvation [H8668] shall not tarry [H309] : and I will place [H5414] salvation [H8668] in Zion [H6726] for Israel [H3478] my glory [H8597] .