KJV ISA10 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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10:1 Woe [H1945] unto them that decree [H2710] unrighteous [H205] decrees [H2711] , and that write [H3789] grievousness [H5999] [which] they have prescribed [H3789] ;(that write: or, to the writers that write grievousness)

10:2 To turn aside [H5186] the needy [H1800] from judgment [H1779] , and to take away [H1497] the right [H4941] from the poor [H6041] of my people [H5971] , that widows [H490] may be their prey [H7998] , and [that] they may rob [H962] the fatherless [H3490] !

10:3 And what will ye do [H6213] in the day [H3117] of visitation [H6486] , and in the desolation [H7722] [which] shall come [H935] from far [H4801] ? to whom will ye flee [H5127] for help [H5833] ? and where will ye leave [H5800] your glory [H3519] ?

10:4 Without me they shall [H1115] bow down [H3766] under the prisoners [H616] , and they shall fall [H5307] under the slain [H2026] . For all this his anger [H639] is not turned away [H7725] , but his hand [H3027] [is] stretched out still [H5186] .

10:5 O [H1945] Assyrian [H804] , the rod [H7626] of mine anger [H639] , and the staff [H4294] in their hand [H3027] is mine indignation [H2195] .(O: or, Woe to the Assyrian: Heb. Asshur)(and: or, though)

10:6 I will send [H7971] him against an hypocritical [H2611] nation [H1471] , and against the people [H5971] of my wrath [H5678] will I give him a charge [H6680] , to take [H7997] the spoil [H7998] , and to take [H962] the prey [H957] , and to tread them down [H7760] [H4823] like the mire [H2563] of the streets [H2351] .(tread: Heb. lay them a treading)

10:7 Howbeit he meaneth [H1819] not so, neither doth his heart [H3824] think [H2803] so; but [it is] in his heart [H3824] to destroy [H8045] and cut off [H3772] nations [H1471] not a few [H4592] .

10:8 For he saith [H559] , [Are] not my princes [H8269] altogether [H3162] kings [H4428] ?

10:9 [Is] not Calno [H3641] as Carchemish [H3751] ? [is] not Hamath [H2574] as Arpad [H774] ? [is] not Samaria [H8111] as Damascus [H1834] ?

10:10 As my hand [H3027] hath found [H4672] the kingdoms [H4467] of the idols [H457] , and whose graven images [H6456] did excel them of Jerusalem [H3389] and of Samaria [H8111] ;

10:11 Shall I not, as I have done [H6213] unto Samaria [H8111] and her idols [H457] , so do [H6213] to Jerusalem [H3389] and her idols [H6091] ?

10:12 Wherefore it shall come to pass, [that] when the Lord [H136] hath performed [H1214] his whole work [H4639] upon mount [H2022] Zion [H6726] and on Jerusalem [H3389] , I will punish [H6485] the fruit [H6529] of the stout [H1433] heart [H3824] of the king [H4428] of Assyria [H804] , and the glory [H8597] of his high [H7312] looks [H5869] .(punish: Heb. visit upon)(stout: Heb. greatness of the heart)

10:13 For he saith [H559] , By the strength [H3581] of my hand [H3027] I have done [H6213] [it], and by my wisdom [H2451] ; for I am prudent [H995] : and I have removed [H5493] the bounds [H1367] of the people [H5971] , and have robbed [H8154] their treasures [H6259] [H6264] , and I have put down [H3381] the inhabitants [H3427] like a valiant [H47] [H3524] [man]:(a valiant: or, many people)

10:14 And my hand [H3027] hath found [H4672] as a nest [H7064] the riches [H2428] of the people [H5971] : and as one gathereth [H622] eggs [H1000] [that are] left [H5800] , have I gathered [H622] all the earth [H776] ; and there was none that moved [H5074] the wing [H3671] , or opened [H6475] the mouth [H6310] , or peeped [H6850] .

10:15 Shall the axe [H1631] boast [H6286] itself against him that heweth [H2672] therewith? [or] shall the saw [H4883] magnify [H1431] itself against him that shaketh [H5130] it? as if the rod [H7626] should shake [H5130] [itself] against them that lift it up [H7311] , [or] as if the staff [H4294] should lift up [H7311] [itself, as if it were] no wood [H6086] .(the rod: or, a rod should shake them that lift it up)(itself, as if: or, that which is not wood)

10:16 Therefore shall the Lord [H113] , the Lord [H136] [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , send [H7971] among his fat ones [H4924] leanness [H7332] ; and under his glory [H3519] he shall kindle [H3344] a burning [H3350] like the burning of a fire [H784] .

10:17 And the light [H216] of Israel [H3478] shall be for a fire [H784] , and his Holy One [H6918] for a flame [H3852] : and it shall burn [H1197] and devour [H398] his thorns [H7898] and his briers [H8068] in one [H259] day [H3117] ;

10:18 And shall consume [H3615] the glory [H3519] of his forest [H3293] , and of his fruitful field [H3759] , both soul [H5315] and body [H1320] : and they shall be as when a standardbearer [H5263] fainteth [H4549] .(both: Heb. from the soul, and even to the flesh)

10:19 And the rest [H7605] of the trees [H6086] of his forest [H3293] shall be few [H4557] , that a child [H5288] may write [H3789] them.(few: Heb. number)

10:20 And it shall come to pass in that day [H3117] , [that] the remnant [H7605] of Israel [H3478] , and such as are escaped [H6413] of the house [H1004] of Jacob [H3290] , shall no more again [H3254] stay [H8172] upon him that smote [H5221] them; but shall stay [H8172] upon the LORD [H3068] , the Holy One [H6918] of Israel [H3478] , in truth [H571] .

10:21 The remnant [H7605] shall return [H7725] , [even] the remnant [H7605] of Jacob [H3290] , unto the mighty [H1368] God [H410] .

10:22 For though thy people [H5971] Israel [H3478] be as the sand [H2344] of the sea [H3220] , [yet] a remnant [H7605] of them shall return [H7725] : the consumption [H3631] decreed [H2782] shall overflow [H7857] with righteousness [H6666] .(of them: Heb. in, or, among, etc)(with: or, in)

10:23 For the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] of hosts [H6635] shall make [H6213] a consumption [H3617] , even determined [H2782] , in the midst [H7130] of all the land [H776] .

10:24 Therefore thus saith [H559] the Lord [H136] GOD [H3069] of hosts [H6635] , O my people [H5971] that dwellest [H3427] in Zion [H6726] , be not afraid [H3372] of the Assyrian [H804] : he shall smite [H5221] thee with a rod [H7626] , and shall lift up [H5375] his staff [H4294] against thee, after the manner [H1870] of Egypt [H4714] .(and shall: or, but he shall lift up his staff for)

10:25 For yet a very [H4213] little while [H4592] , and the indignation [H2195] shall cease [H3615] , and mine anger [H639] in their destruction [H8399] .

10:26 And the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] shall stir up [H5782] a scourge [H7752] for him according to the slaughter [H4347] of Midian [H4080] at the rock [H6697] of Oreb [H6159] : and [as] his rod [H4294] [was] upon the sea [H3220] , so shall he lift it up [H5375] after the manner [H1870] of Egypt [H4714] .

10:27 And it shall come to pass in that day [H3117] , [that] his burden [H5448] shall be taken away [H5493] from off thy shoulder [H7926] , and his yoke [H5923] from off thy neck [H6677] , and the yoke [H5923] shall be destroyed [H2254] because [H6440] of the anointing [H8081] .(be taken: Heb. remove)

10:28 He is come [H935] to Aiath [H5857] , he is passed [H5674] to Migron [H4051] ; at Michmash [H4363] he hath laid up [H6485] his carriages [H3627] :

10:29 They are gone over [H5674] the passage [H4569] : they have taken up their lodging [H4411] at Geba [H1387] ; Ramah [H7414] is afraid [H2729] ; Gibeah [H1390] of Saul [H7586] is fled [H5127] .

10:30 Lift up [H6670] thy voice [H6963] , O daughter [H1323] of [H1530] Gallim [H1554] : cause it to be heard [H7181] unto Laish [H3919] , O poor [H6041] Anathoth [H6068] .(Lift: Heb. Cry shrill with)

10:31 Madmenah [H4088] is removed [H5074] ; the inhabitants [H3427] of Gebim [H1374] gather themselves to flee [H5756] .

10:32 As yet shall he remain [H5975] at Nob [H5011] that day [H3117] : he shall shake [H5130] his hand [H3027] [against] the mount [H2022] of the daughter [H1323] [H1004] of Zion [H6726] , the hill [H1389] of Jerusalem [H3389] .

10:33 Behold, the Lord [H113] , the LORD [H3068] of hosts [H6635] , shall lop [H5586] the bough [H6288] with terror [H4637] : and the high ones [H7311] of stature [H6967] [shall be] hewn down [H1438] , and the haughty [H1364] shall be humbled [H8213] .

10:34 And he shall cut down [H5362] the thickets [H5442] of the forest [H3293] with iron [H1270] , and Lebanon [H3844] shall fall [H5307] by a mighty one [H117] .(by: or, mightily)