KJV ISA21 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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21:1 The burden [H4853] of the desert [H4057] of the sea [H3220] . As whirlwinds [H5492] in the south [H5045] pass [H2498] through; [so] it cometh [H935] from the desert [H4057] , from a terrible [H3372] land [H776] .

21:2 A grievous [H7186] vision [H2380] is declared [H5046] unto me; the treacherous dealer [H898] dealeth treacherously [H898] , and the spoiler [H7703] spoileth [H7703] . Go up [H5927] , O Elam [H5867] : besiege [H6696] , O Media [H4074] ; all the sighing [H585] thereof have I made to cease [H7673] .(grievous: Heb. hard)

21:3 Therefore are my loins [H4975] filled [H4390] with pain [H2479] : pangs [H6735] have taken hold [H270] upon me, as the pangs [H6735] of a woman that travaileth [H3205] : I was bowed down [H5753] at the hearing [H8085] [of it]; I was dismayed [H926] at the seeing [H7200] [of it].

21:4 My heart [H3824] panted [H8582] , fearfulness [H6427] affrighted [H1204] me: the night [H5399] of my pleasure [H2837] hath he turned [H7760] into fear [H2731] unto me.(heart: or, mind wandered)(turned: Heb. put)

21:5 Prepare [H6186] the table [H7979] , watch [H6822] in the watchtower [H6844] , eat [H398] , drink [H8354] : arise [H6965] , ye princes [H8269] , [and] anoint [H4886] the shield [H4043] .

21:6 For thus hath the Lord [H136] said [H559] unto me, Go [H3212] , set [H5975] a watchman [H6822] , let him declare [H5046] what he seeth [H7200] .

21:7 And he saw [H7200] a chariot [H7393] [with] a couple [H6776] of horsemen [H6571] , a chariot [H7393] of asses [H2543] , [and] a chariot [H7393] of camels [H1581] ; and he hearkened [H7181] diligently [H7182] with much [H7227] heed [H7182] :

21:8 And he cried [H7121] , A lion [H738] : My lord [H136] , I stand [H5975] continually [H8548] upon the watchtower [H4707] in the daytime [H3119] , and I am set [H5324] in my ward [H4931] whole nights [H3915] :(he: or, cried as a lion)(whole: or, every night)

21:9 And, behold, here cometh [H935] a chariot [H7393] of men [H376] , [with] a couple [H6776] of horsemen [H6571] . And he answered [H6030] and said [H559] , Babylon [H894] is fallen [H5307] , is fallen [H5307] ; and all the graven images [H6456] of her gods [H430] he hath broken [H7665] unto the ground [H776] .

21:10 O my threshing [H4098] , and the corn [H1121] of my floor [H1637] : that which I have heard [H8085] of the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , the God [H430] of Israel [H3478] , have I declared [H5046] unto you.(corn: Heb. son)

21:11 The burden [H4853] of Dumah [H1746] . He calleth [H7121] to me out of Seir [H8165] , Watchman [H8104] , what of the night [H3915] ? Watchman [H8104] , what of the night [H3915] ?

21:12 The watchman [H8104] said [H559] , The morning [H1242] cometh [H857] , and also the night [H3915] : if ye will enquire [H1158] , enquire [H1158] ye: return [H7725] , come [H857] .

21:13 The burden [H4853] upon Arabia [H6152] . In the forest [H3293] in Arabia [H6152] shall ye lodge [H3885] , O ye travelling companies [H736] of Dedanim [H1720] .

21:14 The inhabitants [H3427] of the land [H776] of Tema [H8485] brought [H857] water [H4325] to him [H7125] that was thirsty [H6771] , they prevented [H6923] with their bread [H3899] him that fled [H5074] .(brought: or, bring ye)

21:15 For they fled [H5074] from [H6440] the swords [H2719] , from [H6440] the drawn [H5203] sword [H2719] , and from [H6440] the bent [H1869] bow [H7198] , and from [H6440] the grievousness [H3514] of war [H4421] .(from the swords: or, for fear, etc: Heb. from the face, etc)

21:16 For thus hath the Lord [H136] said [H559] unto me, Within a year [H8141] , according to the years [H8141] of an hireling [H7916] , and all the glory [H3519] of Kedar [H6938] shall fail [H3615] :

21:17 And the residue [H7605] of the number [H4557] of archers [H7198] , the mighty men [H1368] of the children [H1121] of Kedar [H6938] , shall be diminished [H4591] : for the LORD [H3068] God [H430] of Israel [H3478] hath spoken [H1696] [it].(archers: Heb. bows)