KJV HEB3 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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3:1 Wherefore [G3606] , holy [G40] brethren [G80] , partakers [G3353] of the heavenly [G2032] calling [G2821] , consider [G2657] the Apostle [G652] and [G2532] High Priest [G749] of our [G2257] profession [G3671] , Christ [G5547] Jesus [G2424] ;

3:2 Who was [G5607] faithful [G4103] to him that appointed [G4160] him [G846] , as [G5613] also [G2532] Moses [G3475] [was faithful] in [G1722] all [G3650] his [G846] house [G3624] .(appointed: Gr. made)

3:3 For [G1063] this [G3778] [man] was counted worthy [G515] of more [G4119] glory [G1391] than [G3844] Moses [G3475] , inasmuch as [G2596] [G3745] he who hath builded [G2680] the house [G3624] hath more [G4119] honour [G5092] than [G2192] the house [G846] .

3:4 For [G1063] every [G3956] house [G3624] is builded [G2680] by [G5259] some [G5100] [man]; but [G1161] he that built [G2680] all things [G3956] [is] God [G2316] .

3:5 And [G2532] Moses [G3475] verily [G3303] [was] faithful [G4103] in [G1722] all [G3650] his [G846] house [G3624] , as [G5613] a servant [G2324] , for [G1519] a testimony [G3142] of those things which were to be spoken after [G2980] ;

3:6 But [G1161] Christ [G5547] as [G5613] a son [G5207] over [G1909] his own [G846] house [G3624] ; whose [G3739] house [G3624] are [G2070] we [G2249] , if [G1437] [G4007] we hold fast [G2722] the confidence [G3954] and [G2532] the rejoicing [G2745] of the hope [G1680] firm [G949] unto [G3360] the end [G5056] .

3:7 Wherefore [G1352] (as [G2531] the Holy [G40] Ghost [G4151] saith [G3004] , To day [G4594] if [G1437] ye will hear [G191] his [G846] voice [G5456] ,

3:8 Harden [G4645] not [G3361] your [G5216] hearts [G2588] , as [G5613] in [G1722] the provocation [G3894] , in [G2596] the day [G2250] of temptation [G3986] in [G1722] the wilderness [G2048] :

3:9 When [G3757] your [G5216] fathers [G3962] tempted [G3985] me [G3165] , proved [G1381] me [G3165] , and [G2532] saw [G1492] my [G3450] works [G2041] forty [G5062] years [G2094] .

3:10 Wherefore [G1352] I was grieved [G4360] with that [G1565] generation [G1074] , and [G2532] said [G2036] , They do [G4105] alway [G104] err [G4105] in [their] heart [G2588] ; and [G1161] they [G846] have [G1097] not [G3756] known [G1097] my [G3450] ways [G3598] .

3:11 So [G5613] I sware [G3660] in [G1722] my [G3450] wrath [G3709] , They shall [G1525] not [G1487] enter [G1525] into [G1519] my [G3450] rest [G2663] .)(They: Gr. If they shall enter)

3:12 Take heed [G991] , brethren [G80] , lest [G3379] there be [G2071] in [G1722] any [G5100] of you [G5216] an evil [G4190] heart [G2588] of unbelief [G570] , in [G1722] departing [G868] from [G575] the living [G2198] God [G2316] .

3:13 But [G235] exhort [G3870] one another [G1438] daily [G2596] [G1538] [G2250] , while [G891] [G3739] it is called [G2564] To day [G4594] ; lest [G3363] any [G5100] of [G1537] you [G5216] be hardened [G4645] through the deceitfulness [G539] of sin [G266] .

3:14 For [G1063] we are made [G1096] partakers [G3353] of Christ [G5547] , if [G1437] [G4007] we hold [G2722] the beginning [G746] of our confidence [G5287] stedfast [G949] unto [G3360] the end [G5056] ;

3:15 While [G1722] it is said [G3004] , To day [G4594] if [G1437] ye will hear [G191] his [G846] voice [G5456] , harden [G4645] not [G3361] your [G5216] hearts [G2588] , as [G5613] in [G1722] the provocation [G3894] .

3:16 For [G1063] some [G5100] , when they had heard [G191] , did provoke [G3893] : howbeit [G235] not [G3756] all [G3956] that came [G1831] out of [G1537] Egypt [G125] by [G1223] Moses [G3475] .

3:17 But [G1161] with whom [G5101] was he grieved [G4360] forty [G5062] years [G2094] ? [was it] not [G3780] with them that had sinned [G264] , whose [G3739] carcases [G2966] fell [G4098] in [G1722] the wilderness [G2048] ?

3:18 And [G1161] to whom [G5101] sware he [G3660] that they should [G1525] not [G3361] enter [G1525] into [G1519] his [G846] rest [G2663] , but [G1508] to them that believed not [G544] ?

3:19 So [G2532] we see [G991] that [G3754] they could [G1410] not [G3756] enter in [G1525] because [G1223] of unbelief [G570] .