KJV ISA40 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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40:1 Comfort [H5162] ye, comfort [H5162] ye my people [H5971] , saith [H559] your God [H430] .

40:2 Speak [H1696] ye comfortably [H3820] to Jerusalem [H3389] , and cry [H7121] unto her, that her warfare [H6635] is accomplished [H4390] , that her iniquity [H5771] is pardoned [H7521] : for she hath received [H3947] of the LORD'S [H3068] hand [H3027] double [H3718] for all her sins [H2403] .(comfortably: Heb. to the heart)(warfare: or, appointed time)

40:3 The voice [H6963] of him that crieth [H7121] in the wilderness [H4057] , Prepare [H6437] ye the way [H1870] of the LORD [H3068] , make straight [H3474] in the desert [H6160] a highway [H4546] for our God [H430] .

40:4 Every valley [H1516] shall be exalted [H5375] , and every mountain [H2022] and hill [H1389] shall be made low [H8213] : and the crooked [H6121] shall be made straight [H4334] , and the rough places [H7406] plain [H1237] :(straight: or, a straight place)(plain: or, a plain place)

40:5 And the glory [H3519] of the LORD [H3068] shall be revealed [H1540] , and all flesh [H1320] shall see [H7200] [it] together [H3162] : for the mouth [H6310] of the LORD [H3068] hath spoken [H1696] [it].

40:6 The voice [H6963] said [H559] , Cry [H7121] . And he said [H559] , What shall I cry [H7121] ? All flesh [H1320] [is] grass [H2682] , and all the goodliness [H2617] thereof [is] as the flower [H6731] of the field [H7704] :

40:7 The grass [H2682] withereth [H3001] , the flower [H6731] fadeth [H5034] : because the spirit [H7307] of the LORD [H3068] bloweth [H5380] upon it: surely [H403] the people [H5971] [is] grass [H2682] .

40:8 The grass [H2682] withereth [H3001] , the flower [H6731] fadeth [H5034] : but the word [H1697] of our God [H430] shall stand [H6965] for ever [H5769] .

40:9 O Zion [H6726] , that bringest good tidings [H1319] , get thee up [H5927] into the high [H1364] mountain [H2022] ; O Jerusalem [H3389] , that bringest good tidings [H1319] , lift up [H7311] thy voice [H6963] with strength [H3581] ; lift [it] up [H7311] , be not afraid [H3372] ; say [H559] unto the cities [H5892] of Judah [H3063] , Behold your God [H430] !(O Zion: or, O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion)(O Jerusalem: or, O thou that tellest good tidings to Jerusalem)

40:10 Behold, the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] will come [H935] with strong [H2389] [hand], and his arm [H2220] shall rule [H4910] for him: behold, his reward [H7939] [is] with him, and his work [H6468] before [H6440] him.(with strong: or, against the strong)(his work: or, recompence for his work)

40:11 He shall feed [H7462] his flock [H5739] like a shepherd [H7462] : he shall gather [H6908] the lambs [H2922] with his arm [H2220] , and carry [H5375] [them] in his bosom [H2436] , [and] shall gently lead [H5095] those that are with young [H5763] .(that: or, that give suck)

40:12 Who hath measured [H4058] the waters [H4325] in the hollow of his hand [H8168] , and meted out [H8505] heaven [H8064] with the span [H2239] , and comprehended [H3557] the dust [H6083] of the earth [H776] in a measure [H7991] , and weighed [H8254] the mountains [H2022] in scales [H6425] , and the hills [H1389] in a balance [H3976] ?(a measure: Heb. a tierce)

40:13 Who hath directed [H8505] the Spirit [H7307] of the LORD [H3068] , or [being] his counsellor [H376] [H6098] hath taught [H3045] him?(his: Heb. man of his counsel)

40:14 With whom took he counsel [H3289] , and [who] instructed [H995] him, and taught [H3925] him in the path [H734] of judgment [H4941] , and taught [H3925] him knowledge [H1847] , and shewed [H3045] to him the way [H1870] of understanding [H8394] ?(instructed: Heb. made him understand)(understanding: Heb. understandings?)

40:15 Behold, the nations [H1471] [are] as a drop [H4752] of a bucket [H1805] , and are counted [H2803] as the small dust [H7834] of the balance [H3976] : behold, he taketh up [H5190] the isles [H339] as a very little thing [H1851] .

40:16 And Lebanon [H3844] [is] not [H369] sufficient [H1767] to burn [H1197] , nor the beasts [H2416] thereof sufficient [H1767] for a burnt offering [H5930] .

40:17 All nations [H1471] before him [are] as nothing; and they are counted [H2803] to him less than nothing [H657] , and vanity [H8414] .

40:18 To whom then will ye liken [H1819] God [H410] ? or what likeness [H1823] will ye compare [H6186] unto him?

40:19 The workman [H2796] melteth [H5258] a graven image [H6459] , and the goldsmith [H6884] spreadeth [H7554] it over with gold [H2091] , and casteth [H6884] silver [H3701] chains [H7577] .

40:20 He that [is] so impoverished [H5533] [H5534] that he hath no oblation [H8641] chooseth [H977] a tree [H6086] [that] will not rot [H7537] ; he seeketh [H1245] unto him a cunning [H2450] workman [H2796] to prepare [H3559] a graven image [H6459] , [that] shall not be moved [H4131] .(is so: Heb. is poor of oblation)

40:21 Have ye not known [H3045] ? have ye not heard [H8085] ? hath it not been told [H5046] you from the beginning [H7218] ? have ye not understood [H995] from the foundations [H4146] of the earth [H776] ?

40:22 [It is] he that sitteth [H3427] upon the circle [H2329] of the earth [H776] , and the inhabitants [H3427] thereof [are] as grasshoppers [H2284] ; that stretcheth out [H5186] the heavens [H8064] as a curtain [H1852] , and spreadeth them out [H4969] as a tent [H168] to dwell in [H3427] :(It is: or, Him that)

40:23 That bringeth [H5414] the princes [H7336] to nothing; he maketh [H6213] the judges [H8199] of the earth [H776] as vanity [H8414] .

40:24 Yea, they shall not be planted [H5193] ; yea, they shall not be sown [H2232] : yea, their stock [H1503] shall not take root [H8327] in the earth [H776] : and he shall also blow [H5398] upon them, and they shall wither [H3001] , and the whirlwind [H5591] shall take [H5375] them away as stubble [H7179] .

40:25 To whom then will ye liken [H1819] me, or shall I be equal [H7737] ? saith [H559] the Holy One [H6918] .

40:26 Lift up [H5375] your eyes [H5869] on high [H4791] , and behold [H7200] who hath created [H1254] these [things], that bringeth out [H3318] their host [H6635] by number [H4557] : he calleth [H7121] them all by names [H8034] by the greatness [H7230] of his might [H202] , for that [he is] strong [H533] in power [H3581] ; not one [H376] faileth [H5737] .

40:27 Why sayest [H559] thou, O Jacob [H3290] , and speakest [H1696] , O Israel [H3478] , My way [H1870] is hid [H5641] from the LORD [H3068] , and my judgment [H4941] is passed over [H5674] from my God [H430] ?

40:28 Hast thou not known [H3045] ? hast thou not heard [H8085] , [that] the everlasting [H5769] God [H430] , the LORD [H3068] , the Creator [H1254] of the ends [H7098] of the earth [H776] , fainteth [H3286] not, neither is weary [H3021] ? [there is] no searching [H2714] of his understanding [H8394] .

40:29 He giveth [H5414] power [H3581] to the faint [H3287] ; and to [them that have] no might [H202] he increaseth [H7235] strength [H6109] .

40:30 Even the youths [H5288] shall faint [H3286] and be weary [H3021] , and the young men [H970] shall utterly [H3782] fall [H3782] :

40:31 But they that wait [H6960] upon the LORD [H3068] shall renew [H2498] [their] strength [H3581] ; they shall mount up [H5927] with wings [H83] as eagles [H5404] ; they shall run [H7323] , and not be weary [H3021] ; [and] they shall walk [H3212] , and not faint [H3286] .(renew: Heb. change)