KJV ISA12 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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12:1 And in that day [H3117] thou shalt say [H559] , O LORD [H3068] , I will praise [H3034] thee: though thou wast angry [H599] with me, thine anger [H639] is turned away [H7725] , and thou comfortedst [H5162] me.

12:2 Behold, God [H410] [is] my salvation [H3444] ; I will trust [H982] , and not be afraid [H6342] : for the LORD [H3050] JEHOVAH [H3068] [is] my strength [H5797] and [my] song [H2176] ; he also is become my salvation [H3444] .

12:3 Therefore with joy [H8342] shall ye draw [H7579] water [H4325] out of the wells [H4599] of salvation [H3444] .

12:4 And in that day [H3117] shall ye say [H559] , Praise [H3034] the LORD [H3068] , call [H7121] upon his name [H8034] , declare [H3045] his doings [H5949] among the people [H5971] , make mention [H2142] that his name [H8034] is exalted [H7682] .(call: or, proclaim)

12:5 Sing [H2167] unto the LORD [H3068] ; for he hath done [H6213] excellent things [H1348] : this [is] known [H3045] [H3045] in all the earth [H776] .

12:6 Cry out [H6670] and shout [H7442] , thou inhabitant [H3427] of Zion [H6726] : for great [H1419] [is] the Holy One [H6918] of Israel [H3478] in the midst [H7130] of thee.(inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress)