KJV HEB13 with Strong's Hebrew/Greek

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13:1 Let [G3306] brotherly love [G5360] continue [G3306] .

13:2 Be [G1950] not [G3361] forgetful [G1950] to entertain strangers [G5381] : for [G1063] thereby [G1223] [G5026] some [G5100] have entertained [G3579] angels [G32] unawares [G2990] .

13:3 Remember [G3403] them that are in bonds [G1198] , as [G5613] bound with them [G4887] ; [and] them which suffer adversity [G2558] , as [G5613] being [G5607] yourselves [G846] also [G2532] in [G1722] the body [G4983] .

13:4 Marriage [G1062] [is] honourable [G5093] in [G1722] all [G3956] , and [G2532] the bed [G2845] undefiled [G283] : but [G1161] whoremongers [G4205] and [G2532] adulterers [G3432] God [G2316] will judge [G2919] .

13:5 [Let your] conversation [G5158] [be] without covetousness [G866] ; [and be] content [G714] with such things as ye have [G3918] : for [G1063] he [G846] hath said [G2046] , I will never [G3364] leave [G447] thee [G4571] , nor [G3761] [G3364] forsake [G1459] thee [G4571] .

13:6 So that [G5620] we [G2248] may boldly [G2292] say [G3004] , The Lord [G2962] [is] my [G1698] helper [G998] , and [G2532] I will [G5399] not [G3756] fear [G5399] what [G5101] man [G444] shall do [G4160] unto me [G3427] .

13:7 Remember [G3421] them which have the rule [G2233] over you [G5216] , who [G3748] have spoken [G2980] unto you [G5213] the word [G3056] of God [G2316] : whose [G3739] faith [G4102] follow [G3401] , considering [G333] the end [G1545] of [their] conversation [G391] .(have the rule: or, are the guides)

13:8 Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] the same [G846] yesterday [G5504] , and [G2532] to day [G4594] , and [G2532] for [G1519] ever [G165] .

13:9 Be [G4064] not [G3361] carried about [G4064] with divers [G4164] and [G2532] strange [G3581] doctrines [G1322] . For [G1063] [it is] a good thing [G2570] that the heart [G2588] be established [G950] with grace [G5485] ; not [G3756] with meats [G1033] , which have [G5623] not [G3756] profited [G5623] them that have been occupied [G4043] therein [G1722] [G3739] .

13:10 We have [G2192] an altar [G2379] , whereof [G1537] [G3739] they have [G2192] no [G3756] right [G1849] to eat [G5315] which serve [G3000] the tabernacle [G4633] .

13:11 For [G1063] the bodies [G4983] of those [G5130] beasts [G2226] , whose [G3739] blood [G129] is brought [G1533] into [G1519] the sanctuary [G39] by [G1223] the high priest [G749] for [G4012] sin [G266] , are burned [G2618] without [G1854] the camp [G3925] .

13:12 Wherefore [G1352] Jesus [G2424] also [G2532] , that [G2443] he might sanctify [G37] the people [G2992] with [G1223] his own [G2398] blood [G129] , suffered [G3958] without [G1854] the gate [G4439] .

13:13 Let us go forth [G1831] therefore [G5106] unto [G4314] him [G846] without [G1854] the camp [G3925] , bearing [G5342] his [G846] reproach [G3680] .

13:14 For [G1063] here [G5602] have we [G2192] no [G3756] continuing [G3306] city [G4172] , but [G235] we seek one [G1934] to come [G3195] .

13:15 By [G1223] him [G846] therefore [G3767] let us offer [G399] the sacrifice [G2378] of praise [G133] to God [G2316] continually [G1275] , that is [G5123] , the fruit [G2590] of [our] lips [G5491] giving thanks [G3670] to his [G846] name [G3686] .(giving: Gr. confessing to)

13:16 But [G1161] to do good [G2140] and [G2532] to communicate [G2842] forget [G1950] not [G3361] : for [G1063] with such [G5108] sacrifices [G2378] God [G2316] is well pleased [G2100] .

13:17 Obey [G3982] them that have the rule [G2233] over you [G5216] , and [G2532] submit yourselves [G5226] : for [G1063] they [G846] watch [G69] for [G5228] your [G5216] souls [G5590] , as [G5613] they that must give [G591] account [G3056] , that [G2443] they may do [G4160] it [G5124] with [G3326] joy [G5479] , and [G2532] not [G3361] with grief [G4727] : for [G1063] that [G5124] [is] unprofitable [G255] for you [G5213] .(have: or, guide)

13:18 Pray [G4336] for [G4012] us [G2257] : for [G1063] [G3754] we trust [G3982] we have [G2192] a good [G2570] conscience [G4893] , in [G1722] all things [G3956] willing [G2309] to live [G390] honestly [G2573] .

13:19 But [G1161] I beseech [G3870] [you] the rather [G4056] to do [G4160] this [G5124] , that [G2443] I may be restored [G600] to you [G5213] the sooner [G5032] .

13:20 Now [G1161] the God [G2316] of peace [G1515] , that brought again [G321] from [G1537] the dead [G3498] our [G2257] Lord [G2962] Jesus [G2424] , that great [G3173] shepherd [G4166] of the sheep [G4263] , through [G1722] the blood [G129] of the everlasting [G166] covenant [G1242] ,(covenant: or, testament)

13:21 Make [G2675] you [G5209] perfect [G2675] in [G1722] every [G3956] good [G18] work [G2041] to [G1519] do [G4160] his [G846] will [G2307] , working [G4160] in [G1722] you [G5213] that which is wellpleasing [G2101] in his [G846] sight [G1799] , through [G1223] Jesus [G2424] Christ [G5547] ; to whom [G3739] [be] glory [G1391] for [G1519] ever [G165] and ever [G165] . Amen [G281] .(working: or, doing)

13:22 And [G1161] I beseech [G3870] you [G5209] , brethren [G80] , suffer [G430] the word [G3056] of exhortation [G3874] : for [G1063] [G2532] I have written a letter [G1989] unto you [G5213] in [G1223] few words [G1024] .

13:23 Know ye [G1097] that [our] brother [G80] Timothy [G5095] is set at liberty [G630] ; with [G3326] whom [G3739] , if [G1437] he come [G2064] shortly [G5032] , I will see [G3700] you [G5209] .

13:24 Salute [G782] all [G3956] them that have the rule [G2233] over you [G5216] , and [G2532] all [G3956] the saints [G40] . They of [G575] Italy [G2482] salute [G782] you [G5209] .

13:25 Grace [G5485] [be] with [G3326] you [G5216] all [G3956] . Amen [G281] . {Written [G1125] to [G4314] the Hebrews [G1445] from [G575] Italy [G2482] , by [G1223] Timothy [G5095] .}