KJV HOS7 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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7:1 When I would have healed [H7495] Israel [H3478] , then the iniquity [H5771] of Ephraim [H669] was discovered [H1540] , and the wickedness [H7451] of Samaria [H8111] : for they commit [H6466] falsehood [H8267] ; and the thief [H1590] cometh in [H935] , [and] the troop [H1416] of robbers spoileth [H6584] without [H2351] .(wickedness: Heb. evils)(spoileth: Heb. strippeth)

7:2 And they consider [H559] not in their hearts [H3824] [that] I remember [H2142] all their wickedness [H7451] : now their own doings [H4611] have beset them about [H5437] ; they are before my face [H6440] .(consider: Heb. say not to)

7:3 They make the king [H4428] glad [H8055] with their wickedness [H7451] , and the princes [H8269] with their lies [H3585] .

7:4 They [are] all adulterers [H5003] , as an oven [H8574] heated [H1197] by the baker [H644] , [who] ceaseth [H7673] from raising [H5782] after he hath kneaded [H3888] the dough [H1217] , until it be leavened [H2556] .(who: or, the raiser will cease)(raising: or, waking)

7:5 In the day [H3117] of our king [H4428] the princes [H8269] have made [him] sick [H2470] with bottles [H2534] of wine [H3196] ; he stretched out [H4900] his hand [H3027] with scorners [H3945] .(bottles: or, heat through wine)

7:6 For they have made ready [H7126] their heart [H3820] like an oven [H8574] , whiles they lie in wait [H693] : their baker [H644] sleepeth [H3463] all the night [H3915] ; in the morning [H1242] it burneth [H1197] as a flaming [H3852] fire [H784] .(made: or, applied)

7:7 They are all hot [H2552] as an oven [H8574] , and have devoured [H398] their judges [H8199] ; all their kings [H4428] are fallen [H5307] : [there is] none among them that calleth [H7121] unto me.

7:8 Ephraim [H669] , he hath mixed [H1101] himself among the people [H5971] ; Ephraim [H669] is a cake [H5692] not turned [H2015] .

7:9 Strangers [H2114] have devoured [H398] his strength [H3581] , and he knoweth [H3045] [it] not: yea, gray hairs [H7872] are here and there [H2236] upon him, yet he knoweth [H3045] not.(here: Heb. sprinkled)

7:10 And the pride [H1347] of Israel [H3478] testifieth [H6030] to his face [H6440] : and they do not return [H7725] to the LORD [H3068] their God [H430] , nor seek [H1245] him for all this.

7:11 Ephraim [H669] also is like a silly [H6601] dove [H3123] without heart [H3820] : they call [H7121] to Egypt [H4714] , they go [H1980] to Assyria [H804] .

7:12 When they shall go [H3212] , I will spread [H6566] my net [H7568] upon them; I will bring them down [H3381] as the fowls [H5775] of the heaven [H8064] ; I will chastise [H3256] them, as their congregation [H5712] hath heard [H8088] .

7:13 Woe [H188] unto them! for they have fled [H5074] from me: destruction [H7701] unto them! because they have transgressed [H6586] against me: though I have redeemed [H6299] them, yet they have spoken [H1696] lies [H3577] against me.(destruction: Heb. spoil)

7:14 And they have not cried [H2199] unto me with their heart [H3820] , when they howled [H3213] upon their beds [H4904] : they assemble [H1481] themselves for corn [H1715] and wine [H8492] , [and] they rebel [H5493] against me.

7:15 Though I have bound [H3256] [and] strengthened [H2388] their arms [H2220] , yet do they imagine [H2803] mischief [H7451] against me.(have: or, chastened)

7:16 They return [H7725] , [but] not to the most High [H5920] : they are like a deceitful [H7423] bow [H7198] : their princes [H8269] shall fall [H5307] by the sword [H2719] for the rage [H2195] of their tongue [H3956] : this [H2097] [shall be] their derision [H3933] in the land [H776] of Egypt [H4714] .